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The Type 56 assault rifle is the Chinese copy of the Kalashnikov AK-47 and AKM assault rifle, which has been manufactured since 1956. It was produced by State Factory 66 between 1956 and 1973, then by Norinco from 1973 onwards.

The Type 56 is likely the most widely proliferated AK-47 type rifle in the world having shown up on battlefields in Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe, South America, etc. While exact production figures are not known, it is commonly estimated that as many as 10 to 15 million Type 56 rifles have been produced since the 1950s which means they may account for nearly one-fifth of the world's AK production. Like the AK on which it is based the Type 56 is cheap, durable, reliable and simple to use.


TV Series

Season 3

TWDS3E08 09.jpg "Made to Suffer" Shumpert, with an Norinco Type 56 as he takes Glenn and Maggie.
TSK.6.jpg "The Suicide King" Shumpert is seen with a Norinco Type 56 as stops the townspeople leaving Woodbury.
TSK.8.jpg "The Suicide King" Shumpert is seen with a Norinco Type 56 as he watches Martinez kick down a resident of Woodbury.
Karen, Shupert and Paul..png "The Suicide King" Shumpert is seen with a Norinco Type 56 as he watches Richard Foster being killed.
800px-TWDS3E10 23.jpg "Home" Shumpert is aiming down a Norinco Type 56 as he fires at the Prison.
Walking-Dead-310-BTS-03.jpg "Home" Shumpert with a Norinco Type 56 firing at the Prison.
Twd314001517.jpg "Prey" Shumpert with a Norinco Type 56 as prepares to capture the pit walkers.
Twd314002668.jpg "Prey" Shumpert with a Norinco Type 56 as he discovers the burnt walker pit.
TWDS3E15 06.jpg "This Sorrowful Life" A Woodbury Guard with a Norinco Type 56 when getting shot.
TWD 0658.jpg "Welcome to the Tombs" Shumpert with a Norinco Type 56 as searches the prison.
AMCpicWttT3.png "Welcome to the Tombs" Shumpert with a Norinco Type 56 as he watches The Governor kill his own soldiers.

Season 4

TWDS04E08Type56.png "Too Far Gone" Tara Chambler holding a Norinco Type 56 during the prison shootout.
TWDS4E15 01.png "Us" Dan wielding a Norinco Type 56.


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