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"Sir! Sir! We've evacuated the hospital! This area is not safe! You need to come with me! (...) She's too sick to move-- there's nothing we can do! (...) It's not safe here. Save yourself!"
—The nurse to Negan.[src]

This nurse is a character first encountered in Here's Negan of Image Comics' The Walking Dead.



Nothing is known about this man's life prior to the outbreak began, other than he worked in a hospital as a nurse.


"Part 3"

At the start of the outbreak, this man rushes into Lucille's room and informs Negan that the hospital is being evacuated. He tries to get Negan to come with him, but Negan refuses to leave his wife's side. The man tells Negan to save himself, before escaping.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims this man has killed:


Comic Series

Here's Negan

  • "Part 3"