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This article is about named characters in the Novel Series. You may be looking for the Unnamed or Unseen characters.

The following is a complete pictorial list of the characters in Alone, Together written by Robert Kirkman, The Walking Dead: Rise of the Governor, The Walking Dead: The Road to Woodbury, The Walking Dead: The Fall of the Governor, The Walking Dead: Descent, The Walking Dead: Invasion, The Walking Dead: Search and Destroy and The Walking Dead: Return to Woodbury written by Robert Kirkman and Jay Bonansinga and The Walking Dead: Typhoon written by Wesley Chu. They are grouped by families or groups of survivors and roughly in order of first appearances.

  • A character with an "Unknown" status was alive when last seen, but was injured, lost, unsecured or has not been seen for a few episodes.

Timothy's Group

Alicia (Alone, Together)

Philip's Group

Blake Family

Penny Blake (Novel Series)
Brian Blake (Novel Series)
Philip Blake (Novel Series)

Blake Family Friends

Nick Parsons (Novel Series)
Bobby Marsh (Novel Series)

Atlanta, Georgia

Chalmers Family

April Chalmers (Novel Series)
Tara Chalmers (Novel Series)
David Chalmers (Novel Series)

Peach Villa

Home Invaders

Cher (Novel Series)
Sonny (Novel Series)
Shorty (Novel Series)
Tommy (Novel Series)

Woodbury, Georgia

Woodbury Survivors

Gloria Pyne (Novel Series)
Speed Wilkins (Novel Series)
Ben Buchholz (Novel Series)
Lydia Blackman (Novel Series)
Saul (Novel Series)
Travis (Novel Series)
Robbie (Novel Series)
Hap Abernathy (Novel Series)
Caesar Martínez (Novel Series)
Austin Ballard (Novel Series)
Smitty (Novel Series)
Tom Blanchford (Novel Series)
Red (Novel Series)
Clint Mansell (Novel Series)
Alice Warren (Novel Series)
Lou (Novel Series)
Jared (Novel Series)
Earl (Novel Series)
Calvin Deets (Novel Series)
Johnny Pruitt (Novel Series)
Albert (Novel Series)
Gus Strunk (Novel Series)
Don Horgan (Novel Series)
Daniel (Novel Series)
Bart (Novel Series)
Teddy Grainger (Novel Series)
Rudy Warburton (Novel Series)
Eric (Novel Series)
James Steagal (Novel Series)
Evan (Novel Series)
Jake (Novel Series)
Alex (Novel Series)
Ronnie (Novel Series)
Denny (Novel Series)
Andy (Novel Series)
Arlo Simmons (Novel Series)
Bruce Cooper (Novel Series)
Sam Curtis (Novel Series)
Miller (Novel Series)
Eugene Cooney (Novel Series)
Harold Abernathy (Novel Series)
Hines (Novel Series)
Johnny (Novel Series)
Dean Gorman (Novel Series)
Duane (Novel Series)
Davy (Novel Series)
Haynes (Novel Series)
Swede (Novel Series)
Stevie (Novel Series)
Tommy Zorn (Novel Series)
Sam (Novel Series)
Trey Barker (Novel Series)
Gene Gavin (Novel Series)

Stern Family

David Stern (Novel Series)

Slocum Family

Mercy Slocum (Novel Series)

Coogan Family

Jenny Coogan (Novel Series)
Tyler Coogan (Novel Series)

Williams Family

DeVries Family

Nathan DeVries (Novel Series)
Alyssa DeVries (Novel Series)

Tent City

Tent City Survivors

Lilly Caul (Novel Series)
Harlan Steagal (Novel Series)
Jerry Hennessey (Novel Series)
Dick Fenster (Novel Series)
Alice Burnside (Novel Series)
Rhimes (Novel Series)
Bob Stookey (Novel Series)
Scott Moon (Novel Series)
Megan Lafferty (Novel Series)
Joshua Hamilton (Novel Series)

Bingham Family

Donna Bingham (Novel Series)
Ruthie Bingham (Novel Series)
Mary Bingham (Novel Series)
Lydia Bingham (Novel Series)
Chad Bingham (Novel Series)
Sarah Bingham (Novel Series)

Woodbury Outskirts

Fox News Crew

Mike (The Fall of the Governor)

Dupree Family

Lucas Dupree (Novel Series)
Thomas Dupree (Novel Series)
Calvin Dupree (Novel Series)

Meriwether County Correctional Facility

Prison Community

Andrea (Novel Series)
Glenn (Novel Series)
Dale (Novel Series)
Axel (Novel Series)

Grimes Family

Rick Grimes (Novel Series)
Carl Grimes (Novel Series)
Lori Grimes (Novel Series)
Judith Grimes (Novel Series)

Greene Family

Maggie Greene (Novel Series)
Billy Greene (Novel Series)

Carlinville, Georgia

Pentecostal People of God

Harold Stauback (Novel Series)
Reese Hawthorne (Novel Series)
Mary Jean (Novel Series)
Noelle (Novel Series)
Emma (Novel Series)
Joseph Bressler (Novel Series)
Rose (Novel Series)
Colby (Novel Series)
Wade Pilcher (Novel Series)
Mark Arbogast (Novel Series)

Jasper, Florida

Calvary Baptist Church

Norma Sutters (Novel Series)

Most Holy Redeemer Parish

Miles Littleton (Novel Series)
Leland Burress (Novel Series)
Harlan (Novel Series)
Louis Packard (Novel Series)
Earl Jerico (Novel Series)

Frazier Family

James Frazier (Novel Series)
Molly Frazier (Novel Series)

Thorndyke Family

Rory Thorndyke (Novel Series)

Haralson, Georgia

Haralson Survivors

Ashley Duart (Novel Series)
Jack (Haralson)
Frank Steuben (Novel Series)
Caleb Washburn (Novel Series)
Mike Bell (Novel Series)

Quinn Family

Bobby Quinn (Novel Series)
Trudy Quinn (Novel Series)
Jamie Quinn (Novel Series)

Woodbury Newcomers

Jinx Tyrell (Novel Series)
Jack (Woodbury)
Rudy (Novel Series)
Ian (Novel Series)
May Carter (Novel Series)

Sturbridge Family

Clint Sturbridge (Novel Series)
Linda Sturbridge (Novel Series)

Moreland, Georgia

Moreland Survivors

Cooper Steeves (Novel Series)

Atlanta Medical Center

Bryce's Militia

Doe (Novel Series)
Callum (Novel Series)
Glenn Markham (Novel Series)
Sonny Hopkins (Novel Series)
Soames (Novel Series)

Sixteenth Street

IKEA Survivors

Sophie Leland (Novel Series)
Connie (Novel Series)
Lyle (Novel Series)
Eve Betts (Novel Series)
Martin Boone (Novel Series)
Burt Stankowski (Novel Series)
Johnny Musolino (Novel Series)

Ile de la Lumiére

Rafael Machado (Novel Series)

Rural Georgia

Stack Family

Kayla Stack (Novel Series)
John Stack (Novel Series)

Dryden's Camp

Daniel Klouse (Novel Series)
Barret Deems (Novel Series)
Fitz (Novel Series)

Dryden Family

Sally Dryden (Novel Series)

Nesbit Family

Cindy Nesbit (Novel Series)
Teddy Nesbit (Novel Series)
Ronnie Nesbit (Novel Series)
Dina Nesbit (Novel Series)

Fongyuan, Hunan, China

Chen Family

Chen Ahui (Typhoon)
Chen Wenzhu (Typhoon)

The Grove

Xupin (Typhoon)
Hong (Typhoon)
Li (Typhoon)
Lan Biying (Typhoon)
Wu Chima (Typhoon)

Meili's Family

Meili (Typhoon)

Guan Family

Guan (Typhoon)
Guan Jincai (Typhoon)

The Beacon of Light

Beacon of Light Survivors

Elena Anderson (Typhoon)
Fang (Typhoon)
Lin (Typhoon)
Wang (Typhoon)
Dagang (Typhoon)
Lo (Typhoon)
Xing Lubin (Typhoon)
Wangfa (Typhoon)
Guo (Typhoon)
Ming Haobo (Typhoon)
Chow (Typhoon)
Wang Lankui (Typhoon)
Ming (Typhoon)

Heaven Monks

Jiang Ping (Typhoon)

The Smokers


Gypsy (Novel Series)
Shecky (Novel Series)
Arrow (Novel Series)


Fred (Novel Series)
Andrew (Novel Series)
Bobby (Typhoon)