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Outside Woodbury is the fourth and final chapter in The Walking Dead Social Game and takes place prior to Season 3 of the television series.

On October 11, 2013, Chapter 4: Outside Woodbury was released. The release includes new characters, 24 story missions, a new feature, side-missions, new weapons, and a complete overhaul of the game's system.

The chapter takes place prior to Season Three as the group leaves Bill's old hanger in favor for something more durable and spacious. By the end of the chapter, the group encounters a seemingly utopian community as they are hunted by cultish survivors.


Marla's Funeral

The hero and Trucker go out to visit Marla's grave and take out several roamers around the site.

At the gravesite the hero says their final goodbyes to her, "Here we lay one of our own to rest... Marla Jane Wilkinson, may you rest as you lived: in the good graces of our Lord and under the shady trees of Georgia."

The group are shortly attacked again by roamers hearing the sounds of battle. They quickly leave through the brush and find Adam and Kasumi camped out and fighting some biters.

Trucker and the hero save them from the ghouls and they graciously thank them. Adam remarks, " Those aren't the men... they're just stinking walkers." Kasumi adds on, saying that they are being hunted by men with rifles.

The hero is not surprised and tells them that they have been followed by a crazed group of survivors for 6 days. The hero invites them to join the group at their camp. They accept the offer and the four return to the warehouse.

Back at the warehouse Adam says, "We weren't making this up, ya know... They were hunter-types, woodsy dudes chasing after us like we were chickens to be eaten... I never been so scared in my entire life."

The hero discusses things with Trucker who is sad that Marla had passed, "Man... I... I can't believe it the ol' gal's gone."

He notes that at least she found peace at the end. He wonders if she may still be alive in her burial spot. He then reminisces how he spend the nights in camp looking at the stars and listening to her tell stories of her family. He jokes that she could sure talk a lot.

Max says, "Marla was very special to all of us. To me, she represented the softness of what came before all the walkers." He continues, "She made me feel safer, like we were doing a good job protecting something precious to us: our history."

"I wish we'd done a better job of that." He adds.

Adam explains how he and Kasumi were by themselves for a long time after leaving the Highway camp. He says that he is glad that others from the original camp made it too. Adam then talks about the mysterious hunters and how they've been chasing them the last few nights. He explains that the night before they hid in the trees to avoid them.

He then says that the hunters soon stood right under them and they had to keep dead quiet or they would have shot them out of the branches. The hero asks if he ever knew Marla and he replies, " No, I never even met Marla, but I hear she was awful nice."

Adam then notices Trucker crying, mourning Marla.

Don the Hunter

Just then, Kasumi hollers out, "Wait! THERE! Do you see him! IT'S ONE OF THE HUNTERS!"

Max and the hero quickly arm up and go to question the man. They follow the figure into the woods and begin tracking the "hunter" down.

Max notices footsteps heading away from a dead walker and the duo head off, following the fresh tracks.

They follow the footsteps to a small camp surrounded by walkers, the two take care of the threatening ones and search the hunter's arsenal, finding a nice discarded piece: a hunting rifle.

Max states that he must have dropped his rifle in a hurry and they need to keep searching and grab him.

Up ahead they find a man hiding, he is pulled out and flattened. He pleads, "WAIT WAIT! My name's Don... I'm alone..."

Max aims his shotgun at him and tells him to freeze. The man complies and the duo escort him back to the warehouse.

At the warehouse, Don explains while being interrogated, "WAIT WAIT! My name's Don... I'm alone... I'm coming from a different camp but I needed to get out of there. M-Maybe I can stay with you folks a little while... ? I promise I won't hurt nobody!"

Side Mission: Who Is Don?

The hero and Max discuss what to do with Don and Adam joins in. He is told all that Don told and Adam mentions that he is unsure if Don is an honest man and wonders if he may be lying and this is a set up of some sort.

Max and the hero discuss what measures need to be taken and implies that everybody know what needs to be done.

Just then Adam alerts them that the warehouse is being swarmed by a horde of walkers.


"NO! The whole camp is... KASUMI! Where are you, Kasuuummiiiiii!!!!!", Adam screams as the undead pour into the warehouse.

Max goes to prepare evacuation and the hero and Adam begin trying to fight back the relentless, hungry horde. The duo take on many of the undead but do not find Trucker or Kasumi anywhere inside the warehouse.

They venture outside into the trees to see if they are hiding and find an eaten Kasumi. The surrounding dead are killed and Adam breaks down over her.

"No... No it's her... It's her it's her it's her... Oh God. I can't do this...", Adam bumbling says.

The hero tries to comfort Adam but is quickly disregarded as Adam discovers something. "I-- Whose... whose HAT was she wearing?"

More of the undead soon come out of the trees and the two are forced to leave her corpse behind for the hungry undead, but not before the hero puts a bullet in her head so she can not reanimate.

The two move on, leaving the overrun "Camp Nathan" behind, searching for Max and Trucker.

After a brief period, Adam, Max, and the hero reconvene and find refuge at an abandoned Schoolyard.

Max comments on the recent event and calls it horrifying. He praises the hero for putting Kasumi down. He asks where's Trucker and the hero tells him that he was not found, but his hat was on Kasumi. He asks if that is some sort of calling card.

Max suspects that Harlan kidnapped Trucker and used the hat as a message, he compares Harlan to a super villain and swears that he will kill Harlan with his bare hands for Nathan.

Adam suspects that Don was the one who led the walkers to the group and claims that the event was no accident

Side Mission: Don The Rat!

"This was no accident. Someone led those walkers to us."

The hero discusses with Max about Don possibly being the one who led the walkers to them. Max explains that he must have and who else would have been responsible.

The hero goes out to search for Don and later finds him near some buildings not to far from the camp.

The hero manages to stop the man and begins to question him. Don begs that he didn't do it, exclaiming, "I swear to you, I didn't do this. Please... believe me. Don't kill me. I don't want to die."

The hero believes the frightened man and does not kill him, but instead offers an apology and membership in the group. Don proposes an idea as they return to camp.

The Junkyard

"This schoolyard's a safer spot than those woods. We can build up fences and hunker down here. Actually, I know a junkyard we could pull some scrap from that ain't so far.", Don says. The hero agrees and the two set out to the junkyard

Entering the junkyard they come across a swarm of walkers and they begin to take out the biters in the area and soon come across another survivor; Emily. The two spy on here as she takes out the nearby dead with ease using only hatchets.

She soon spots the two as she continues to fight and asks, "Who are you guys?" Don notes, "Look at that lady there... She went to town with them axes, but it looks like she could still use a hand!"

The duo come out from their hiding and approach the woman as they take out several of the biters so they can escape.

"Got some rotten brains on my shirt, but that's the last of 'em.", Don comments after clearing the path of walkers so he, Emily, and the hero can escape. The trio then escape through the walkers and out of the junkyard, heading back to the hero's camp.

At the camp Emily tells the hero, "I don't know or trust you yet."

Adam is depressed about the death of Kasumi and tells the hero to leave him alone after they try to comfort him.

Max is knocked back after seeing Emily and tells the hero, "That Emily, huh? Kind of a fox. It's that kind of talent, discipline... That's attractive." The hero asks him when he'll make his move and he replies that he'll do it when the time is right. He jokes, "Never rush into combat situations."

The hero ventures out to find Emily and comes across her in the woods. The two exchange conversation and she tells the hero of her hiding spots.

Side Mission: Forward Operating Bases

"I've got safe places all over the place where I can hide and defend myself. Come with me, we're not far away."

Emily shows the hero several of her spots she goes to when traveling and gathers some supplies to bring back to the camp. After scoping out the spots where Emily resides at, Don appears with urgent news.

Side Mission: The First Herd

"I was out scouting for provisions and I spotted a herd of walkers coming this way! We need to put them down now!"

The hero is sent out to take care of several of the undead while the rest stay behind and defend the camp. After dispersing the forming herd, the hero meets up with Emily back at the schoolyard.

Emily's Pond

"I've been isolated all this time in my cabin, then these dudes camped next down by the pond over there... They sound like the hunters you were talking about."

The hero follows Emily to the groups campsite and find it deserted, dead deer carcasses and impaled walker heads around the camp. Emily notes that it appears the group has been gone a few days. Leaving some ammo and food. She then spots someone off in the distance; Trucker.

The two hurry through the camp and find Trucker tied up. They untie him and Trucker reveals that some "dudes" tied him up and left him to get gnawed to death.

Just then, some walkers, hearing the trio, appear and begin shuffling there way towards the three. Emily stops the hero from attacking them and says, "Stand back, I got these."

After killing a few walkers, leaving the slower ones, Emily approaches Trucker and asks if he is missing a hat by any chance. Trucker tells her he is in fact and that when he got ambushed they took his lucky hat, he thanks her and the trio leave back to camp.

Emily tells Trucker, "Your luck ain't over yet, honey."

Back at the camp, Emily explains to the hero how that she used to live out near the pond even before the outbreak. Adding that she "sort of" just went off-grid for a year or so to meditate and study martial arts. She points out a cabin in the distance and says that that is where she used to live until a few months ago when rotting dead people began walking onto her land.

She says that when she went for the police she discovered what happened to the rest of the world but she couldn't have been readier for the "End Times".

Upon talking with Emily, Don claims that he and Emily are alike. He compares them as "Cold pebbles of black ice hiding a fire someone like you has never experienced." He continues, "We can smell our own. Hunters of experience."

The hero gives him a look and Don is offended, he tells the hero to get out of his face with that look.

Upon approaching Trucker, he exclaims, "Whoa, Emily reminds of me of that badass chick in T2, doing pull-ups' and whatnot." He asks if the hero saw her in the junkyard with her hatchet and that he couldn't see what she was holding except for walker parts flying everywhere. He wonders if she could teach him how to use a hatchet like that.

Max is impressed by her fighting skills and asks the player if they know what he wanted to yell; "NICE AXE!" The player thinks otherwise of the joke and Max laughs it off, saying she probably would have chopped off his head for that.

The hero heads off into the woods and comes across Adam who is devising a plan to get back at who kidnapped Trucker and led the walkers to Camp Nathan.

Side Mission: Debrief Trucker

"Talk to Trucker about what happened. We need to get as much information as we can while it's still fresh in his memory."

The hero goes off back to camp to fulfill this task and, upon talking with Trucker discovers that the people who kidnapped him talked about controlling walkers and rebuilding society with them.

"Those guys are CRAZY. They tied me up, talking the whole time about controlling walkers and rebuilding society with them. I was really, really scared.", he exclaims. Don on the other hand says that he does not know a thing about Harlan but that he sounds like a real psycho.

Emily briefly stops the hero and discusses about better fortifying the camp.

Side Mission: Fortify The Camp

"I need you to find me more scrap and supplies to keep my hiding spots freshly stocked."

The hero manages up some goods that could help protect the camp and better stock Emily's hiding spots for emergencies. Emily thanks the hero.

Later, Trucker points out a dead deer just out of camp.

Fresh Meat

"Is that... a dead deer on the ground there? What the hell is going on here?!!"

Trucker, followed by the hero, go and investigate the contraption the deer is on. As they investigate it, they find that the deer is still fresh, still bleeding. They soon realize that it is a trap and walkers, attracted by the fresh kill, are swarming the area.

Trucker hollers at the hero as more converge on their location. They escape through the brush and quickly hurry back to camp.

Trucker tells the hero that he owes the hero twice now for saving his life again.

At the camp, the hero talks with several members of the group about the contraption that was set up.

Adam ponders about the deer and then becomes distant, still holding onto the memory of Kasumi. He tells the hero that he just doesn't care about anything anymore. He corrects himself and says that he is actually hungry from all the crying and asks what's for dinner.

Emily finds it weird that a fresh deer would be left out like that.

Don, who initially denied knowing Harlan, admits the truth and tells the player that he's seen Harlan do this before with dogs and goats. He theorizes that something in the living blood calls walkers like a flare and that they are so focused on it you can almost steer' em some. "Harlan called it, "pit bull magic", he says.

When asked about an arm that was seen by Emily at the camp, she tells the hero that she doesn't know and that it may have been a man's.

Max informs the hero that seeing the arm freaked out Emily a bit and he explains that she is used to walkers but seeing fresh blood that isn't hers still gets to her. The hero tells him to comfort her and he says that she wanted to be alone so he is leaving her be. He adds that she'll come to him when she is ready.

The hero admits to him that he is creepy and Max tells the hero off. "I'm creepy? You're the creepy one, asking questions nonstop."

The hero goes out to find Trucker and spots him out by Emily's old cabin, spying at the camp.

Side Mission: The Rope Frays

"You see that? You see Don and Adam walking all gingerly. I think they got bit. They got bit and they're gonna turn and kill us!"

The hero thinks about the accusation and returns to camp to look into it.

The hero goes and talks to Emily about the two being bit and she is disgusted at the accusation. She says that if they were bitten, then they'd be sick first.

The hero asks Adam if he was bitten and he replies, "Man, you know me. If I was bitten I'd take myself out, right here, right now. Think I'd just dump that responsibility in y'all's lap? I'm a man!" Don is more hostile toward the question and replies, "I wasn't bit! Don't spread lies. You don't believe me? You want to see!?!" He raises up his shirt and asks, "Where! Where was I bitten. Nowhere!"

Later, as the tension between the group settles down, Don approaches the whole group and makes an annoucement.

The Man Called Harlan

"We need non-perishable provisions just in case, folks... and I saw a peanut butter delivery truck about a mile down the road. Cover me while I fill up my sack with jars?"

The hero volunteers to go with him and the two go to the truck to stock up on essentials.

The two follow the road and take out a few walkers along the way. As they are collecting peanut butter, Don reveals, "I was with Harlan's camp for a couple months. He's a scary dude, but interesting." He explains how he would "train" walkers and soon a few stragglers appear as the two discuss Harlan's acts.

After the two take out the remaining undead stragglers, Don continues, "Truth be told I'm real afraid, man... I think Harlan's gonna come looking for me... He said as much, when we all took our blood oath in camp..."

At the camp, Don asks the hero a favor, "Don't let him get me... I'm begging you."

Max thanks Don for what he did and says that the clean water tastes great and the group can never have too much. "Don did us a solid today. Clean water's good. Can never have too much.", Max tells the hero. He tells the hero a fact that a human can live 7 days without food but only three without water. The hero comments saying that they already know and Max proclaims he already knew it too, obviously. He tells the hero to go bother someone else and leaves the hero.

Emily tells the hero that she doesn't like the way Don keeps looking at her and asks if she should teach him a lesson. The hero tells her that he is just odd and she replies that he us just a scared little puppy dog who can't even hold her gaze.

The hero asks her if she knows anymore about Harlan and she says she does not.

She comments about the group, "I feel like everyone here is looking for love. I'm not; I want peace and quiet."

Trucker comments on Don's appearance and attitude and asks the hero if he seems kind of broken. He says that he's alright now but you can tell something bad happened to him once upon a time. Something that never left him quite the same.

Don approaches the hero.

Side Mission: The Last Water Park

"I'll help you guys set up some traps for anyone that tries to sneak in and hurt us. Just get me some scrap metal and gasoline."

The hero gladly goes to collect gas and other scrap that is needed. Soon, after collecting the materials needed, the hero meets Don out in the woods near some church grounds.

Tracking Adam

"Everybody, Adam's not in camp! I ain't seen him last night, and there's a set of footprints out towards the old church. I could use the backup if you wanna come with."

The hero goes with Don to the old church and soon arrive at the destination. Don comments about not being very religious before going in but doesn't see the harm in praying under the circumstances.

They find Adam praying inside. He says, "Oh hey, you came after me. I... needed to do something for Kasumi, a... a memorial. Not that we even have her body..."

Don rouses Adam and tells him to get up and that it is not safe out to be by himself. As he says this, several biters from inside the church begin to shift towards the trio.

The trio fight back the undead biters.

The fight is short and swift and initially all is well. Just then, Adam reveals that one of the walkers was able to scratch him. He looks at Don and the hero and asks if it means that he is infected? The trio quickly head back to camp to nurse Adam's wound.

Emily finds it sweet and stupid what Adam did and says he was lucky he wasn't bitten.

The hero tells her he was scratched and she begins to get worried, "It's over for him; we have to tie him up the minute he gets sick or we're all in danger!"

The hero tells her that the wound is nothing serious and she replies that she is glad to hear that.

Trucker is upset with Adam risking his life. The hero tells him that he was scratched and Ed begins to worry about him. "I've known Adam and Kasumi 'about as long as I have you. Remember that.", Trucker reminds the hero. Adam apologizes for the ceremony and says that he had to do it, for Kasumi. "I know it was stupid, but I had to do that ceremony. I had to do it for her.", he admits. He comments that now he is gonna die but says, "I promise I'll help you guys as much as I can before I get sick. And then I'm trusting you to put me down, quick."

Max motions to the hero and begins to discuss Adam's predicament.

Side Mission: The Autumn of Adam

"Damn it, I hate this. Knowing there is nothing we can do. We just sit here and watch him die, or..."

The hero goes to console Emily, who says, "Oh God. I wish there was something I could have done. The waiting is the worst part. I can't imagine what he's going through right now."

Trucker discusses with the hero about what to do with Adam and volunteers to put him down when he turns.

The hero approaches a panicked Adam who begs the hero for help, wanting to live but not wanting to become one of those "monsters". He trusts the hero with putting him down if he turns. "Gah! I can't believe it. What the hell am I supposed to do. I don't want to die, but I don't want to be one of those monsters! Promise me, you won't let me be one of them!", he says.

Later, Max and the hero talk about Don. Max discusses how he is grateful to Don for the water, but that it doesn't make him the leader. He then questions the hero why he is doing all of his errands it seems. He comments that everyone's got worth in the group, but it doesn't happen in one mission. He then says, "Maybe once he saves my life. Then I'll trust him." He proclaims that he is an Afghanistan vet and that the brotherhood must be earned.

Trucker motions to the hero and the player goes over to talk with him

Side Mission: Trucker's Revenge

"I'm going to kill them all. I'm gonna kill every walker, and then I'm going to kill Harlan. And then I'm gonna let him turn, so I can kill him again."

The hero goes out and kills a few walkers as revenge for Adam's infection and taking out some steam as all this began when Harlan came.

While returning to camp, the hero runs into Trucker on the School Campus who is croutched down against the walls.

Life On The Run

"Hey. Shh... Don't get up. Look over there, in the trees. They're still out there... watching us. Thinking they can scare us..."

Trucker then goes off into the woods and the hero loses him. He later re-encounters him again further in the woods surrounded by walkers. The hero helps kill them and Trucker gives thanks for the assistance, but has already made up his mind on what to do.

Trucker then vanishes into the wood as the hero calls out to him. The hero is forced back to the camp as walkers approach the area.

The hero informs Max that Trucker left the group and went into the woods. Max is furious and storms off looking for Trucker.

Emily talks to the hero about Trucker and says that he is going to attract every walker in the area with his screaming. The hero is upset about this and gets onto Emily about her comment. She then in turn remarks back, "Having a difficult time dealing with your emotions in this scenario? I'm SO sorry! SO SO SORRY that YOU had to learn THIS WAY that the UNIVERSE doesn't revolve around YOU... Uncchh. I have no patience for idiots." She says as she storms away.

Adam feels that Trucker is in serious trouble and that he was screaming and threw one of his boots at him. The hero asks if he told Trucker that he has an infection and replies no, he then asks if why there is two of you. The hero goes out and leaves the camp to go find Max.

Meanwhile, outside the fence, Harlan lurks.

The hero searches the forest and, instead of finding Max, the hero stumbles upon a returning Trucker.

Side Mission: No Tears Left

"I raged out pretty hard. I think I freaked that Emily girl out. She's a stone cold walker killer, but I guess everyone has their limit."

The hero returns to the camp to calm Emily down for Ed. She worries, "Trucker is losing it. I'm afraid he's gonna snap. What if he snaps on one of us?" The hero manages to persuade her that he will not and he is now better. Later, as the hero is scavenging the surrounding area, the player comes across Don in a nearby neighborhood who appears to be pondering something.

Side Mission: Amputation Station

"This is gonna sound crazy, but hear me out: if we amputate the limb that was bitten fast enough, we might be able to stop the spread of the infection."

The hero likens to this idea and agrees with Don to try it out. After gathering medical supplies needed for the operation, the hero returns to camp.

As the hero arrives at the schoolyard camp, Harlan awaits for the hero.

Invitation to The Living

"Good morning, sunshine. Your group is down two members. Trucker and Don re-joined The Living late last night."

The hero questions him what he means by "The Living" and Harlan proudly proclaims, "That's the name of our group, 'The Living'. We're committed to rebuilding the human race in a new form. Returning to primitive ways so this zombie disaster won't repeat itself again."

He then says, "First things first is safety: building communities in tribes, like our ancestors did. From there, once we can protect ourselves and each other... We've got to rebuild the human population, raise a next generation... Otherwise there's gonna be nothing but a planet full of hungry walkers in a generation."

He continues, "We've been learning how to function out here. We've been watching your group handle whatever we've thrown at you... and we thinking you'd be an excellent addition to our community."

And just as it started, it ended. Harlan leaves through the forest and is not seen again.

Don returns to the group on his own. He explains that The Living made perfect since when they found him and that it wasn't till he got closer to Harlan and he showed him some of his magic that he started bugging out. It made him realize that he was the only sane one there. And that he has to stay with the group so he can pass it along to other groups to warn them of "The Living".

Emily comments on the offer to join, "Organizations, no thank you." She explains that her road is an inner road and that she is only in the group for a little safety and rest. "'The Living' sounds almost religious... Not really my style.", she adds. The hero mentions the offer from Harlan about free food and that gets her attention.

Adam, weak from the infection, tries to tell the hero that Harlan was here and that he tried to stop him. but he couldn't. He couldn't pull the trigger cause his fingers were so weak.

After finding out about Harlan's arrival, Max freaks out and is held back by the hero from going after him. "Harlan has to die! He has to DIE FOR NATHAN!". He begins to threaten the hero, yelling, "Soldier, take your hands off me now or face the consequences!" Max soon manages to get free and goes into the woods to find the man responsible for his friend's death.

The hero goes out on another attempt to find Max and succeeds. The hero approaches Max at his small scouting place and the two talk about Harlan.

Side Mission: No Way to Live

"I don't think we can just go on sneaking past walkers when we see them. Harlan's groups using them against us, and others will, too."

The hero goes out and kills a good amount of walkers in the area as so Harlan and his groups can't use them against their group. The hero then returns to Max back at his outpost.

Side Mission: Max Carnage

Max, expecting the hero's return, notifies, "We can't leave any walkers around. We need to kill them all. Gather up some ammo and then get started."

The hero, once again goes out to carry on the orders and begins scavenging for ammo while taking out the wandering, hungry dead.

Eventually, enough ammo is collected and the walkers begin to decrease in number, the hero soon returns back to the group's newly established safe-zone.

Later at the camp, a female figure arrives in need of help.

Rescue Michonne

The hero cautiously approaches the woman who quickly pulls a gun on the hero.

"Don't come any closer... Sorry, you seem ok. I got separated from my friend Michonne by a herd of walkers... Do you think you can help me find her?"

The hero agrees to helping her and the two leave to go find her lost friend.

They check the nearby areas in the woods and only find walkers. The duo takes out the frisky ones and continue on with the search.

Andrea comments on how much blood there is and theorizes she cant be far.

They soon find her near a cabin and rescue her. "I'm fine" the injured woman says. Andrea is glad to see her friend safe, "Michonne! Oh thank god, I thought you may have been bitten."

She turns to the hero and asks, "We've been out on our own for a while and we're out of medical supplies... Do you think you could scavenge for some so I can dress her wounds?"

The hero complies and collects scavenged medical supplies to treat Michonne, Andrea and the hero then bring her back to camp to treat her better.

Soon, little by little, Michonne gathers her strength and the female duo soon depart.

"Thank you so much for your help. I hope we see each other again out here." Andrea tells the player before heading off.

Emily is there with the hero as the two head off and comments, "Those two? I like their style. Most women haven't figured it out; all those society rules are OFF now. We can do anything be anyone. You GO GIRLS! Do Emily proud!"

Much after the departure of the women duo, the hero tries to tend to Adam, but he denies any of the food, saying that he isn't hungry anymore. The hero asks if he has a fever and Adam replies that he does, a "cold, cold fever". He soon worsens after this and begins coughing up blood, the hero goes to leave him be, unable to do anything to better treat him.

Max gives the hero praise for collecting bandages and sutures for the group and says that they will come in handy one day.

He stops the player and says, "I'm proud of you, you know. Your efforts for the group." He then asks the hero if they've ever considered Military service before the outbreak. The hero chuckles at this and leaves Max confused.

Don asks if Andrea and Michonne were, "close friends" believing they may be lesbian. "Andrea and Michonne... are those gals, y'know... "close friends"...?", he asks. He says that he hasn't known a woman's company in a while and figures his type doesn't fit theirs. He adds that he doesn't really think about being with a woman that much anymore. "Being amongst "The Living" helped me focus my energies tighter."

Trucker gets the hero's attention and pulls him to the side.

Side Mission: Scrap Hound

"It sounds like we're starting to come up with a halfway decent survival plan for once. We should get some supplies for setting up our defenses.", Trucker tells the hero.

The hero returns to Trucker with supplies to prepare and set up the camp's defenses and Trucker thanks the hero. He then comments how watching Emily is like watching ballet. He gaws and says that he may be smitten on her.

"Watching that ninja lady take out walkers is like, amazing. Better'n any movie I ever seen. She fights like, ballet almost. Ooooo wheee, listen to me, heheh. I do believe I am smitten. I am smitten and terrified by that woman.", he says.

Max gathers the hero and brings him where an incoming herd is forming.

Side Mission: Walker Blitz

"Here they come! Take ' em out!"

The hero and Max take out a great deal of the undead horde and return back to camp to check up on the others.

The others are ok and soon the hero goes about the normal routine.

One day, the hero finds Emily back by the train station not far from the camp searching for something, or someone.

Side Mission: Adam's Eve

"Adam doesn't have much time left. He said he wants to talk to you." she explains to the hero.

The hero hurries back to their dying friend and rushes to his side. Adam, much worse than before, the infection having taken its toll, looks up at the hero and begins to say, " I used to say, you only live once, but I guess that isn't really true anymore, is it?" Adam has his final moments with the hero and the hero leaves the tent he is staying in.

The hero wanders off from Adam and goes out into the woods, looking for something to do to keep their mind off the inevitable.

Soon then Trucker rushes towards the hero and gives a warning.

Take Back Camp

"Andrea and Michonne are taking off, but they wanted to tell you they spotted a big herd of walkers coming this way. Be best make ourselves scarce."

The hero gathers Max and the two quickly head out to once again try to disperse the herd

On the way to clear an escape path and to kill the herd Max comments, "I wonder... is Harlan sending the herd toward us. Pushing us into joining The Living?"

The duo kill off the walkers and instruct everyone into the school

After a moment, the two go out to check up on the camp and kill off the remaining undead.

Once done with this Max tells the hero, "Well done. This area's clear of walkers. Now we've just got to watch for Harlan's men."

Later, after returning from the schoolyard overrun. Max approaches the hero and gives them the bad news. "Adam is delirious from fever. He's going to die soon and turn. We've got to do what's needed. I'll take care of it myself."

Days past and Adam has been put to rest. The camp gloomy after a death in their close knit family

Max tells the hero that he and Trucker are ready for whatever comes, gear-wise. He adds with Don on hand, he is confident they can take care of any threat in the future.

He then asks if Andrea said, "long oncoming herd" and excuses himself to recount the ammo

Don appears suited and up to task as he tells the hero that after the herd invasion he seems like he is ready for anything.

The hero asks about the strangers outside the camp and Don says that he hasn't seen them yet. He take a quick glance and spots the new survivors outside the camp. He tells the hero that he's never seen them before. The hero asks if he has seen them in The Living and Don reassures the player that he hasn't seen them there either.

The hero goes to meet with the survivors and one of them quickly greets them. She says, "Ohmigosh, I am SO HAPPY to meet you out here in the wasteland!"

She asks if they have been here long and the hero tells her that most of them are from Atlanta. She apologizes for what they must have experienced and the hero blows it off. The hero asks if she is from around these parts and she says that she is actually from Macon. She says that she saw television footage of Atlanta being bombed before the TV's went out.

She says that since these awful, terrible things are walking the earth, it must be almost time for Jesus to clean up the earth once and for all.

Emily tells the hero.

Side Mission: Adam's Gone

"I can't believe he's gone. I can still see his smiling face when he laughed. See how everyone else is holding up."

The hero talks to Trucker about Adam's death and he recounts, "Everytime I smash in the skull of somebody I knew, I feel it a little less. I don't want to become a monster myself to avoid turning into one."

Max is more vengeful for Adam's death and proclaims that first the group mourns, then they need to kill Harlan and everyone in his group.

Max then grabs the hero and tells them.

Side Mission: Trust Gap

"We have to be careful with new people. We never know if they are here to help us, steal from us, or even kill us. Go see what you can find out."

Nora tells the hero that they are sorry for taking their stuff as they thought that the group had moved on, she says that it was nothing personal.

Megan thanks the hero for not killing them when they got caught taking their stuff. She says that they've had a rough go lately.

The hero passes Emily and asks her what she thinks of mostly staying at the camp instead of traveling to other spots. She likens this idea and that she mostly likes this because now she can read her books more.

Nora approaches the hero and timidly tells the player of a well stocked pharmacy.

New Faces In Camp

"You know we passed a still-stocked old pharmacy a ways back. I can show you where it is if you help me carry some antibiotics back here. We'll split 50/50 between our groups!"

The hero likens this idea and the two head out to the pharmacy.

They sneak their way inside and begin to gather some supplies when a noise is heard. The hero quiets Nora and tells her that walkers may be near.

Soon enough, several walkers stumble out into the shop The hero tells Nora to grab what they came for and split.

They grab the last of the antibiotics and medical gear and quickly split and head back to camp as more zombies begin to storm in.

As the two approach the camp Nora tells the hero, "I'm so glad you didn't try anything creepy with me... I would've had to kill you. I think we can trust your group now. Can we stay the night here?"

The hero gives Nora and her group permission to stay.

An old man appears at the camp the next day, he greets the hero and introduces himself as Derrick.

The hero asks if he is from The Living and he says that he is from a different settlement. He tells the hero that it is on the other side of the rail yard. When asked what the name of the settlement was he remarks that he doesn't remember.

"Hello there, I'm Derrick. Nice to meet you!"

Don tells the hero that the two ladies and Derrick are great people and nice folks.

The hero comments that the two women are not together, relationship wise, much to Don's surprise.

The hero comments that he is always presuming everyone is in a relationship and he reacts that he does not. The hero tells him that he does so and Don leaves the conversation declaring that the conversation is a bunch of "bull-dumplings"

The hero asks Emily if she likes the new survivors and she replies that she does not and that Megan has "crazy-lady eyes"

When asked if she means Nora she says no, the person with the husband/boyfriend person. The hero then asks if she means Megan and she responds, "Yes, MEGAN. Now SHE is crazy."

Trucker finds it strange that the new group members were at the camp as soon as the herd came by. The hero asks why he thinks that and he replies that he does not know and that maybe he is just going to dark places automatically now. He then says, "I feels sick about losing Adam like we did." He gives props to Max though for doing what needed to be done.

The hero goes out to look for Max and finds him outside of the church where Adam was found. The hero approaches the vengeful man and he turns around.

Side Mission: Bullets For Blood

"If these people are really with us, they'll help us kill Harlan."

He sends the hero off to go get more ammo for the possible battles they will face ahead.

The hero returns to the war ready Max who then gives the hero another mission to do to prepare the camp

Side Mission: Maximum Defense

"Let's get our defenses ready. I need you to collect some scrap and gasoline for me."

The hero goes out again to collect more materials to better defend the camp and finds most of what Max wanted. The hero soon returns to camp.

The hero talks with the new residence and learns from Nora that Derrick and Megan saved her life. She says, "I was surrounded by walkers and Derrick... ran them tem over with his SUV."

She goes on to say that the three of them have been traveling on foot ever since the car died.

The hero asks if her, Derrick, and or Megan are related and she says no and that she met outside of Macon

Megan is approached by the hero and gleefully exclaims,

The Family Dinner

"HELLO! We all wanted to say THANK YOU for your kindness by cooking up some genuine down-home for you! We were hoping you could gather up a few things to make it special."

Max talks to the hero about the importance of antibiotics and how they are keeping us connected to the world that was and that they can save lives now. He tells the player that Derrick, Megan, and Nora have earned his full trust now.

The hero tells Max that they are also going to cook for the group and Max is thrilled. He then leaves to go on watch duty.

Derrick and the hero go to collect some ingredients for the night's big meal. Megan gives them a list of things to get; dandelion greens, sweet potatoes, collard greens, and some apples. And the two men head out on their way

The two mean search around farms, homes, and grab what ever other food they can and soon head back so the new survivors can cook the much looked forward to meal.

Derrick offers to split some peaches with the hero and the thanks the old man.

Megan confronts the hero and tells them, "Nora said some nice things about you last night so I'm pleased as anything to make you some of my granny's recipes here, return some happiness to you!"

Max is found outside the gate, having enjoyed the meal and tells the hero to leave him alone and that he is in heaven and doesn't want your questions to spoil it.

Max compliments the food and says he's nearly forgot what good food tasted like and that it almost brought him back to his civilian life where Darlene would bake him some sweet potato pies while he worked at the Best Buy, further back to his nana's house where she make her "munchy-crunchy" brisket.

Nora warns the hero that there are some things that happened to Megan and Derrick that best be left alone. She says that maybe they'll talk about it someday, but maybe none of them will live that long.

"They're both really "up" because underneath they're both stuck in dark places." She then apologizes for wasting the hero's time and asks if they'd like seconds on some soup.

Emily comments on the food that it is good but "homegirl" is still crazy.

The hero tells her to stop being nasty about her and Emily remarks that she isn't being nasty, she is being honest and maybe even warning the hero. She comments that when she pops off, she is going to look at the hero and laugh and say, "I told you so, idiot."

"I'm not being nasty... I'm being honest. Maybe even WARNING YOU. And when she pops off, I'm gonna look at you, and I'm gonna laugh... and I'm gonna say: "I told you so, idiot." -Emily to the hero about Megan.

Don enjoyed the food and says it was "deeeeee-eeeee-eeeeee-eeee-licious."

He comments that what would go great now would be "One'o them lattes with the foamy top."

Trucker reveals that he now also trusts the new survivors.

"Yeah, I was so suspicious of those three. But the way to a man's heart's through his belly, ya hear me?"

He goes on to say that they are all going to die on day like animals so they might as well die well-fed.

He theorizes that if you die and change and you have a big belly that maybe you won't attack and eat as much folks

Derrick quickly alerts the hero of a dire situation.

Megan and The Walkers

"QUICK, QUICK, Megan saw a walker in the kitchen and bolted out into the woods alone! Can you and Nora go FIND HER??"

The hero rushes over and grabs a weapon as the two survivors hurry out to bring back their terrified friend

The two find her by a nearby pond and she exclaims that she told the walker to get out of her kitchen and that the "thing" reached out at her with it's broken fingers and it hissed at her but it was actually saying her name. And that when her name came out it sounded like a burp and t sounded like, "...MMMEEEEEHHHHHHH-GGAAAANNN..."

She then notices that she is bleeding and begins to panic, the two survivors ask her if she was bitten and she says she was not and that she just walked into a tree real hard and blacked out.

Megan is then helped up by Nora and the hero and she is then brought back to the camp.

Later... The hero approaches Derrick and he informs that she was not bitten and that the best thing to do would be to let her rest, he then thanks the hero for the help finding her.

Emily awaits for the hero outside in the camp. The hero approaches her and she responds, "I told you so, idiot."

She asks of she is ok at least and the hero responds that she is doing fine. Emily is relieved to hear this and that she did tell the hero that she was a crazy bitch.

Max later informs the hero that she is flipping out and beginning to have a nervous breakdown.

The hero replies that her behavior is putting them on edge and Max agrees and that her outbursts are like being on a plane with a crying baby. He becomes annoyed and says that how is he suppose to think when she is screaming that everyone is walkers. After a brief moment of thought, he recommends that the group tie her up and gag her until sunrise.

Don also complains about the noise she is making and points out that that's what is wrong with being soft out here.

The hero asks what does that all entail and he explains that being soft in the head means "you're soft in the head, something bops and then you're broke. Just broke."

He includes that if she keeps screaming that everyone in the camp are walkers, she'll be right because the walkers are gonna follow her noise to camp.

Trucker regrets trusting Megan and calls her cray-cray, he tells the hero that she looked at him and said that he was already dead and that he was a walker.

The hero approaches Derrick and asks about Megan. He says that she called him a walker for the first time the other day and that he thought she was just being funny until he couldn't get her to calm down. The hero goes to go talk to Megan and he stops the player, saying that she is resting and that she needs it.

The hero tells him that they are just going to check up on her and he says that she really needs her rest.

The hero ignores his plea and goes to check up on Megan. She is well and says that Derrick gave her a chill pill and that it is working pretty well.

The hero asks if she sees anybody as walkers and she replies that she does, all the time. The hero then asks if she sees them as a walker and she confusedly replies that the hero isn't one right now?

Megan asks the hero if she can tell them a secret and the hero abliges, she then tells the hero, "The secret is: we're all walkers. We're all already dead!"

The hero leaves the broken down Megan alone and goes to see Nora.

The Human Town

"There is a human town a few hours' like from here. No, a real LIVING town. Not The Living, it's a different scene altogether."

The hero decides to go along with her to try and find anything to chill out Megan.

The hero asks Nora if she has ever been inside and she replies that she has only seen it from a distance.

"But my friend Nancy when she was still alive stayed there for a little while and she said it's like walkers never happened inside.", she adds. She says that the group should all be safe there.

As the two travel through the woods they are met with several roamers. The undead put up a fight but they are taken down.

Nora then realizes that they are heading the wrong direction and they turn around to head back.

They then come face to face with Harlan.

He greets the pair and asks if he can walk with them for awhile. He then tells them that the place they are heading to is a place called Woodbury and that are they sure they want to go there as it is very dangerous.

The two blow Harlan off and leave him behind as they keep heading towards Woodbury.

The two fight off the surrounding dead near the gate and once again meet Harlan, who is waiting for them at the gate.

He comments how impressive the two have been coming to Woodbury and the two survivors turn around and begin heading back to camp as Harlan continues to stalk them. Harlan joins the two as they try to avoid him and joins their "walk" back to camp.

Once at the camp he comments that now they are back, what their next plan might be.

Harlan waits outside of the camp while the hero talks with the group about Woodbury.

Trucker is happy to hear about a place where humans live and steak can be served while watching a Steven Segal move and no dead to fight.

Max tells the hero that he is excited about the news but is cautious. He claims that they know nothing about the group, who's there and what kind of resources they have to spare. He warns that their arrival could end up starting a scarcity situation the minute they arrival.

Nora tells the hero that she heard that the human town has hot water and showers. She mentions that she give anything for a shower or a bubble bath. She then mentions that she has contemplated suicide

Emily says that the whole thing seems fishy. She then reminds the hero sarcastically that she was "wrong" about Megan.

"Oh, and I was WRONG about Megan, wasn't I?", she sneers.

The hero asks what is wrong with the camp they are staying in now and she replies that it is nothing wrong with the camp, just that it is not well fortified.

She becomes upset and angrily states that everyone in the camp is "so GOD DAMN emotional".

When talking with Don he mentions that he heard a while back that Harlan lived there once upon a time.

He mispronounces the name as "Wood-Berry" and explains that the town is preserving humanity like things were before.

He also mentions that Harlan took the opposition to that and stated that the old ways didn't apply anymore and couldn't. He admits that he always thought he was right until he started going crazy. He hopes that he isn't here for him and that the two haven't spoken since his arrival. He mentions that he keeps looking at him and smiling.

The hero later returns to Don and asks if Harlan is in fact after him and he reveals that he talked with Harlan and that the two of them are now cool and that he isn't after him. The hero looks at Don not believing the story and Don asks why the face.

Derrick feels that the group shouldn't go near Woodbury on account that those who go there never come back

The hero asks if he has ever been and Derrick replies that he has not. He then excuses himself to go check up on his significant other, Megan.

The hero approaches the waiting Harlan and admits that they have no plan for Woodbury.

Woodbury Gate

"You don't have a plan, do you? You thought they'd just, what... open up and bring you home? You'll be eating their supplies, fool!"

The hero and Harlan go meet up near the Woodbury gate and hide so the patrolling men do not see them. Their efforts fail quickly and are spotted by the guards, the two are chased after and eventually escape through the forest.

Harlan reveals that he has been shot in the leg and begs not to be left out to die.

The hero regretfully decides not to leave the wounded man and defends him from the biters attracted by the smell of his blood.

As the hero protects Harlan, he begins to lose a lot of blood.

The hero manages to clear a path and drags the wounded man to safety back at the camp.

Just outside of the camp, the hero patches up Harlan and he thanks the hero for rescuing him and mentions that he never thought the hero would actually save him. Harlan then leaves the camp to return to his legion of followers.

Back at camp, Trucker is furious after the group was attacked by Woodbury. He mentions that they killed three of their own and that they only wanted a place to live.

Trucker swears revenge against Woodbury and for those who killed the three survivors; Don, Derrick, and Megan

"Ol'Don was crazy but he didn't deserve gettin' took out like a deer.", he cries.

Emily is deeply upset about the attack and refuses to acknowledge what happened. She then tearfully says, "They're all dead... Puppydog Don and Crazy Eyes Lady and her husband/boyfriend... omigodomnigod their brains were everywhere..."

She mentions to the player that she feels like she needs to kill something now and excuses herself to grab her trusty axe.

Nora is in shock and tells the hero that she can't believe what just happened. She says that the assailants just blew Derricks head off and now that's all she sees when she closes her eyes. She reminisces that he had such beautiful hair.

The hero goes out and searches for Harlan who is not far from the camp.

The hero catches up to the man and explains the group's predicament. Harlan turns and replies.

Side Mission: Murderer's Row

"You're a rational person, so you should be able to see I'm no lunatic. Surely you can see the logic behind my actions...?", he comments.

The hero returns to the camp to talk about getting help from Harlan and Emily refuses his help stating that the man is liar and a murderer.

"I don't trust a word out of that guy's mouth. He's a liar and a murderer." she says.

Nora asks the player why does she care and that everyone she knows is dead now, her pop-pop, her grammy, her friends. She's seen them all get torn apart and she has nothing left now.

After hearing the two women's opinion the hero sets off to find Max whom is located near the Woodbury area.

Side Mission: End of Line

"You can't honestly believe the lies Harlan is selling us? He's been trying to KILL us the whole time. He's still trying, you can count on it."

The hero is sent out to kill several walkers to better view the area of any possible threat

At camp Max notifies the hero that he shot one of the guards at the gate. The hero asks why does that matter and Max replies that now they have "one less to shoot at us".

Max becomes frustrated with the hero and asks aloud what he would give to have a platoon of jarheads with him who don't go "WAH-WAH-WAH" every time a situation presents itself.

The hero comments that Max has no patience and Max responds by saying that even a trained leader has limits to his patience.

The hero leaves Max and is intercepted by Harlan who goes to the camp along with the hero.

Harlan and The Living

Back at camp, Harlan begins to talk about his group and the town of Woodbury.

"We're the same. Living flesh and blood. The man in that town back there--."

Harlan begins as he gives a speech about the man running the "Human Town" of Woodbury,

"That man back there calling himself The Governor? He's trying to rebuild human civilization within his walks, save some of the past from being lost. I applaud that. But the past don't work now. The world of Man's changed, and what remains of society needs to adapt to that. We can survive like cockroaches or live like men. Otherwise, what's good about our species... it's already extinct. What The Living are doing is more primal, purely alive. To me, reverting to a pre-industrial way of life is key to man's future."

As he gives the speech, a massive group of walkers invade the camp and Harlan cowardly hides as the group fends off the hungry biters

After the biters are taken care of, Harlan coolly says that he is fine now from his injury at the hands of Woodbury and the bullet went through and missed the bone. He tells the group that they are doing a good job and are very promising, he decides that he is going to rest at the camp for a while more.

Max is stopped by the hero from approaching Harlan and Max begs the hero to let him kill Harlan. The hero tries to sway Max by explaining that he isn't a bad guy and Max understands. He then pleads for the hero to let him kill Harlan and explains he'll do it quick with a knife for Nathan.

Nora says she is ready to join anybody if they'll take her, The Living or Woodbury. She explains that she is tired of running and losing people over and over again. She decides that she will join The Living.

Emily approaches the hero.

Side Mission: Who Is Harlan Now?

"That Harlan tells a hell of a story. I'm not sure what I think now."

The hero asks Max why the group has been acting so strange and he thinks that it is because the group has acted along a moral trajectory, he then says that he has no regrets.

Emily feels like everything now just seems to be worse, living next to a psycho town, facing walkers, and dealing with people they don't know. She tells the hero the main course of action is to better fortify the camp so their lives aren't in the hands of others.

Harlan rests in the camp and begins talking with the hero about who The Governor is and explains that he is a charming fellow but his ideals are flawed and that the society needs to be leaner and meaner in order to survive.

Max gives the hero a mission and coldly explains.

Side Mission: Refurbish the Defenses

"Harlan is going to help us set up some defenses. He knows what he's doing when it comes to traps."

The hero is then sent out to collect gas and scrap for Harlan and the group.

Upon returning Andrea and Michonne are discovered at camp.

Running In Circles

"Damnit Michonne! I told you we were going in circles!", Andrea reacts as they come upon the camp again.

Andrea reveals that she has twisted her ankle doing something that she does not reveal and asks for surgical tape. The hero gives her the tape and helps apply it, the hero asks what happened and she painfully explains that they have been running from a massive herd. Michonne adds that they don't know if it is the same one from earlier or not but it keep growing. Andrea explains to the hero that they need to gather the group now and leave now before the massive herd approaches. Michonne describes it as the biggest herd she's ever seen.

Andrea shortly heals and becomes better and again and bids farewell again and advices the group leave also.

Emily is frightened by the thought of the herd and can only imagine the size of it. She looks at the hero funny and says, "You people don't listen so well." and urges that the camp be moved or abandoned.

Nora is annoyed by the return of Andrea and Michonne and questions, "These two show up again and now we're back to pharmacy runs instead of getting someplace safe?"

She wanders if nobody in the camp uses there ears well anymore. She tells the hero that she's had it and won't wait for the herd to arrive before storming off.

Harlan stares off and tells the hero that the two ladies that just left don't like him and he doesn't like them either. He claims that they've been in the wild too long and it's made their hearts cold. He tells the hero to be a part of The Living means to never lose that "human heat".

He asks the hero if he knows what he means and chuckles that of course they do.

The hero leaves to go find Max who is camped out far from the camp near a small stream.

Side Mission: Too Noisy for Walkers

"Walkers from around the whole area must have heard us fighting. We better get them before they get us."

The hero is sent out to lessen the walkers in the area around the camp and soon returns back to Max who has a message to deliver.

Side Mission: The Herd Is Still Coming

"Michonne said she needs to talk to you.", Trucker tells the hero.

The hero travels out to a local school football field and finds Michonne waiting by the chain link fence. She warns that the herd is closing in and to be ready when they come. She then quickly leaves to avoid the massive herd heading thier way.

The hero rushes back to camp and meets with Trucker who spots the herd in the horizon.

The Giant Herd

"Oh... damn"

A portion of the herd swarms the camp and many of the survivors rush to safety. Truck and the hero try their best to hold the herd back.

Trucker becomes surrounded with no where to go and hollers at the hero for help. The hero does their best to get to Trucker and makes it to him, saving his life. Trucker rushes back with the other survivors to safety. The hero follows them shortly and runs into a new face protecting the group members.

The Apocalypse Policeman

"Everybody ok? Nobody got bit or anything? Good. The name's Sky. I'm here to help.", the man says.

The herd is put to rest and many stragglers leave the area. Trucker expresses relieve to the newcomer, "JEEEEEZUS... Michonne wasn't kidding. Boy am I happy to see you... What's your name?"

Harlan brags about witnessing the herd and says that it was the biggest he's ever seen before. He adds, "This Sky fellow... such perfect timing to save us. You almost think... but NO. All Living men should be on the same side."

Max comments on the herd and says that he has never seen so many together before, even when Atlanta fell. He tells the hero that he is tired but wants to go shake Sky's hand for helping clear the herd and saving the group.

"It's comforting to fight next with a fellow soldier n combat."

Emily comments on how she thought she was done for when a fat walker grabbed her until "Mister Policeman" stuck the walker in the head with a claw hammer.

She comments how you can just tell he is a policeman and she trusts him for saving her life.

"Anyhow, that dude I trust. He saved my life, didn't have to do anything."

Trucker comments how Michonne, or the "death-angel" says that a big herd is coming and he doubted her words because he didn't trust her cause she didn't talk much. He comments that next time she comes by he is gone.

Sky explains that he's been wandering on his own for awhile and avoiding groups. The hero grabs some food and drinks for the newcomer as he tells his story.

Sky explains that it seems everyone's gone crazy by now and that is why he tends to avoid groups. He wanders if that is a symptom for the virus, going crazy, but rejects the idea saying he doesn't know and he is no scientist.

The hero asks why he stopped by the camp and the policeman explains that he's been watching the group and that the people seemed nice enough. He also admits that he didn't know how long he could go without a decent meal.

The man finishes the story and the meal and thanks the hero for the food.

"Much obliged for the meal. I want to hear more about your fellas' situation.", he says.

The hero tells Sky of the recent events the groups been facing and Sky asks to join the group in order to help them. "Sounds like you need some extra guns, am I right?"

Trucker talks with the hero about Sky and says that he figured Sky was a cop because he has those "cop eyes". And that, "He seems alright though, all-around good dude."

Emily later confronts the hero about Sky thinking that no one in the group trusting him. She develops a crush over the man but tells the hero to forget she said anything about that. She then asks why "that jarhead guy" Max keeps looking at her strange and if the hero knows anything about it.

Unable to keep a secret, the hero tells her that Max has a crush on her and she is disgusted, saying, "You mean he LIKED ME like me? And he told you? Ewwww, for how long?"

The hero and Emily finish talking about Max's crush secret and the hero leaves the blown away Emily.

Harlan says that Sky looks familiar and states that he may have known him when he was a child.

He states that he looks like a guy he knew who ran a tractor in Woodbury long ago but puts the thought to rest as he states the man's name was Saul and he couldn't shoot or fight like Sky did fighting the herd with the group.

"Who are you, mysterious Sky?", he says to himself.

Nora is worried about Sky and says that he is pretty cool, almost fake cool like an actor.

Sky then approaches the hero and asks the player for help

Side Mission: The Last Sherriff

"Look, I used up most of my ammo in that battle. I need you to find me some more. This has to be done."

The hero collects scavenged ammo for the newcomer and returns to the former policeman. He reveals to the hero that he has a bag of weapons with him that he has collected from his travels and says that if the hero needs a weapon to feel free to ask.

Max confronts the hero on a private matter.

Safety in Numbers

"Hey. Let's go into the woods and look for... something. You got time? Cool."

The hero sets off with Max to find something he spotted earlier. The two stop along a road and Max reveals that he wasn't looking for anything and just wanted to talk about Sky. He admits that since his arrival things have been becoming tense.

The hero asks what he is talking about and Max refutes that he feels that everyone thinks Sky is the hero all of a sudden and that he and Emily are now hanging around each other all the time. He asks what about him and his military training. He reveals that he has ill feelings for the man and is cut off as roamers begin coming out of the woodwork.

The men take care of the ferocious undead and rest. Max then states, "I think it's too dangerous, the way we've been living, traveling, losing members. A bigger group would make it so much easier to protect each other. And bigger groups mean OTHER SKYs."

The duo spot a abandoned, torn tent and head over to scavenge. The two end up finding unopened cans of beer and celebrate the find as they return to camp.

Time passes and word gets out about leaving the camp for a safer haven.

Trucker is up for the idea but states tiredly that he also wants to stay in one place more than three nights. The hero comments that he seems a little on edge and Trucker sets off explaining that of course he is and the last time they had neighbors they blew three of their friends brains' out from 50 yards. He apologizes for his attitude and explains he hasn't really acting like himself for some reason.

Emily states that "Jarhead Max" is getting on her nerves and that every time she and Sky want to be alone he shows up. She also doesn't like that he won't let the group move to The Living's camp and is taking everything like a personal attack.

She also explains that Sky feels that Max is trying to start a fight and she thinks Max is an idiot for trying to start one, stating that Sky was once a Navy SEAL.

Harlan informs the hero that Sky is sleeping with the "axe-wielding girl" and hopes that now he'll be softer to the touch now. Harlan then asks the hero if he can tell him where Sky sleeps when he isn't with his lady.

The hero tells the man that he does and Harlan thanks the player, explaining that he intends to have a word with him after sunset.

The hero asks Sky if he is seeing Emily and he states that he is, calling her a thing of beauty. He agrees with the hero that they both don't want anything to hurt her and informs the player that he is all with the idea of her being more around her friends and someone trustworthy.

Nora tells the player that she all set to leave and join The Living, she hopes the group is more enlightened than the current group. She also feels that no one listens to her and treat her like a deaf dog.

She asks the hero if they ever miss intelligent conversation before quickly stating that of course they do and that's why they are bothering her all the time.

The hero begins looking for Max and finds him out in a nearby town in a pharmacy. The hero sneaks in after him.

Side Mission: Prepare for The Divide

"We need to grab some supplies without alerting the others, otherwise they'll make off with the provisions. We've got to make sure our group's needs are met."

The hero searches for provisions to meet with the groups standards and for future use and returns to camp with the newly stocked goods.

Upon returning Harlan reveals the group's decision on joining The Living.

Map to The Living

"Max spoke to us while you were on watch, about us being safer in a larger community. We're all packing up now; you fancy having coffee?"

Harlan leads the hero to an old shack he uses as a hangout spot and serves some coffee. He then gives the hero a map to The Living.

He explains, "I had a vision last night, one of myself and death. That is a map to The Living's camp. I want you to lead your people to mine if I'm gone."

Before the men can enjoy the coffee and talk more about Harlan's vision walkers who had followed the two attack the shack. The men rebel though and kill off the intruding dead.

Harlan pouts about no longer having time to enjoy a coffee break and the two return to camp. Upon returning Harlan spots another herd heading towards the camp, even bigger than the last.

The herd passes straight past the hidden camp and no one is killed and nothing is damaged, though the morale is quite stricken after this.

Trucker is upset about the incoming dead and complains how long the group is going to just sit and wait for walkers to show up. He states that they have all the supplies and weapons they need, they just need someplace to stay that is more secure. And if it means living with Harlan's commune, sign him up.

Emily decides that the best option would be to join The Living and the hero asks why?

She explains, "Why? Because I don't want to spend the rest of my life like a wild rabbit, hiding in holes terrified its whole life."

She adds, "I'd rather be as happy as humanely possible and have less time than live a longer, miserable one."

Max proclaims that the herd that just past was the third biggest that has come by. Max admits that the group is leaving and states that the camp is not only compromised, it's on some walker highway. He questions whether or not the undead run off some sort of organization and if a Zombie highway even exists.

The hero asks Harlan if he is ready to leave and he says no, and that the map must remain with the hero. The hero asks why and Harlan states, "Because I trust you. YOU, more than any other here." He acknowledges also that the hero helps those before himself and he is fond of it.

Harlan tells the hero before leaving that if he falls to lead the group to The Living, stating that the group is what the future requires.

Nora speaks with the hero about Harlan explaining, "Say what you will but Harlan really believes in The Living. You have to admire him."

She is confident that the map will lead to a safer place and that they will soon no longer need to worry about walkers. She then goes off and admits that she is really starting to go crazy and needs someplace quiet to meditate.

Sky takes the hero aside.

Behind The Gate

"Max spoke to us while you were on watch about us being safer in a larger community. We're all packing up now... but there's something I'd like to talk to you about... ALONE."

The hero agrees to talking with Sky and the policeman leads the hero to the nearby football arena.

Sky stops the hero as they walk across the field and demands to know where the hero went with Harlan before the herd showed up.

Sky asks if he gave the hero a map or directions to a camp. He tells the player that he has heard this before and informs the player that he will go along to the "camp"

The duo follow the map to an opening in the woods and find nothing.

Sky walks out into the opening and tells the hero, "This is the exact spot on Harlan's map... but no camp here? You want to know why?"

He turns and tells the hero, "Because I know Harlan from the outbreak and he's CRAZY. He went on about his "followers"... we humored him until he hurt poor Tessa." He also reveals he is a member of Woodbury's police staff.

Around this time a small herd of walkers are seemingly released and approach the surrounded duo.

The hero fights against the small party of fresh zombies and asks during the conflict where are they going to bring Harlan now? Sky ruthlessly responds as he buries his bat into the skulls of the biters that they are bringing him back to Woodbury.

Harlan is then seen attempting to escape the scene, having been the one who released the walkers on Sky and the hero. The two finish off the undead swarm and begin chasing the still recovering man. Harlan attempts to get away but is captured quickly by the two and brought back to camp.

Sky and the hero, with a cuffed Harlan return to the group and move outside Woodbury and camp outside it's gates.

As the group settle out of Woodbury as they await to be decided to be let in or not, Max states that, just like that, the police boot drops and that he knew Sky was too good to be true.

Max though is impressed with what they can see outside the gates and calls Woodbury, "practically bomb-proof".

Emily is unsure now since Woodbury is now more of an option and not a pipe-dream. She states that the town killed three of their members and Don supposedly got a shot at one of them and killed them. She suspects that the town already hates them.

She tells the hero, "Be on your guard... for all of us."

Nora begins acting dangerously at camp and plots to get her revenge for the deaths of Derrick and Megan.

Sky returns outside and announces to the group that Harlan will come with him to answer for crimes against the community. He states that the group is welcome to witness his trial on account they leave their weapons at the gate. He adds, anyone unwilling to leave their firearm must stay outside at their own risk.

He then adds, "Once inside, perhaps you'll find life in Woodbury to your liking..."

Sky, with help from the hero, then begin escorting a resisting Harlan to the gate of Woodbury.

Harlan screams at Sky and calls him a bastard for leading him into Woodbury in chains. He proclaims, "A man's no criminal for disagreeing with another unless there's violence! That sounds more like The Governor right now than me!"

The gates to Woodbury begin to open and he turns and stares down the Woodbury cop and asks, "What are you going to do, throw me in the cage to die for your amusement." Sky ignores the threatening cult leader and pushes the man through the gate as he resists.

Harlan fights back and is forced into Woodbury as he screams, "Woodbury, you're all going to burn and die!"


  • Mission 1: Marla's Funeral - Given by Max. (Player and Ed)
  • Mission 2: Don The Hunter - Given by Kasumi. (Player and Max)
  • Mission 3: Overrun - Given by Adam. (Player and Adam)
  • Mission 4: The Junkyard - Given by Don. (Player and Don)
  • Mission 5: Emily's Pond - Given by Emily. (Player and Emily)
  • Mission 6  Fresh Meat - Given by Ed. (Player and Ed)
  • Mission 7: The Man Called Harlan - Given by Don. (Player and Don)
  • Mission 8: Tracking Adam - Given by Don. (Player and Don)
  • Mission 9: Life on the Run - Given by Ed.
  • Mission 10: Invitation to The Living - Given by Harlan.
  • Mission 11: Rescue Michonne - Given by Andrea. (Player and Andrea)
  • Mission 12: Take Back Camp - Given by Ed. (Player and Max)
  • Mission 13: New Faces in Camp - Given by Nora. (Player and Nora)
  • Mission 14: The Family Dinner - Given by Megan. (Player and Derrick)
  • Mission 15: Megan and the Walkers - Given by Derrick. (Player and Nora)
  • Mission 16: The Human Town - Given by Nora. (Player and Nora)
  • Mission 17: Woodbury Gate - Given by Harlan.
  • Mission 18: Harlan and The Living - Given by Harlan.
  • Mission 19: Running in Circles - Given by Andrea.
  • Mission 20: The Giant Herd - Given by Ed. (Player and Ed)
  • Mission 21: The Apocalypse Policeman - Given by Sky.
  • Mission 22: Safety in Numbers - Given by Max. (Player and Max)
  • Mission 23: Map to The Living - Given by Harlan.
  • Mission 24: Behind the Gate - Given by Sky. (Player and Sky)

Side Missions

  • Side Mission 1: Who Is Don? - Given by Adam.
  • Side Mission 2: Don The Rat! - Given by Adam.
  • Side Mission 3: Forward Operating Bases - Given by Emily.
  • Side Mission 4: The First Herd - Given by Don.
  • Side Mission 5: Debrief Trucker - Given by Adam.
  • Side Mission 6: Fortify The Camp - Given by Emily.
  • Side Mission 7: The Rope Frays - Given by Ed.
  • Side Mission 8: The Last Water Park - Given by Don.
  • Side Mission 9: The Autumn Of Adam - Given by Max.
  • Side Mission 10: Trucker's Revenge - Given by Ed.
  • Side Mission 11: No Tears Left - Given by Ed.
  • Side Mission 12: Amputation Station - Given by Don.
  • Side Mission 13: No Way To Live - Given by Max.
  • Side Mission 14: Max Carnage - Given by Max.
  • Side Mission 15: Scrap Hound - Given by Ed.
  • Side Mission 16: Walker Blitz - Given by Max.
  • Side Mission 17: Adam's Eve - Given by Emily.
  • Side Mission 18: Adam's Gone - Given by Emily.
  • Side Mission 19: Trust Gap - Given by Max.
  • Side Mission 20: Bullets For Blood - Given by Max.
  • Side Mission 21: Maximum Defense - Given by Max.
  • Side Mission 22: Murderer's Row - Given by Harlan.
  • Side Mission 23: End Of Line - Given by Max.
  • Side Mission 24: Who Is Harlan Now? - Given by Emily.
  • Side Mission 25: Refurbish The Defenses - Given by Max.
  • Side Mission 25: Too Noisy For Walkers - Given by Max.
  • Side Mission 26: The Herd Is Still Coming - Given by Max.
  • Side Mission 27: The Last Sherrif - Given by Sky.
  • Side Mission 28: Prepare For The Divide - Given by Max.


At the camp are:

  • Ed - A man in the group who served in Iraq and was a truck driver.
  • Max - A military officer separated from his squad
  • Hero Player - A new member of the group discovered by Shane traveling along the highway

Several other survivors will come and go, gathering supplies and resting, before departing the camp for good. These survivors include:

  • Andrea - A femme fatale traveling through the woods looking for a safe haven
  • Michonne Hawthorne - A katana wielding femme fatele traveling through the woods looking for a safe haven

Along the way you will encounter several other survivors who are in need of help. After saving them from the attacking zombies, they will thank you and will leave. These survivors include:

  • None

Several survivors appear after being rescued or arrive at the camp after a certain amount of missions. These survivors include:

  • Kasumi - A woman in the group who was great friends with Adam.
  • Adam - A man in the group who was great friends with Kasumi.
  • Emily - A axe-wielding survivor living off her own
  • Megan - A nervous, religious woman who is discovered by the group
  • Nora - A woman who is vengeful and strong minded
  • Derrick - An elder man and former cook who is discovered by the group

In the game several characters from different factions are encountered, these survivors are categorized by their groups and are roughly in order of appearance. These survivors include:

"The Living"

  • Harlan - A calculative and manipulative member of a group of scavengers
  • Don - A former member of a group of cultists




  • On each promo for the chapters, a character from the TV Series, who is also encountered in the game, is on the cover. In Chapter 1; Shane, Lori, Carl, Chapter 2; Daryl, Chapter 3; Andrea, and Chapter 4; Michonne.
    • Andrea, though featured on the promo of Chapter 3, was not encountered in the game; though Otis was instead.
  • This is the first chapter to not incorporate an opening cutscene.
  • This is the first chapter not to be separated into two parts.
    • Upon the release of this chapter, all chapter are no longer split into two parts.
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