"On The Run" is the second episode of the second season of Overkill's The Walking Dead.


Accord Oil was once a place where commuters could take a break from the road and the gas was cheap. You can still find fuel here, but nowadays you pay with your life.


After rescuing the deserter out of St. Luke’s Cathedral, he tells them everything he knows about Capital Hill and after hearing they want to find a way in, he laughs and tells them they would save time by putting bullets in their own heads. Only one man has ever snuck in and he was thrown in one of Patterson's prisons, until recently. The man hated Patterson and was on a mission to assassinate him, however he got caught, tortured, and escaped. His last known location is at a gas station called "Accord Oil", so the Eckington Camp survivors are going to find him and get information on Patterson and how to sneak in.

After arriving to the area, the survivors search the area and look for clues of the escapist. Once they infiltrate the gas station, they search it and continue looking for clues. Despite finding nothing, the survivors continue their search while fighting several Brigade soldiers. During this, the survivors have to enter a meat locker by fixing a power switch by restoring the power and also fix a fusebox. Once the meat locker is opened, the survivors find a corpse, on it, is a note with an address of the escapist. After this is acquired, the survivors fire a flare to signal Caleb. Once Caleb arrives, the survivors escape.



  • Several unnamed members of the Brigade


  • First mention of Tanner Finn.
  • Last appearance of Patterson.
  • A message written on one of the brick walls reads "Linda, everyone else is dead. If you read this, head to Alexandria, I'll wait here."[1]


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