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This article is about TV Series character. You may be looking for his Comic Series or Road to Survival counterpart. For other pages with the same name, see: Oscar

"She was tracking something, said she'd meet us back here, should've been back by now."
—Oscar to Connie about Kelly's whereabouts[src]

Oscar is a survivor of the outbreak in AMC's The Walking Dead. He is a resident of the Hilltop Colony.


Location Unknown

Nothing is known about Oscar's life prior to or as the outbreak began.



At some point in the apocalypse, Oscar joined a community called the Hilltop Colony where he became one of the supply runners.

Season 7

"Something They Need"

Oscar is out on patrol with three other residents. Oscar's group briefly stops on the road to Hilltop's gates and Oscar replies to Maggie's comment about Gregory's first time dealing with walkers, stating that Gregory has told them he dealt with them before. He smirks before he and his group proceeds up the road to town.

Season 8


Oscar is among the Militia to listen to the leaders' speeches before they launch their assault on the Sanctuary. Before the attack, he listens on to Gregory's attempt to dissuade the Hilltoppers from attacking the Saviors but ignore his demands. After successfully ambushing the Saviors' headquarters, he and the others leave in their vehicles so the incoming horde may swarm the factory.

"The Damned"

Oscar is among the Hilltoppers to sneak into the satellite outpost that has been re-occupied by the Saviors in order to take it over. He gets into position as the Hilltoppers prepare to assault the unsuspecting Saviors. Inside, he and Dianne are with a group of Hilltoppers and Kingdommers pinned in a hallway as Saviors shoot from a distance. Oscar comments that they've lost touch with one of the groups. He is unable to answer Tara when she asks about Morgan. After a lengthy gunfight, Oscar and his allies are able to gain the upper hand as the Saviors call a retreat. Before Alden, Jared, and the other Saviors can flee, they are captured by Oscar and the rest of the militia.


Oscar is among the Militia to bring the Saviors back to the Hilltop. He and the rest of the Militia help protect the Saviors from oncoming walkers during the travel.

"Dead or Alive Or"

Oscar walks around with Kevin as they help with improving the town's defenses. He witnesses the arrival of the Alexandrians and the revelation that Carl has died. Later, Oscar, along with Jerry, Scott, and Dianne, accompanies Maggie to the makeshift prison and listens on as Maggie declares the Saviors will be let out for a few minutes a day in pairs and under the close watch of the guards.

"Do Not Send Us Astray"

Oscar helps Dianne bring the Savior prisoners out onto the balcony as Maggie addresses Simon on the radio. After the Saviors open fire, he helps usher everyone inside the Barrington House. He survives the attack on the Hilltop and the subsequent outbreak that leaves several more dead. He is part of a group consisting of Maggie, Jesus, Dianne, Eduardo, and Kal doing a sweep of the Hilltop grounds when they find Alden and Siddiq. Alden alerts the group that several Saviors defected and are trying to close the gates to protect the community from incoming walkers. Oscar and the others then go to assist the Saviors in barricading the gates.


Oscar accompanies Rick and the rest of the militia to fight the Saviors in the final battle. After most of the Saviors are wiped out due to Eugene's faulty bullets, Oscar and the others fight the surviving Saviors until they surrender. He watches on as Negan is defeated and captured while Rick addresses the crowd, declaring peace among all communities. Afterwards, Oscar returns home to the Hilltop.

Season 9


Six years after Rick's assumed death, Oscar started working in the Hilltop's fields and informs Tara about the ongoing farming operations and the crops.


When Daryl and the search group return to Hilltop, Oscar looks in sadness at Jesus' body. He then listens as Tammy tells Tara that the Hilltop will now look to her for leadership, reminding her that includes getting justice for Jesus. A while later, Oscar assists Jesus' funeral and watches in sadness as the other residents hammer nails in the coffin.


Oscar is part of Tara's group in charge of clearing a tree from their path to the Kingdom to ensure the roads are cleared for Alden's convoy carrying the food and trade goods for the fair. Upon finding a downed tree, Oscar remains alert and checks the surrounding area. He then helps chop the tree into pieces to clear the road.

Later that day, a small herd of walkers approaches the group. They get in position and remind themselves to watch for the Whisperers. Suddenly, the Highwaymen ride up on horses and introduce themselves to Tara after helping to take down the herd. They then escort them to the Kingdom, having accepted Carol's deal. Upon arriving at the Kingdom, Oscar helps unload the trade goods and interacts with the welcoming Kingdommmers.

"The Calm Before"

Oscar watches from the crowd as Ezekiel declares they've finally accomplished Rick, Carl, and Jesus' dreams of reuniting the communities. "Let the fair of a new beginning begin!" Ezekiel says as everyone celebrates and applauds.

Later that day, Oscar and a group prepare to leave the Kingdom to go to Hilltop and leave some soldiers in case of a possible attack. He then fist bumps Tara goodbye. In the woods, Oscar and the rest encounter Ozzy, Alek, and D.J. and find one of Hilltop's carts overturned. The group decides to split up, with Oscar going to the Hilltop.

The next day, Oscar listens from the crowd as Siddiq delivers the tragic news about the fate of the missing fair attendees, tells them how brave the victims were in their final moments and how he was intentionally kept alive to tell this very story. He encourages everyone to remember the fallen as brave heroes and to honor them.

Season 10

"Lines We Cross"

Some months after the blizzard, Oscar is among the coalition members drafted into the militia that was formed in response to the Whisperer threat. He and the other militia conduct a training exercise on the Oceanside beach. As Ezekiel and Jerry methodically release walkers from a shipwrecked boat, Oscar and the other militia work together as a unit to take out the walker threat.

They are successful and return to Oceanside to rest, eat, and socialize with the Oceansiders. That night, Oscar helps put out the fire that was ignited in the woods in Whisperer territory after a satellite from outer space crashes.

"What It Always Is"

Oscar returns to Hilltop with the hunting group from the woods and is asked by a concerned Connie about Kelly's whereabouts. He informs that she volunteered to stay back and she would return later.

"Morning Star"

Oscar attends an emergency meeting in the Barrington House with the leaders of Hilltop and Alexandria and other concerned residents. He listens as the others discuss what to do in the face of the impending Whisperer threat. After it is decided that they evacuate the children and make a stand at Hilltop, he helps prepare for the battle against the Whisperers. He joins several dozen soldiers and militia on the frontlines and helps kill as many zombies as he can along the barbed wire fences. After getting the call to retreat, he and the others flee back towards the gates but are quickly stopped in their tracks as fire arrows ignite the walls and ground around them.

"The Tower"

Oscar is among the Hilltop refugees to evacuate to the abandoned hospital being referred to as "the tower". He later opens a gate on the hospital grounds for Carol and Kelly.

"A Certain Doom"

Oscar and Marco were out away from the hospital preparing the music wagon to lure the herd away when the Whisperers arrived and swarmed the hospital. That night, Daryl, Kelly, Carol, Luke, Jules, Magna, Jerry, and Lydia eventually reach the music wagon and deliver the needed equipment to play the music. With the parts assembled, the music is turned on and Oscar escorts the wagon alongside his fellow survivors, providing protection from incoming threats. However, many Whisperers swarm the wagon and are able to destroy it, forcing the survivors to flee. Unfortunately, Oscar is shot in the chest and quickly dies.


Killed By

During the battle, a Whisperer comes out of the woods and throws a knife into Oscar's chest, killing him.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Oscar has killed:


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  • Oscar is credited as Hilltopper in "Something They Need".
    • As of "Mercy", this character has been credited as Oscar.
  • Unlike his comic counterpart, he is Hispanic-American.
  • Like his comic counterpart, he gets killed by the Whisperers.
    • Interestingly, in the Comic Series he dies at the start of the Whisperer War whereas in the TV Series he dies at the end of the Whisperer War.
  • For an unknown reason, Oscar is not mentioned in the Talking Dead memorial for "A Certain Doom".

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