"Open Season" is the fifth episode of the first season of Overkill's The Walking Dead.


Intel we’ve gathered from the Family’s radio shows suspicious activity at their main base.


After stealing the Family's radio, the survivors are able to locate their headquarters, "Founder's Square", a former shopping mall. Knowing it's heavily guarded, the Anderson Camp survivors plot to sneak in, scout the area, and take out Reina and the Family for good.

The survivors approach the mall, figuring the roof is the headquarters of the Family. They find a ladder to sneak in over the fence surrounding the mall and into the back. The survivors fight their way through the mall to get to the roof, however the elevator is disabled, so the survivors search for fuses to restore the power. Once this is done, the survivors head up the elevator, to the next floor and climb to the roof. The survivors investigate the area, discovering hostile survivors, who appear to be the military, telling them "join or die". After killing all of them, the survivors find a gate, but need to find a key to open it. After it's opened, the survivors continue their search for Reina by heading inside the mall, where they are ambushed by more soldiers. They clear them out, but a clothing store behind shutters that requires fixing a generator with batteries and jumper cables to open. Inside is a gate that needs power and repaired cables to open. Once it's opened, they are attacked by more soldiers, but manage to take them all out, but find Reina being held hostage by more soldiers. After their all taken out, the survivors rescue Reina and open a gate using her key. When the gate opens more soldiers attack and the survivors have to protect Reina, while fighting their way through the mall. After getting to the roof, the survivors kill more soldiers and fire a flare to signal Caleb. Caleb arrives, but the gate is shut and the survivors have to open it for him to come in, after doing this, the survivors escape in the truck with Reina.



  • Several unnamed members of the Brigade


  • First appearance of The Brigade.
  • First appearance of Reina. (Physically)
  • This is the last episode that Heather is playable in.
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