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Nolan County, Texas is a location in Season 4 of AMC's Fear The Walking Dead.


Nothing of Nolan County, Texas's history before the outbreak is known.


Season 4

Before the hurricane hit the area, Charlie visited the library and recovered a copy of The Little Prince which she brought to Luciana Galvez as a gesture of peace. Subsequently, during the hurricane, Clayton crashed his car into a light pole outside and became pinned inside of his car.


After the hurricane, Luciana locates the library using The Little Prince in the hopes of finding Charlie who ran off after giving Luciana the book. However, she finds no one inside.

Heading outside, Luciana puts down a walker menacing Clayton's crashed car, but is unable to free the trapped man. She asks if there's anything she can get him and he tells her he'd love to have one last beer. "You're going to get one," she promises and leaves him with a walkie before heading out.

On the road, Luciana searches for beer everywhere, including an abandoned beer truck, a garage, and an undefined building, but doesn't find anything.

Luciana returns to Clayton with the beer and he happily tells her he's glad she didn't give up. She explains she couldn't do anything for someone else in his last moments and she won't let that happen again. Clayton gleefully takes a sip, thanks Luciana, and instructs her to take his supplies in the back of his car. She asks what job he used to have and he tells her he drove trucks, revealing that he's Polar Bear, before passing away in the car.

Luciana constructs a memorial in his honor and then radios the channel written on the box, thanking them for helping. Morgan radios back asking if that's Luciana to which she reacts in surprise.




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