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This article is about the Comic Series character. You may be looking for his TV Series, Social Game, Road to Survival or The Escapists counterparts.

"You let that killer out and he almost killed you--and then--then you was gonna let them two--them two kick alla us outta here. You sided against us with--with--a couple n*ggers. I just want you to know I ain't talkin' ta you neither. Yer dead to me."
—Otis to Patricia about her siding with Dexter and Andrew over the group.[src]

Otis is a character first encountered in Issue 9 of Image Comics' The Walking Dead. He is the boyfriend of Patricia, and a farm hand of Hershel Greene and his family.


While not renowned for his intelligence, Otis is a good-natured and well-meaning person, who is friendly towards most people he meets. Although sometimes reckless, he has a clear sense of right and wrong. He exemplified numerous times, such as feeling a great amount of guilt over accidentally shooting Carl, stopping Hershel from shooting Rick, and being outraged upon discovering that Patricia sided with Dexter and Andrew over the survivors. Otis has also shown himself to be prejudiced at times against black people, although this seems stem from ignorance rather than any kind of genuine malevolence, as Otis doesn't seem to have a problem with Tyreese or Michonne, being usually quite friendly to both when interacting with them.


Greene Family Farm

Not much is known about Otis's life prior to or as the outbreak began, except that he and his girlfriend Patricia narrowly escaped from Wiltshire Estates. Hershel Greene allowed them to stay at his farm.


Miles Behind Us

While Rick, Tyreese, and Carl are hunting in the woods, Otis accidentally shoots Carl, thinking the trio were zombies. Rick threatens to kill Otis but, fortunately, Carl survives the gunshot. Otis takes Rick to the Greene Family Farm where Hershel can treat Carl's wound. Afterwards, Tyreese consoles Otis, who feels a tremendous amount of guilt for his mistake. He also reveals that he and Patricia originally came from Wiltshire Estates. When Hershel points a gun at Rick's head and demands that he and his group leave, Otis grabs him and convinces him to stand down. He later tries to get Hershel to apologize to Rick, only to find the man huddled over in tears.

Safety Behind Bars

Otis moves to the prison with the rest of the farm residents, but later opts to return and look after the livestock, apparently after breaking up with Patricia.

The Heart's Desire

At some point, Otis decides to abandon the farm and move back to the prison with the others. He hastily rides a cart down the road towards the prison through a group of zombies, shooting those that get too close. Michonne spots Otis and decides to follow him. At the prison gates, Otis yells to be let in, but the others don't hear him and are too busy fighting off walkers. Otis is cornered by the roamers outside the prison and nearly killed, but is saved in the nick of time by Michonne. After the fighting is over, Otis vouches for Michonne and tells Rick she saved his life. When he finds out about Patricia's betrayal, Otis confronts her and shuns Patricia completely. Otis is seen praying in his cell when Rick and the others rush an injured Allen in. Tyreese instructs Otis to fetch some towels, much to the latter's annoyance. While Allen is incapacitated, Otis is tasked with watching Ben and Billy.

The Best Defense

Otis assists Billy and Dale in luring the walkers away from the parking lot, and is offended when Dale jokes about his intelligence. While Rick, Glenn, and Michonne are away Otis helps Billy in the garden. The two talk about candy bars and girls, with Billy complaining there aren't enough women in the prison. Otis teases Billy when the latter wonders if Carol would like him. Later, Otis approaches Patricia and apologizes for his behavior. He asks that the two go back to being friends, which she accepts.

This Sorrowful Life

When the prison is overrun, Otis is attacked and devoured. Rick stumbles upon his reanimated corpse and puts him down.


Killed By

Somehow as the Prison is overrun, Otis is devoured by walkers.

After Rick finds Otis' mutilated and reanimated corpse when he returns from Woodbury, he puts him down.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Otis has killed:



"Don't talk to me like that. You shut yer fucking mouth an' listen. You wanna dump me--fine. I don't even give a shit no more. But the shit they telling me you did--it ain't right. It just ain't fucking right. You've lost it, girl."
—Otis to Patricia after siding with Dexter and Andrew over the group.[src]

When Patricia and Otis were introduced they were a couple, but as things progressed they split up for unknown reasons. Shortly after Patricia frees Thomas and tries to help Dexter and Andrew kick the group out of the prison, Otis tells her that he hates her and doesn't want to speak to her. Sometime later, Otis apologizes for his attitude and asks to be friends, which Patricia begrudgingly accepts. Patricia is saddened by Otis' death, and states that she misses him when talking to Hershel.

Rick Grimes

Rick and Otis seemed to have a stable friendship, at first Rick despised Otis for shooting Carl but after Carl recovered and Otis was shown to be feeling bad about it, Rick forgave him. Otis also defended Rick and the group after Hershel pointed a gun at Rick and kicked the group off the farm. Otis was later seen torn in half and his upper half was reanimated, Rick shouted in shock as he saw Otis and was shown to be saddened when putting him down, showing the two repaired the relationship and Rick did like him.

Hershel Greene

Hershel let Otis and Patricia stay on his farm, Otis helped around the farm and the Greene family became friends with him and Patricia. Otis tried to support Hershel after he had pointed a gun at Rick and kicked his group of the farm. Otis also volunteered to stay at the farm and look after the livestock until Hershel and the others at the prison thought of a way to move them over.

Billy Greene

"'Sides, you been nursin' that little stubble for months. How do you expect to turn that into a mustache?"
—Otis joking around with Billy about his facial hair.[src]

Due to their living together during their stay at the Greene farm, Billy and Otis seemed to develop an Uncle-Nephew like relationship as seen with Otis and Billy patrolling the fences jokingly quipping each other about Billy's age.

Maggie Greene

Maggie and Otis appear to be on bad terms, more so on her side than his. She even once referred to him as "That idiot, Otis".

Lacey Greene

Although Otis and Lacey were never seen interacting, Otis cared about Lacey and it is assumed they would've talked while Otis stayed on the farm. This is shown by how Otis was seen at Lacey, Shawn and Arnold's funeral, saddened while standing next to his girlfriend, Patricia.

Arnold Greene

Although Otis and Arnold were never seen interacting, Otis cared about Arnold and it is assumed they would've talked while Otis stayed on the farm. This is shown by how Otis was seen at Arnold's, Lacey's and Shawn's funeral, saddened while standing next to his girlfriend, Patricia.

Michonne Hawthorne

"Ya--ya saved my life! I don't know what to say."
—Otis praising Michonne for saving him.[src]

Otis and Michonne rarely interact, but when they first meet, Michonne saves his life. Despite Otis's apparent prejudice against black people, he is extremely grateful to her, and is quick to inform Rick she saved his life. The two continue to have a stable relationship.


Though Tyreese and Otis rarely interacted, Tyreese comforted Otis when the latter was feeling guilty over shooting Carl. From that point the two have had a stable relationship. Later, Otis was shown to be annoyed to have to take orders from Tyreese, possibly owing to his racism.


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  • In an interview with UGO, Kirkman stated: "I think [Otis' racism] came about after he was introduced because I started to notice that all the characters were pretty nice except for an evil character that kills kids sometimes. I wanted to throw in some people that aren't evil but aren't so nice either. I've got some stuff planned for Otis now that should be pretty cool. But I realized that I had made a mistake in making everybody too friendly."[1]
  • Otis is one of the few characters to die (and/or reanimate) off-panel.
    • Robert Kirkman about Otis' death: "Otis wasn't buried because he didn't have much left of him and didn't die at a time when the burying would have been easy to do. There were tons of zombies to clean up...and Otis was a zombie...Allen and Carol weren't zombies." This is an error, as Carol did in fact turn, although she was put down immediately after reanimation, so her body was mostly intact.[2]
  • Although he was staying with Hershel, Otis didn't share the same belief that zombies could be cured as he was willing to kill Carl, thinking he was a zombie.


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