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Ortiz Family Home is a location in Season 1 of AMC's Fear the Walking Dead.


This is where Travis Manawa and his family lived.


Season 1


Travis gets a phone call from Liza, when he goes out to answers it, Alicia says to Travis "Glad you moved in?" When he answers it Liza asks how Nick is doing. He replies "He'll recover." She then asks him if he's okay to take his son Chris on the weekend, and Chris shouts "I don't wanna go!" Liza insists that he goes, and they argue about the subject. Travis finally demands she hand the phone to Chris. Chris takes the phone and says he doesn't want to come, to which Travis says it's his weekend. Chris challenges Travis to force him to come, Travis asks Chris to come and support Nick. Chris replies "He's not my friend and he's not my brother," and Travis challenges that Nick would be there for Chris. Chris says "He wouldn't have to be there for me; not like that. No." and he gives the phone to Liza. Travis says "keep him" to Liza. He hangs up.

"So Close, Yet So Far"

Travis arrives at Liza's house and tells her about the virus, saying it makes people violent. He calls Chris from Liza's phone. Chris answers but quickly hangs up, telling Travis that he's part of a protest. Travis and Liza figure out Chris' location after seeing news coverage of the shooting on TV.




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Season 1