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Outside references are deliberately inserted references to The Walking Dead from TV shows, movies, and other outside sources.


First Aired Product Lenght Description Screenshot
October 11, 2011 Bing 106 seconds The Walking Dead: Stagger-On Role Sweepstakes

An extra on the set of The Walking Dead, wants to date another extra, who turns out to be a zombie. They both search on Bing, for respectively 'Dating an actor' and 'Eating an actor'.

The Walking Dead - Bing
2012 FX Channel 110 (South Africa) 46 seconds The Walking Dead: Washing Powder

A woman demonstrates how you can remove blood from clothes with Blast.

The Walking Dead - Washing Powder
2012 FX Channel 110 (South Africa) 63 seconds The Walking Dead: Lunch The Walking Dead - Lunch
2013 Time Warner Cable 30 seconds
60 seconds(extended)
Enjoy Better - Clean Up

A a suburban mom is doing housework washing a blood and gut ridden machete at the sink while talking on the phone about the day's schedule. She then heads to her daughter's room (who has "Don’t Open Dead Inside" spray painted on her door) where she is streaming The Walking Dead on her computer and reprimands her for tormenting the zombie she has chained in her room. The mom then heads to the hallway mopping up the mess made by the Bicycle Zombie. Then on to the family room as an arrow is shot through the head of a passing zombie where it lands into the wall with blood splatter. She looks disapprovingly and mentions that the walls were just painted. Daryl is contrite and although he looks absolutely adorable doing so, the mom tells him and her husband to clean up the mess of zombie bodies in the room.

The Walking Dead - Time Warner Channel - SuperBowl
2013 Bright House Network 3 minutes Two employees from Bright House Network visits a house, in which Glenn, Maggie and Daryl are staying. The Walking Dead - Bright House Networks
2012 Windows 8 30 seconds A man, using Windows 8, dreams that a zombie apocalypse breaks out. The Walking Dead - Windows 8
2013 Windows 30 seconds The scene starts out with a fan of The Walking Dead packing up to move to a new home and had a panic attack when a life-sized zombie cardboard standee that he mistook for a real walker fell on top of him. His delighted girlfriend (known in both commercials only by her screen name, ZombieBabe34) captured it all via video. The Walking Dead - Windows - 2
2013 Windows 8 30 seconds The Walking Dead - Windows 8 - 2
2013 Dr. Pepper 30 seconds Always one of a Kind Fan Contest

Only one person can be the ultimate fan and travel to Los Angeles for the Walking Dead Season 4 premiere party. Enter to win the Walking Dead: Always one of a Kind Fan Contest.

The Walking Dead - Dr. Pepper
2013 Windows 8 30 seconds The Walking Dead - Windows 8 - 2
2014 Windows 30 seconds Use your Microsoft Tablet to plan the best zombie Walking Dead party/proposal ever. The Walking Dead - Windows 8 (2)
2014 Windows 30 seconds A lot has happened with our zombie-loving couple this season, but it's not over yet. The Walking Dead - Windows
2014 The Walking Dead Chop Shop 30 seconds
45 seconds (extended)
The Walking Dead Chop Shop Speech

A hardened veteran of the zombie apocalypse attributes his survival to living off the land and knowing how to fight. Of course it has nothing to do with the zombie death-machine that he drives.

Hyundai TV Spot, 'The Walking Dead Chop ShopSpeech'
2014 Yeah! 30 seconds
45 seconds (extended)
Walking Dead star Michael Rooker is on the run, not from zombies, but in-laws. Fortunately he's got Yeah! TV to keep them occupied. Yeah! - Michael Rooker
2014 Now TV 30 seconds NOW TV The Walking Dead CCTV Petrol Station Take-over

The Walking Dead CCTV footage shows petrol stations being swarmed with hungry zombies.

NOW TV The Walking Dead CCTV Petrol Station Take-over
2014 Dish Perks 30 seconds The Walking Dead Sweepstakes The Walking Dead Sweepstakes Dish
2014 Microsoft Surface Pro 3 30 seconds A couple looks like they are preparing for a zombie attack in their home, and using the tablet to look at budgets and "to do" lists. Microsoft Surface Promo
2014 Microsoft Surface Pro 3 30 seconds Microsoft Surface Survivors Promo: The Walking Dead

Trapped in a car with rain beating down, surrounded by panic and walkers; it's the nightmare we all fear: holiday shopping. Eliminate the fear this season by shopping online with a Microsoft Surface.

Microsoft Surface Survivors Promo- The Walking Dead
2015 Microsoft Surface Pro 3 30 seconds Microsoft Surface Attack Plan: The Walking Dead

A wife uses her Microsoft Surface Tablet to carefully orchestrate the perfect April Fools' prank, inspired by The Walking Dead, to play on her husband.

Microsoft Surface TV Spot, 'The Walking Dead Prank'
2015 Halloween Horror Nights 28 seconds Just as a group of teens' arrival is announced over the intercom, a flight attendant staggers out of the gate. Not far behind him a horde of zombies bursts into the airport and make their way to the streets of Hollywood. Catch "The Walking Dead" at Universal Studios Hollywood's Halloween Horror Nights. Microsoft Halloween Horror Nights spot
2015 Sprint 30 seconds Watch as this guy tries to take a stroll through nature, ride the bus to work and get in a nightclub...all while lugging a zombie around. If you want to take AMC's The Walking Dead wherever you go, there's an easier way than what the guy's putting himself through. Sign up with Sprint for the best value in wireless and watch the hit show anytime, anywhere. THE walking Dead - Sprint
2015 T-Mobile 30 seconds T-Mobile is giving "Fear the Walking Dead" viewers the ability to see exclusive content through Shazam during the premiere. When a zombie from the show tries it out in her dressing room, she accidentally startles herself because she looks up from her phone and sees herself in full zombie makeup. T-Mobile - Fear

TV Series[]

The Office[]

  • In the episode The Inner Circle, suggests Dwight to give Deangelo a zombie-survival kit, in case he wakes up from his coma in the middle of a zombie apocalypse, referring to Rick Grimes. [1]

Ugly Americans[]

Saturday Night Live[]

  • On March 2nd, 2013, a Walking Dead skit aired, featuring Daryl Dixon, Rick, Carl Grimes, and Maggie Greene. [3]
  • On November 12th, 2016, on the episode hosted by Dave Chappelle, a skit aired during his opening monologue that parodied the closing moments of "Last Day on Earth". Chappelle portrayed Negan Smith and several of his characters from Chappelle's Show were featured in the line-up in place of the survivors such as Tyrone Biggums, Chuck Taylor, Clayton Bigsby and Lil Jon. [4]


  • In the episode Swan Song, Brittany appears to Sam and says she has something important to ask him in which he responds that The Walking Dead isn't based on a true story, much to her surprise.


  • In the episode Out With A Bang, Ari intends to destroy a waitor's audition for sleeping with his wife. He tells his assistant, Lloyd to ruin his chances of auditioning for multiple shows, listing The Walking Dead even if he only appears as a 'pus-faced zombie'.

The Big Bang Theory[]

  • In the Season 6 episode, The Spoiler Alert Segmentation, Sheldon Cooper and Leonard Hofstadter head to their apartment to catch up on The Walking Dead. Sheldon asks Leonard if he has seen the episode where Lori dies, accidentally spoiling it for Leonard. Leonard replies "No", and Sheldon counters with "Or maybe she doesn't, let's find out."
  • In the Season 10 episode, The Escape Hatch Identification, Stuart rushes into Howard and Bernadette's room holding a replica of Lucille when he hears them screaming in the middle of the night after they are awoken by Raj.


  • On the April 2, 2013 taping of Conan in Atlanta, Georgia, a skit aired with Michael Rooker and Melissa McBride (portraying their characters of Merle Dixon and Carol Peletier respectively) invading the set of Conan, warning Conan O'Brien and the audience about walkers outside and asking if they can stay at the set for a while. However, they trouble Conan by shooting various members of the set including Andy Richter, a cameraman and Conan's basketball stunt double. They eventually leave when Conan says they are trying to do a "show", with Merle grabbing a female audience member by the hand and running out with her alongside Carol.
  • The February 6, 2014 episode of Conan featured a cold open based on The Walking Dead with Conan made up as a walker. Conan strolls through the woods and comes across a shack, where Andy Richter is inside listening to music wearing headphones. Andy is oblivious to Conan busting down the shack door and approaching behind him. Andy screams upon seeing Conan and remarks that he isn't used to seeing Conan without his make-up and tells them that they have to get ready for the show, telling Conan to help himself to lunch before leaving. Conan opens the lunch plate, revealing it to be a human foot as he begins eating it.

The Flash[]

  • In the Season 1 episode, Out of Time, Caitlin Snow tells Cisco Ramon that she will watch every episode of The Walking Dead with him in order to make him feel better when he becomes stressed over his suspicions of Dr. Harrison Wells.
  • In the Season 2 episode, The Runaway Dinosaur, the plot centers around Tony Woodward/Girder coming back to life as a zombie due to the miniaturized particle accelerator reactivating a part of his brain and Cisco makes a reference to The Walking Dead in this episode.

Z Nation[]

  • In Season 1 episode, Puppies and Kittens, Hammond mentions to Garnett and Warren that an "ex-cop and some others taking shelter in a prison" told him about a camp set up by the National Guard, referencing Rick Grimes and his group taking shelter at West Georgia Correctional Facility. Later in the same episode, the ending scene of the episode shows Garnett and his group driving towards a city, mirroring the same shot of Rick heading towards Atlanta on a horse.
  • In the Season 2 episode, The Collector, Dean mentions to Murphy that "some dirty guy with a crossbow" attempted to save the zombified A Song of Fire and Ice author George R.R. Martin at Comic-Con, a satirical reference to Daryl Dixon.


  • In the episode Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell, Dean Winchester comes back from a hunt carrying a baseball bat coated in barb wire and remarks that "dad would love this thing." This is a reference to Jeffrey Dean Morgan's role on The Walking Dead as Negan Smith and Negan's signature weapon, Lucille. Morgan notably portrayed John Winchester, the father of Sam and Dean, on Supernatural.


The Walking Deceased[]

  • A spoof of zombie films. The main character is named "Sheriff Lincoln", a parody of Rick Grimes.

Video Games[]

The Last of Us[]

  • One of the houses that Joel, Ellie, and Bill come upon is almost identical to Clementine's house.
  • In the suburbs, there is a message on a wall reading, "Don't Open, Infected Inside." This is referencing the message reading, "Don't Open, Dead Inside" on the chained doors of Harrison Memorial Hospital.

World of Warcraft[]

  • A quest is named "The Walking Dead", but has nothing to do with zombies. [5]

Payday 2[]

  • Negan's baseball bat Lucille is available to use as the free community melee weapon "Lucille Baseball Bat". It was introduced after the announcement of Overkill's The Walking Dead, from the same develovers as Payday 2. It is notable to say that it's missing a chunk from the shot Carl Grimes fired at Negan in Issue 119.

Zombie Pandemic[]

  • In Zombie Pandemic, it is possible to find a tank, a dead horse and blood stains near the stadium, referring to The Walking Dead. [6]
  • The CDC is also possible to find. [7]

The Last Stand[]

Dead Rising[]

  • In Dead Rising 3 and 4, you can get a bat that is referencing to Negan's baseball bat, Lucille.


  • In Fallout 4, you can get the bat called a "barbed swatter" which is another reference to Lucille.


The Road[]

  • In a flashback, while the man and his wife discuss life and death, and she claims that they are "the walking dead in a horror film."