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This article is about the TV Series location. You may be looking for it's Comic Series counterpart.

Oceanside is a walled fishing village in AMC's The Walking Dead, located on the coast of Virginia. Originally a beach cabin resort, it was settled by a group of refugees from Hollowbrant Outreach Recovery after they attempted to fight the Saviors, a group of extortionists that terrorized their community. The battle was lost, and Savior Lieutenant Simon ordered the execution of every male over the age of 10. Left with only women, girls, and boys under 10; the group escaped and settled at the Oceanside Cabin Motor Court. Their leader, Natania, implemented the law of killing any outsider whether or not they were a threat.

A woman named Tara Chambler washed up on Oceanside's shore and was rescued by Natania's granddaughter, Cyndie. The Saviors occupied Tara's community of Alexandria, took their guns, and murdered her girlfriend Denise Cloyd. Tara revealed to her leader, Rick Grimes, about Oceanside and their armory. In preparation for the war against the Saviors, Rick led a siege to retrieve their guns and successfully did so without causalities. Alexandria, joined by the other communities of Hilltop and Kingdom, waged a war against the Saviors. Alexandria resident Aaron managed to recruit Oceanside into joining the The Militia, despite getting Natania killed, and took part in winning the war against the Saviors.

Following the war, Oceanside joined the Coalition and offered their services in helping rebuild a bridge between the communities. After Hilltop leader Maggie Rhee executed former leader Gregory for trying to kill her, Oceanside was inspired to kill the Saviors responsible for killing their men. This caused a brief skirmish before Rick Grimes destroyed the bridge in order to stop a herd from destroying the communities. The Coalition dissolved, and Oceanside returned to producing for themselves, led by Cyndie and Rachel Ward. Six years later, Oceanside was invited by King Ezekiel Sutton to attend the Fair of New Beginning in an effort to rejoin the Coalition. The fair was successful, but was infiltrated by a territorial cult known as the Whisperers.

Oceanside was temporarily abandoned to fight the Whisperers, and were successful in doing so. Several months after the defeat, Oceanside was seized and occupied by the Commonwealth, a large network community from Ohio. Luke Abrams and Jules Butler managed to escape, urged by Rachel, and were able to participate in the uprising in the Commonwealth, where they perished. While Cyndie was away on an expedition at the time of Commonwealth’s occupation of the community. Rachel managed to also lead a rebellion in Oceanside, successfully liberating the community. One year after the removal of Governor Pamela Milton, Oceanside remains active and continues to trade with Alexandria and The Bricks.


The Oceanside Cabin Motor Court was a campground located near a bay. It was presumably used as a recreation area for families and tourists to spend a weekend camping and enjoying the nearby beach, as the campground had plenty of cabins for hospitality, equipment sheds, and recreational facilities. It is unknown if the campsite was occupied when the apocalypse started, if it was abandoned, its foremost occupants died inside, or worse, invaded and expelled/annihilated by its current inhabitants. Like most survivors of the undead apocalypse, the lives of the Oceansiders before the outbreak are largely unknown nor if any members knew each other.


Conflict with Simon's Group[]

Sometime after the outbreak, Natania's community encountered Simon and his group, and they were forced to work under their tyranny. Unwilling to be subservient, the community fought back but were defeated in the ensuing skirmish, and many people were killed, including most of Natania's family. After the battle, Simon and his men rounded up all remaining male survivors over the age of 10 and executed them, as retribution and a terrorizing deterrent to any further resistances. This was done by Simon before his group joined Negan Smith's vast organization of survivors known as the Saviors.

Faced with a future of being enslaved by Simon or dying, the remaining women and children fled their settlement, found the Oceanside campground, and re-established their community there, hidden from Simon and his group. They adopted a policy to kill anyone who discovers their community on sight in order to protect themselves and to prevent any clues about them leaked to them. The women fish from the nearby bay to keep themselves fed, and have a large arsenal of guns to defend themselves with.

Encounter with the Alexandria Safe Zone[]

Cyndie and Rachel found Tara Chambler unconscious on a nearby beach. Rachel wanted to kill her. Cyndie, who is older, said no. After waking up, Tara secretly followed them to Oceanside, where she was captured. Once Tara made it clear she wasn't a threat, she revealed to Natania that she and the Alexandrians fought the Saviors and thought they had won, not knowing that it was only an outpost. Negan and his men found them and forced Alexandria to work for the Saviors. Seeing value in Tara, Natania wanted her to stay. But Tara wanted to return to her girlfriend Denise and Alexandria. She insisted the two communities could work together. While Natania ostensibly agreed to have Tara and two escorts Kathy and Beatrice go to Alexandria for negotiations, the truth was she had informed the guides to kill Tara on the way. Instead, Tara escaped the assassination attempt with help from Cyndie. Cyndie later helped Tara cross a bridge where she and Heath had gotten separated while on an earlier scavenging run. Tara ultimately escaped and got back to Alexandria while Cyndie was returned to Oceanside. It is unknown whether or not she got punished for helping Tara.

Tara later tells Rick Grimes about Oceanside and the decision is made to steal all of Oceanside's guns to use against the Saviors. Tara first tries to convince Natania to have Oceanside join with Alexandria against the Saviors, but she refuses after the disaster of the last time. As the Alexandrians round up the Oceanside residents, Natania tries to use Tara as a hostage to force the Alexandrians to leave without the Oceanside guns. As the standoff continues, a walker herd approaches Oceanside and Cyndie knocks Natania out. Working together, the Alexandrians and some of the Oceanside residents take out the walker herd without losing anyone themselves, but Natania continues to refuse to join the fight against the Saviors. As a result, the Alexandrians take every single one of Oceanside's guns, leaving them with none to defend themselves with.

All Out War Against the Saviors[]

As the war with the Saviors heats up, Aaron and Enid decide to see if they can enlist the help of Oceanside. Unable to bring them guns, Enid decides to bring them a truck from a whiskey distillery instead. As Aaron and Enid wait near the truck at night, Aaron spots a figure near the truck and goes to investigate. Aaron is attacked by Natania who goes to kill him after stating that he shouldn't have come. Before Natania can kill Aaron, she is shot by Enid to save him. Aaron and Enid are then surrounded by Oceanside residents, now armed with makeshift spears. Cyndie checks on her grandmother and discovers to her grief that Natania was killed by Enid's shot.

Though the other women urge Cyndie to kill the two outsiders, Cyndie is convinced to release them instead. While Aaron sends Enid back to the Hilltop, he chooses to remain in the woods around Oceanside in hopes of convincing the women to join the fight. Aaron spends days in the forest, spotted several times by the women who otherwise ignore him. Following a fight between Aaron and a small group of walkers, the exhausted and weak Aaron is found by the women of Oceanside who he urges to help them fight the Saviors for all that the Saviors have done to them and for what the Saviors have turned them into.

Convinced by Aaron's words, the women of Oceanside rush to the aid of the Hilltop. Aaron and the women arrive as a group of Saviors prepare to attack the compound. Before Tara, Alden and the other Savior defectors can attack, the women of Oceanside and Aaron firebomb the enemy Saviors, killing them and preventing a battle while buying time for the people of the Hilltop to escape.

The New World and Retribution[]

A year and a half after the war with the Saviors, Oceanside remains connected to the other communities and aids with the reconstruction of a damaged bridge. When several Saviors are mysteriously murdered, it's revealed that the women of Oceanside are the killers. Their targets are the Saviors who attacked their community alongside Simon, having been inspired to take retribution following Maggie's execution of Gregory. Each Savior was taken to the facility where Oceanside resided before the massacre and executed. Amongst those executed were Justin who killed Beatrice's husband and Arat who killed Cyndie's brother. The women were found by Maggie and Daryl in the process of executing Arat who they stated was their last target and the two chose not to intervene. Rachel at least took part in Maggie and Daryl's subsequent plan to kill Negan.

Six years later, Rodney mentions Oceanside as still active and thriving, and still a woman-only community. Ezekiel attempts to bring the group and the communities back together with a fair, where each community leader, including Oceanside would sign a charter that agrees that each of the four remaining communities will agree to trade with and aid one another, promoting the re-establishment of society, and honoring Rick's legacy. During the fair, Rachel signs the charter on behalf of Oceanside, making it a part of the Coalition. Rachel later suggests using Oceanside's beach for training purposes for the conflict with the Whisperers.

The Whisperer War[]

Oceanside works as an active member of the Coalition during the war against the Whisperers with the communities using the beach as a training ground to practice fighting herds. One such exercise ends when a Whisperer mask is found washed up on the beach, indicating that they have returned. Shortly thereafter, a Russian satellite crashes from Outer Space on the Whisperers' side of the border causing a fire that has the potential to threaten Oceanside if it isn't put out. With both Oceanside and their hunting grounds threatened by the fire, the Coalition crosses the border and fights both the fire and a herd that it attracts. They manage to both dispatch the herd and put out the fire before either can threaten Oceanside.

Later, Oceanside faces attacks from walkers orchestrated by the Whisperers. While Michonne is helping the community, Virgil breaks in and tries to steal one of Oceanside's boats to return home, but he is captured instead. Virgil eventually makes a deal with Michonne to lead her to some potential weapons to use against the Whisperers' horde in order to repay his debt for the damage that he caused while trying to steal the boat.

After the destruction of the Hilltop, Oceanside and Alexandria are both abandoned with the survivors instead retreating to the "Tower". As part of their plan to defeat the Whisperer horde, the Coalition plots to let it reach Oceanside before using music to draw the horde away and off of a cliff. However, the Whisperers find the "Tower" first, forcing the Coalition to adjust their plan. During this time, Virgil returns to the abandoned Oceanside and finds the missing Connie collapsed nearby.

After the defeat of the Whisperers, the residents of Oceanside return home and take in at least a dozen Hilltop refugees for resettlement.

Encounter with the Commonwealth[]

Months after the Whisperer War, Oceanside is visited by Pamela Milton who enjoys sitting on Oceanside's beach and talks with Rachel Ward who is now one of the leaders of the community. Pamela commends Oceanside for the strength that their fights with the Saviors and Whisperers show that they have. However, Rachel is hesitant to make a trade agreement as Maggie Rhee and Hilltop aren't making an agreement with the Commonwealth. While Alexandria has gone its own way before, Hilltop and Maggie have always been there for Oceanside. With Hilltop and Oceanside having renewed their mutual protection pact, Rachel is only willing to make an agreement with the Commonwealth if Maggie agrees to it also.

Lance Hornsby and the Commonwealth Army later take over Oceanside following the events at Riverbend and Lance's failed attempt to have Maggie, Daryl, Aaron and Gabriel assassinated. Lance ominously flips a coin to determine whether or not the residents will live or die, leaving their fates unknown.

Following the deal between the Coalition and Pamela, Aaron, Lydia, Jerry and Elijah embark upon a journey to Oceanside to inform them of the new deal and to deliver supplies. The group eventually runs into Luke and Jules, who had managed to escape from the Oceanside takeover, having been out on a scavenging run when it started. However, the two don't know what happened to the other residents or if they had survived as Rachel had ordered Luke and Jules to run rather than staying and fighting. Rather than continuing on to Oceanside, the group decides to make for Alexandria to enlist the help of the others.

Although it is off-screen, Rachel led an uprising against the Commonwealth Army and eventually Oceanside was liberated, while their leader was on an expedition at sea.[1]

Several years later, Oceanside is mentioned by Mr. Aizawa who claims that Ginny has come to visit the new Hilltop from Oceanside, showing that the two communities are still in close touch despite the Hilltop being moved to New York or New Jersey.






  • Despite all the men being killed from the community, at least 4 boys under the age of 10 still inhabit Oceanside, up until the six-year time jump in Season 9.
  • Oceanside is the only group in Season 7 to not have any on-screen deaths.
  • In "Worth", Negan confirmed that it was Simon who massacred all the men and boys aged 10 and above. In "Warning Signs," Justin and Arat are identified as two of the others who were involved. At least six other Saviors took part in the massacre with possibly more that didn't survive the war with the Militia.
  • In "The Bridge", it is revealed that Georgie's Group discovered Port City, a smaller community of survivors that began to trade with Oceanside.
  • Oceanside appears in the archival footage shown at the beginning of "Lockdown" as Judith narrates past events of the show to the audience before the episode's story begins.
  • In "Swear", Cyndie traces her finger on a map from north of Baltimore, Maryland to south of Alexandria, Virginia while alone in her cabin, potentially indicating Oceanside's location to be in Maryland.
  • A scene revealing an alive and well Oceanside was originally written for "Rest in Peace", though it was forcibly cut before it could be filmed due to unforeseen issues during production.


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