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Omaha, Nebraska, more commonly known as simply Omaha after its partial reclamation, is a survivor community with approximately 97,407 survivors total in AMC's The Walking Dead: World Beyond. The city is located nearly 100 miles away from the Campus Colony and is said to be "10x bigger" than the colony itself. It is part of the Alliance of the Three, and actively trades with both Portland and the Civic Republic, as well as the three having "joint protection" agreements. However, it was later destroyed by the Civic Republic Military.


Nothing is known about Omaha prior to or as the outbreak began, except that it was the most populous city in Nebraska, with a population of 408,958 at the time of the outbreak.


World Beyond

At least one sizeable community was active in Omaha after the outbreak began. The population managed to erect massive walls surrounding the downtown area, as well as massive wind turbines, which most likely helps provide power to the city's residences and buildings. At some point, the city became part of the Alliance of the Three, alongside Portland and the Civic Republic. Once the Campus Colony in Lincoln was inducted into the alliance, it was declared as a satellite to Omaha, and the "home city" of the colony's residents.

Omaha is located north of the Blaze of Gory and northeast of Campus Colony. A university shuttle runs every two weeks between Campus Colony and Omaha, serving as a transportation system for the two settlements. The city provides housing for its inhabitants, with some living in row houses. The city also maintains a large school system. Omaha has its own police department, as Silas was arrested by police officers after beating his father to death. However, despite his own mother testifying against him, the courts eventually cleared Silas of his charges, as it was declared he fought in self defense. He was eventually re-located to the Campus Colony. The Omaha Police Department also recommended Jennifer Mallick to the Campus Colony security force, due to her prior experience in the U.S. Military.

The city maintains an active electrical grid for its residents, although power rationing is implemented city-wide in order to conserve energy except on certain occasions. There is a large bazaar located somewhere within the city, that serves as a large trading post for residents to buy goods and services.

It was destroyed by the Civic Republic Military shortly before their destruction of the Campus Colony. Before destroying the city, the CRM cut off all lines of communications. Supposedly both were overrun by a massive herd, but it was later discovered that this was just a cover for the CRM killing everyone with a variant of chlorine gas devised by Drs. Lyla Belshaw and Samuel Abbott.





World Beyond

Season 2


  • Omaha is the second largest community in the whole TV Universe with a population of about 97,407 people, followed by the Civic Republic being the largest with more than 200,000 people.
  • Although it's unknown how much of the city has been reclaimed, it appears that downtown Omaha makes up the majority of the community (though in "The Sky Is a Graveyard", it seems that suburban areas of the city have also been taken).
  • It is highly likely that, like with the Campus Colony, Omaha was originally a military safe-zone established for refugees to take shelter.