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"You can eat, or you can eat right. All it'll cost you is a little patience. "
—Omar to Clementine and A.J. (Determinant)[src]

Omar is an original character who first appears in Telltale Games' The Walking Dead: The Final Season. He is the cook for Ericson's Boarding School.


Omar is described as a "perfectionist" by Louis. He is an essential member of the group due to being the cook. He generally has a very chill and nonchalant attitude. He seems to act as a voice of reason for the group, usually remaining neutral during arguments.


Ericson's Boarding School

Nothing is known about Omar's life prior to or as the outbreak began, except that he was born in either 1995 or 1996. He may have had an interest in cooking, which could explain his role as the cook.


In the early days of the outbreak the teachers left Omar along with everyone else to fend for themselves. Marlon along with Brody took it upon themselves to keep the students safe. Omar took up the position of cooking for the group.

The Final Season

"Done Running"

Omar is seen in the school yard, with Louis, preparing dinner for the school. Clementine and AJ can speak to them, and Omar says that the dinner is not ready yet. If they are spoken to four times, Omar will say that just because AJ is cute, doesn't mean to say that dinner will be ready any quicker. Later in the episode, he is seen when Clem confronts Marlon about the trade. When Clem appeals to Louis or Violet, he can be seen ganging up on Marlon with the rest of the school. He is shocked and horrified when AJ kills Marlon.

"Suffer The Children"

Omar is first seen in flashbacks that take place directly after Marlon's death. He is clearly shocked at AJ's actions, though he does not retaliate. He proposes that the school should take a vote, determining if Clementine and AJ should remain at the school, or should leave. Omar votes to kick Clem and AJ out.

He is seen throughout the episode mostly preparing for the upcoming Delta raid alongside the rest of the group. After Clementine spots members of Delta creeping around the school, he is brought together along with the other members of the group and given orders by Clementine. Moments later, he is suddenly shot in his left leg by Dorian, a member of Delta, sending the group into a frenzy and beginning the raid. He is immediately dragged behind cover by Clementine, where he asks her to leave him and focus on the raiders.

Towards the end of the raid, Omar, unable to walk to safety, is most likely found by Lilly and is kidnapped off screen alongside Aasim. Louis or Violet (Determinant) will also be captured. Lilly orders the raiders to retreat as they drag the three kidnapped kids away in a cart.

"Broken Toys"

Omar is first seen sharing a cell with Aasim when Clementine, AJ, and Violet/Louis infiltrate the ship. Omar overhears, Dorian- a more experienced member of the Delta- ordering Minerva to handle herself with more control. Minerva asks if her brother had been found outside, but the other woman tells her that the Delta were her family now, not allowing room for anyone else. The other raider leaves her to guard the ship's brig, leading Clementine and Louis/Violet to conclude that they had no choice but to go through Minerva to reach their imprisoned friends. (Determinant) Clementine draws her bow on Minerva as she levels her crossbow in reply. Minerva demands that she leave immediately, but Clementine refuses as AJ stands beside her and raises his pistol. Minerva appears to waver and asks if her brother was safe. Clementine can either deliver Tennessee's message, tell her that he was safe, or refuse to answer her, but regardless of what Clementine does, Minerva apparently makes the decision to help Clementine flee the ship with the other children on the condition that she takes Tennessee back to safety. Clementine agrees, running over to the cells and discovering Aasim and Omar alive in one of them. Omar tells her to tend to Louis/Violet (whoever was abducted at the school) first before helping them, (Determinant) Minerva allowing Clementine inside by pulling the peg from out of the floor to unlock the cell. Clementine slowly enters the cell, finding Louis/Violet huddled in the corner and not responding to her calls, silently facing the wall. Before Clementine can help the other student out of the cell, however, Minerva attacks her from behind, knocking her out and forcing the other two intruders to enter an empty cell.

Clementine awakens some time later, having been stripped of her weapons and locked in the same cell as the students she had failed to save from the raiders. If Violet is in the cell with her, Violet is finally facing Clementine as she flippantly denounces her for allowing her to be captured and- regardless of how Clementine responds- says that she did not want to be taken back to the school. If Louis is in the cell with her, he is turned toward her as she wakes up and desperately grabs her for comfort as he wordlessly sobs. Clementine asks Louis what they had done to him (Determinant) leading Aasim to stop her and quietly inform her that they had cut out his tongue when he had refused to stop talking. (Determinant) The other child in the cell then turns away from her and huddles in the corner again. Clementine goes to look for a way out, finding Omar and Aasim still in their cell. AJ and Louis/Violet (whoever was saved from the raiders) come to the door in an adjacent cell directly in front of Clementine's cell, (Determinant) Clementine confirming that all of them were unharmed. If Clem found Omar's lucky rabbit foot, she can tell Omar that she found it, but Omar tells her to keep it, stating it clearly did't work. Clementine determines that the panels blocking her from accessing her locking peg could be pried off if she had a tool she could use to chip away at them. She asks AJ if he still had his knife, prompting him to reveal that the raiders hadn't found his small blade when searching him. He slides it under both of their doors to her, allowing her to begin cutting into the hastily screwed panel. Before she could make much progress, however, Dorian suddenly bangs on her cell door and orders her to stop.

Lilly arrives, instantly cowing the other prisoners who had been captured at the school. Minerva steps into place behind her, scowling at Clementine without a hint of remorse. Lilly demands to know what had become of Abel, AJ taunting her with the news of what they had done to him. Drawing her sidearm, Lilly tells Clementine to retreat from the door, Clementine managing to kick the knife under the cot before Lilly could see it. Minerva opens the cell, allowing Lilly inside. Initially keeping her weapon drawn on Clementine, Lilly states that she would normally have killed a troublemaker like Clementine, but she was impressed with how Clementine had managed to lead untrained children to fight against her soldiers, then devised a plan to sneak aboard her ship. She believes that delivering and conscripting Clementine to become a soldier in their war would remedy the unexpected costs of their mission. Clementine can tell her off or try to offer herself in exchange for her friends' freedom, the latter of which resulting in Lilly's refusal to negotiate since Clementine was her prisoner. Minerva enters the cell with her crossbow aimed at Clementine when Lilly goes to sit on the cot, keeping Clementine still as Lilly recalls her father, Larry. She shares how her father had been greatly annoyed whenever he witnessed her waste anything, including wasting electricity when she left a light on in an empty room. To illustrate his frustration with her for consistently failing to remember "to hit that switch", he had allowed their house power to be cut one month, forcing them to become "a miserable family sitting in the dark". Clementine can try to anger Lilly, but she calmly says that this taught her "the effectiveness of teaching by example" as Minerva curtly gesture for Clementine to stay back with her crossbow. Regarding her for a moment, Lilly begins a story she titles "The Parable of the Twins". Without naming them directly, Lilly describes how Minerva and Sophie had been brought to a home away from their friends and family. Their new home had provided for them food, showers, beds, and survival training with guns, but had required them to defend it from thieves and murderers who wanted their resources. Ignoring Clementine's reaction to the twins being forced to fight for them, Lilly says that one of the twins had grown to accept that the Delta was their new home, but the other had tried to escape back to the school. Minerva and Sophie had stolen a raft to try to flee downriver and return to the school, but they did not get far. Lilly pointedly asks Minerva how the story ends. Minerva appears to set aside her doubts and reveals the truth; she had killed her own sister because she had needed to show loyalty to the Delta after making the mistake of leaving. The other students are shocked to learn that Minerva had murdered Sophie, but Minerva does not react to Violet's request to say it was not true. Lilly asks Clementine which twin she would resemble: "the loyal one" or "the dead one". As Louis/Violet (whoever is in the cell with AJ) begins to shout at Lilly for twisting Minerva into a killer, (Determinant) Clementine offers her reaction and promises to kill Lilly. (Determinant) To illustrate the consequences of disobedience and dissent, Lilly stands and orders Dorian to pull Louis/Violet out of AJ's cell. (Determinant) While Dorian displays a meat cleaver, AJ jumps between the teenager and the raider, threatening to hurt her if she tried to hurt his friend. Dorian warns him to stay in line or he would suffer the consequences as well. She throws the student to the ground outside of the cell and raises the meat cleaver over the student's left hand, Lilly forcing Clementine to remain in place with her pistol. Frightened, Louis/Violet resists, (Determinant) AJ sneaking up behind Dorian as Clementine watches.

Let AJ take the risk/Do nothing: Clementine stands by as AJ jumps onto Dorian's back and bites down on her left ear. Dorian violently throws him off of her, making Clementine cry out for him. Unfazed, he spits out the upper half of Dorian's ear onto the floor, sitting still as Dorian recognizes her missing ear and angrily kicks AJ in the jaw, causing Clementine to scream for her to stop. Lilly tells Dorian to leave them, Dorian dragging the student AJ had saved back into the cell. AJ recovers from the blow and declares that Lilly deserved to die and that they would kill her.

Stop AJ from attacking: Clementine shouts for AJ to not get involved, making him stumble back from Dorian as she coldly chops off the student's little finger. Clementine and AJ watch in horror as the other teenager writhes in agony. Dorian drags the new amputee back into AJ's cell as he vengefully declares that they would kill Lilly.

This next part is non-determinant and happens regardless of the player's choices.

Lilly appears to notice AJ's fervor and drive, leaving Clementine's cell and going to meet him. AJ says that he killed Marlon and would kill her in the same way, miming himself shooting her in the head. She crouches down to inspect him more closely, thinking that he would "make a great soldier" for the Delta. Despite Clementine's protests, (Determinant) she takes AJ away in the hopes that she could sway him to her side. Minerva and Dorian lock the cells- preventing Clementine from getting to AJ- as Lilly orders the former to guard the cells and the latter to activate the boiler. Minerva urges Clementine to be quiet and accept that this was her only chance of staying alive, but this warning outrages Louis/Violet (whoever was in AJ's cell) enough so that Minerva is distracted. (Determinant) Clementine takes advantage of the distraction to go for the small knife she had hidden under the bed. If Louis was in AJ's cell, Clementine is briefly attacked by Violet before she is able to get to the locking pin, but their skirmish gets Minerva to unlock the cell to try to separate them. If Violet was in AJ's cell, Clementine successfully manages to recover the knife, chips the bolts off of the door, and removes the locking pin on the other side. Regardless of how the cell door unlocks, Clementine rushes the door and tackles Minerva, giving her enough time to free the student in AJ's cell. Minerva recovers, however, wrestling Clementine to the ground with a knife in hand and using it to slightly cut open her chest.

If Clementine saved Louis: Louis recovers Minerva's crossbow and nervously threatens her, but Minerva refuses to stop and goes to stab Clementine. Louis is unable to shoot, but he is approached from behind by Dorian, who had returned after hearing the fight. She grabs Louis from behind, startling him and causing him to reflexively turn and shoot her through her mouth and out the back of her head. Louis and Minerva are both horrified by Dorian's quick demise, a distraction that allows Clementine to knock Minerva off of her and knock her out. Clementine recovers Minerva's knife as Louis profusely apologizes to Dorian's corpse. Violet is distraught to see Minerva unconscious, quickly tending to her as Clementine frees Aasim and Omar. Violet curses at Clementine when she tries to explain that they had planted a bomb on the boat, unwilling to believe her since Mitch was dead. With Aasim helping Omar- still hobbled by the gunshot he had suffered during the attack on the school- out of their cell, Violet refusing to leave her former lover's side and Louis still in shock over his actions, Clementine decides to go alone after Lilly, imploring the others to get off of the ship before the bomb exploded and promising Aasim that they would see her later.

If Clementine saved Violet: Violet recovers Minerva's crossbow and begs her to stop, but Minerva cannot let Clementine leave. Before Minerva can deliver the killing blow, however, Violet shoots her through her right shoulder. Faltering, Minerva falls off of Clementine and slips into unconsciousness. Violet is distraught at having to shoot her former lover, quickly tending to her. Clementine spares a brief glance for them before freeing Aasim and Omar. Clementine tries to get Violet to escape with the others, but Violet is unable to bring herself to leave Minerva in her wounded state. With Aasim and Omar helping Louis- still traumatized and unable to fight after having his tongue cut out- out of his cell, Violet refusing to leave her former lover's side and Omar still injured after the attack on the school, Clementine decides to go alone after Lilly, imploring the others to get off of the ship before the bomb exploded and promising Aasim that they would see her later. She takes Minerva's knife and leaves the other children to find AJ.

"Take Us Back"

After Clementine and AJ get off the Delta's sinking ship and find Louis and Violet, they discover Omar and Aasim hiding from the rest of the raiders, who are currently engaged with a herd of approaching walkers. Clementine spots both Willy and Ruby near the horses, having found a cart ready to be taken back to the school. Gina takes aim at Willy and barely misses him. While she is distracted by Willy, Clementine shoots and kills Gina with an arrow to the neck, drawing the ire of Sullen. She tries to attack Clementine, but a pair of walkers grab her and devour her from behind. Minerva, seen in the middle of the crumbling line of Delta soldiers, is horrified by Sullene's death and quickly recovers her weapon to shoot the walkers eating her friend. Minerva soon discards her weapon for her axe after she runs out of ammunition, but her defense proves untenable as she is bitten on the arm by a walker, shocking the former students of Ericson's Academy.

Clementine sends her companions over to Willy and Ruby, offering to shoot the walkers with her bow. Aasim carries Omar to the cart and helps him in. After she dispatches several walkers before they could attack them, the students successfully reach the horse and cart. Minerva, having recovered a pistol, is then bitten on her cheek by a different walker, causing her to cry out and shoot the walker in the head. Stunned, Minerva notices Clementine watching her and becomes enraged. She grabs a grenade with the intention of throwing it at her, but Clementine shoots her in the shoulder, causing her to drop the explosive. Clementine covers AJ- who had refused to leave with the students- and takes him to the ground before the explosion hits, scaring off the horses with the students safely in the cart. After this, Omar the the rest of the students, safely return to Ericson's.

Days later, as AJ carries the fish bucket through the woods back to the school, he passes by Omar, who has tied Abel's corpse/zombie to a tree with a sign next to it warning off trespassers. Omar enters the the school and starts to cook dinner. AJ somberly walks over to Omar and hands him the fish bucket while he is preparing for dinner. As he quietly walks away, he is suddenly greeted by Clementine, still alive after AJ had cut off her bitten leg and taken her back to the school. As Clem and AJ play on a tire swing, Ruby and Omar call out that dinner is done. The surviving students share a hearty meal, as Ruby and AJ (Determinant) burp causing the table to burst out laughing. Soon after, Willy flicks some soup on Omar's face, again, causing the table to laugh. As the students finish eating, Omar is seen talking to the other students.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Omar has killed:



"I'll be alright... I'll be alright. Just go! You don't have much time! GO!"
—Omar to Clementine after she dragged him to safety.[src]

Before Marlon's death they had a neutral or positive relationship. When she checks on him while he makes dinner, he will appreciate it, but still tells her that the dinner isn't ready. If she talks to him again multiple times, he will get slightly annoyed by this. He was also amazed when Clementine brought food to the group and later brings it up when Marlon tries to pin his crimes on her, showing that he holds her in high regard for doing so. However, after Marlon gets shot by AJ, their relationship fractures, as he felt uncomfortable around her when she showed up at the funeral and sided with Mitch about a vote to kick them out. It's indicated that he was one of the five people who voted her and AJ to leave.

When she comes back to the school with a wounded AJ, he is surprised but also shows concern for them.

After they spend two weeks together, their relationship slowly repairs, but it's still possible that it will never be the same. When Omar gets shot in the leg during the Delta's attack, Clementine drags him to safety showing that she cares for him. Omar will then yell at her to let him lie there so she can deal with the raiders, after she saved him. When he got kidnapped by the Delta alongside Aasim and Louis/Violet, Clementine becomes determined to find them.


"Please... stop."
—Omar to Louis while preparing dinner.[src]

Omar seems to have a friendly relationship with Louis. The two are seen interacting in Done Running while Omar is preparing dinner, but he still gets annoyed by Louis' jokes and his "endless" story, even asking him to stop. Louis jokingly calls Omar a "perfectionist". In "Suffer The Children", the two are never seen directly interacting but it can be seen that Louis is shocked when Omar is shot in the leg before fleeing to cover. It can be assumed Louis is saddened by the fact Omar was captured if he is saved by Clementine. (Determinant)

Alvin Jr.

"Just because the kid is adorable, it doesn't mean dinner will be ready quicker."
—Omar to Clementine about AJ. (Determinant)[src]

Omar seems to have had a positive view on AJ when they first met, however this is called in to question since AJ killed Marlon. The two are not seen interacting much but if Clementine speaks to Omar 4 times before dinner in episode 1 he will describe AJ as "cute" showing he had a liking to AJ. However he seems shocked and horrified when AJ shoots Marlon despite him being unarmed. When discussing the vote of kicking Clementine and AJ out he takes a neutral stance by agreeing that a vote is the best way to solve the issue. Despite seeming to have partially made up in the two week time skip in Episode 2, their relationship may never be quite the same.


"Yeah, but Marlon--"
—Omar to Violet when Clementine and AJ appear on the funeral.[src]

Omar and Marlon and never really seen interacting directly but it can be assumed he had a neutral relationship with him. Omar is devastated after finding out what Marlon had done to Brody, Sophie and Minerva putting a negative light on there relationship. Yet he attends Brody and Marlon's funeral anyway and tries to remain neutral when Mitch starts pushing a vote for Clementine an AJ to leave suggesting he still respects Marlon enough to help keep both sides under control.


Omar's relationship with Brody is unclear as the two never interact directly but it can be assumed they had a generally neutral or positive relationship. Omar was devastated when he found out she was killed by Marlon and later mourned her at the funeral, showing that he cared for her.


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  • In an early version of the script, Omar was the one who died on the bridge in "Take Us Back", instead of Minerva. This was cut, due to the fact that Tenn would have had a more emotional reaction to Minerva dying instead of Omar.
  • Omar is one of three characters voiced by Keith Silverstein, the others being Yonatan and Michael.
  • He has the least lines out of the Ericson's Boarding School survivors.
  • In "Suffer the Children", Omar is the only member of the school not seen during the preparation for the Delta.
    • Omar was originally going to be seen putting walker heads on spikes with Ruby, but this was cut.[2]
  • According to Willy, Omar carries around a rabbit's foot with him. If Clementine takes it and speaks to Omar in "Broken Toys", he will say that it clearly doesn't work.
  • Omar is one of the seven characters that are alive at the end of Season 4, regardless of the player's choices. The others being Clementine, Alvin Jr., Willy, Aasim, Ruby, and Rosie.
  • Omar is one of eleven characters to appear in all four episodes of Season 4, the others being Clementine, Alvin Jr., Violet, Louis, Tennessee, Ruby, Willy, Aasim, Rosie, and Abel.
  • Omar is listed in the special thanks section of the game's credits as "The Great Chef God Omar". This was in reference to his fan nickname.
  • Omar and Aasim can be the only teenage or young adult male characters left alive if Louis and James died
  • Omar is one the ten characters that are confirmed to survive the events of the game series, regardless of the players' choices.

International Dubbers

Language Dubber Other Characters Voiced
French Oscar Douieb Percy
German Flemming Stein N/A
Portuguese Rafael Schubert N/A
Spanish (Latin America) Alan Fernando Velázquez N/A