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The North Texas Alliance is an alliance of survivors residing in a number of allied factions in Season 6 in AMC's Fear The Walking Dead. The alliance officially formed after Virginia's tyrannical reign was ended by the collective effort of these survivors, allowing them to finally be liberated from her oppressive ruling and form their own independent civilization. After the nuclear warheads set off throughout Texas, it is unknown what happened to much of the communities part of the alliance.




The Outcast Rebellion

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The Outcasts were a group of survivors that formed due to their shared incentive of wanting to overthrow and kill Virginia, a dictatorial woman who oversaw and led over a dozen communities in the north Texas area with over 800 survivors in her custody. With her strict philosophy of building towards a better future for all of those who lived under her reign at any cost, Virginia was known to often dispose of survivors whom she deemed "nonessential" and a liability to her civilization, whether that be through execution or forced removal. Although occasionally, those who were aware they were in danger were known to flee the settlement in which they resided in hopes to escape their impending fate, which eventually led to the formation of the Outcasts, which was not only a group of runaways and outcasts seeking reconnection with lost family or friends, but other survivors who had been wronged by Virginia some way in the past such as Rollie, or freedom fighters seeking justice for humanity such as Sherry. Those who were members of the group were known to wear white masks in order to conceal their identities, in fear that Virginia would retaliate and kill those they had ties to inside of her settlements.


The Founding of Valley Town

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Victor Strand's Army and the Lawton Takeover

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The Takedown of Virginia

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A New World


The Holding's Doomsday Initiative

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Valley Town

Lawton, Oklahoma

The Settlements/Elsewhere

The Outcasts


  • Rachel (Alive and Zombified)
  • Rollie
  • Possibly many unnamed people

Killed Victims


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