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The Otto Family Survivalist Organization is a group of survivalists founded by Jeremiah Otto and his family. They have featured in Fear The Walking Dead since the second season.


Long before the apocalypse, Jeremiah Otto Sr., his family and a group of like-minded people founded this Organization. The aim of the group was to prepare for the fall of the democratic form of government. It can be implied that given the nature of catastrophe they were preparing for, that they were (and are) heavily armed. Their current base of operations is located at Broke Jaw Ranch.


Various members of this group were encountered by the dispersed members of Madison Clark's group. Ofelia Salazar comes across Jeremiah Otto in the desert as she crosses into the U.S. from Mexico, and the group that fired upon Nick Clark is a part of this group. They appear to be heavily armed and have access to military grade vehicles, as seen in the promotional image for season three where Jake Otto and others are seen standing in front of a Humvee painted in desert camouflage.



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