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PADRE is a location in Season 8 of AMC's Fear the Walking Dead.


Nothing is known of this location's history except that it used to be an old island fort.



Sometime prior to or amid the onset of the outbreak, the United States government laid the foundation for at least one autonomous safe-zone stocked with an abundance of resources intended for rebuilding civilization in the event of societal collapse. The operation was known as "P.A.D.R.E.", though its exact location was classified and only said to be known by select members of the U.S. government, such as Senator Elias Vazquez. Government officials were provided with binders comprising of detailed plans for rebuilding and were allowed to bring their families and other personnel with them to the safe-zone in the event of national emergency.

When the outbreak began, Senator Vazquez' security detail escorted Vazquez and several aides to the Franklin Hotel's underground bunker when the hospitals became overcrowded. They planned to regroup at the location with other officials in an effort to ensure continuity of the government, though none of them ever made it. Sometime later, Vazquez received a message from his family to meet them at PADRE when they realized they'd be unable to make it to the hotel, but they were never heard from again, resulting in the group's hesitance to leave. Despite this, Vazquez vowed to keep PADRE's whereabouts confidential.

Under the command of Major General Krennick of the U.S. Army, a number of the country's surviving military forces built a fortress on an island in Georgia using supplies kept in shipping containers at a shipyard. PADRE's initial purpose was to use the hundreds of shipping containers - which contained enough supplies to build many new communities - to help rebuild the world. Following Operation Cobalt and making contact with Vazquez, Krennick decided to begin distribution of the supplies, knowing that other survivors would need them and that PADRE couldn't survive on its own without trading partners. However, a massive herd overran the shipyard, killing all of the PADRE adults, including Krennick himself. Only Krennick's children Sam and Ben escaped with their lives and, with his dying words, Krennick begged them to continue PADRE's vital work.

Left with an island full of children who had lost their parents, Sam and Ben lied that their parents had abandoned them because they knew that they couldn't provide for their children. Sam and Ben decided that until the world was safe again, they had to keep families apart so that children would never experience the pain of losing their parents again. In order to protect the supplies, the siblings left a herd of thousands of walkers overrunning the shipyard so that no one else could get to them. When recruiting adults to their cause, Ben would use the island's faulty PA system to maintain the myth that Krennick was still alive and had become "Padre," the unseen leader of the community.

Myths and Rumors[]

Amid threats of impending nuclear destruction at the hands of a doomsday cult in the state of Texas, members of the cult led by a captive Alicia Clark inhabited the Franklin Hotel after most of its previous occupants were killed. During her captivity, Alicia encountered Will, one of the Senator's surviving aides who informed her of PADRE's existence in hopes of her escaping and eventually finding it. After the warheads dropped, Will left the hotel to search for PADRE on his own.

After several weeks of searching in the nuclear wasteland, Will is rescued and taken in by survivors from Strand's Tower. During the vetting process, Strand recognizes a medallion in Will's possession that once belonged to Alicia. Strand interrogates him in regards to where he found the medallion, and Will promises to take him there in exchange for residency in the Tower. During their trip, Strand manages to figure out that Alicia was taken to the Franklin Hotel when the warheads dropped. Eventually, the two make it to the hotel and find it deserted. Will finds a note that Alicia left for him that reads "Padre". Will tells Strand that "Padre" represents the possibility of something better. He says he'd hoped he would find it first, so that Alicia wouldn't have to, though he's not sure if it even exists.

Overtime, knowledge of PADRE's alleged existence became increasingly commonplace amongst survivors in the area, with many of which hearing of it over mysterious broadcasts on the radio. Bea and Fred were among dozens of survivors who searched extensively for PADRE's location in the nuclear wasteland, causing them to suffer from severe radiation exposure and disfigurement. Dwight, Sherry, and later Mickey united in hopes of finding PADRE together, until they were ambushed by Alicia's group due to their reputation as the "Dark Horses" and were subsequently recruited as assets in their search for the location. The group, which comprised of a number of survivors who had abandoned the hotel were being led under the belief that a zombified Senator Vazquez would somehow lead them to PADRE, though after several days their theory was quickly disproven and a large portion of the group was lost during conquests to search for the undead Senator.

Encounter with Collector #6[]

Shortly after the destruction of the Dell Diamond Baseball Stadium, survivors from PADRE managed to rescue a disheveled Madison Clark. Suffering from permanent damage to her lungs from smoke inhalation, she was supplied with an oxygen tank for periodic use to help her breathe. Indebted, Madison is recruited to work for PADRE as a collector, kidnapping children (referred to as "eggs"), with the promise that they will help her reunite with Nick and Alicia if she does. Madison kidnaps numerous children, including those of Ava Sanderson, Wilt and his posse, and delivers them to "the Birdhouse". Although PADRE eventually offers to help Madison find her own children, she refuses, and is convinced that she has now become a monster after everything she's done.

Two years later, Morgan spots Madison kneeling over baby Mo and thanks her for saving his life after slaughtering his attackers. Madison clarifies that she wasn't there to save him, and Morgan realizes that the men, accusing him of kidnapping their children had thought that he was her. Morgan states that the baby is everything to him and he's not going to let Madison take her. Turning to face Morgan, Madison tells him that Mo is better off with her than him and that he'll get over it like Madison did. Morgan scrambles to climb out of the hole, but Madison fires a warning shot into the sand next to his hand. Taking a breath from her oxygen tank, Madison fires another warning shot at Morgan, grabs Mo and leaves, threatening to kill Morgan if he follows them.

Walking down the beach past more buried walkers, Madison contacts Oriole and informs him that she's approaching the drop. Entering the Birdhouse, Madison finds no sign of Oriole and accuses him of being late. Oriole explains that they found some new eggs and are getting them processed now. Madison asks how long that will take, but Oriole simply tells her that it will take as long as it takes. Putting Mo down in a playpen, Madison feeds her and makes a note in her journal. Ava calls out over the radio for Jim, telling him that their baby needs him. Madison contacts Oriole again and tells him that she has a lead on a new egg and she's leaving this one in the Birdhouse for him. Madison knows that Mo misses her father, but she tells the baby that she will be better off without him and leaves.

Leaving the beach, Madison responds to a radio call by Ava, offering Ava her help as a small herd gathers around Madison from the trees. Ava asks how she can know that Madison isn't the one kidnapping everyone's kids and Madison tells Ava that she's a mother herself and she knows how hard it is and Ava can trust her. Madison makes her way to the Pediatric Office where Ava agrees to tell her where she is if Madison is really going to help her. Ava tells Madison that it's hard to know who to trust as Madison opens a cabinet, only to find that the oxygen tanks inside are missing. Morgan places the blade of his battle axe at Madison's neck and orders her to turn off her radio and hand over her gun and Madison complies, warning Morgan that he's making a big mistake, but Morgan tells Madison that she made the bigger mistake by kidnapping his daughter. Morgan forces Madison to drop her hammer and turn around and he demands to know where Mo is, but Madison tells him that she's somewhere that Morgan will never find her. Morgan refuses to turn over Madison's oxygen unless she takes him to Mo.

Walking down the beach with Morgan holding her at axe point, Madison tells Morgan that he can still get out of this before the people that she's with find out that he interfered with an egg. Morgan realizes that an egg is what Madison calls the kids that she steals, but Madison insists that she's not stealing them but rather rescuing them from parents that think they can give them what they need. Madison is sure that if Morgan saw the place that she's from, he'd get it. Madison begins coughing as Morgan demands to know where she's from and why Madison is taking these kids that don't belong to her. Out of breath, Madison gestures to her oxygen tanks and Morgan allows her to breathe from them.

Madison leads Morgan into the Birdhouse where they find Mo gone. Madison states that they're too late: Mo has already been "rescued" and her people came sooner than she expected. Morgan flips through Madison's journal before noticing that it's marked PADRE. Morgan is shocked by the fact that Madison is with PADRE and Madison asks what he knows about it, but Morgan just leads her away from the Birdhouse. Outside, Morgan demands to know where they would go, but an unrepentant Madison continues to insist that Mo is better off without him. Morgan states that she can't decide what's best for his family, but Madison tells him that she did and that she used to be just like Morgan.

Madison knows that Morgan thinks that he's doing the right thing fighting to get his daughter back, but she insists that Mo is in the right place because PADRE can give her a life that parents like Morgan can't. Madison points out that Morgan couldn't even feed her, but Morgan states that he would've found food for her. Madison feels that Morgan was barely scraping by out there on his own, but Morgan defends that Mo is his daughter and Mo's mother is coming. Madison doesn't think that it's going to make a difference, but Morgan tells her that Madison doesn't know what they endured and that they survived the bombs. Madison tells him that family isn't the answer, but rather the problem which is what PADRE's figured out and is why what PADRE is building is different.

At the Sanderson Family Home, Madison offers to help Ava and her unborn baby, explaining that the place that she's from is safe with good people and the kind of place that a kid would dream of growing up in. Ava notes that it sounds too good to be true, but Madison tells her that it's real and the best shot that their kids have for a future. On Madison's prompting, Morgan tells Ava that they even have his kid there now and that while he didn't think that it was possible for such a place to exist, it does. Ava asks what it's called and Madison states that it's PADRE. After a moment, Ava agrees and goes to get her things.

Morgan presses Madison for answers on why PADRE does that and how it gives the kidnapped kids their best shot. Madison states that Morgan is looking at this all wrong and that PADRE has rewritten the book on the way we see each other and the things that we do for each other. "No attachments. No connections," elaborates Madison. Morgan refuses to do this, having seen a mother lose her baby once before and not wanting to see that ever again. However, Madison warns him that Morgan will never see his daughter again in that case.

After spotting an armed posse headed their way, Morgan and Madison barricade the group in the crypt and Madison pulls out a heartrate monitor to check on Ava's baby against her objections. Madison can't get a heartbeat and Morgan tells Madison to get PADRE's doctors there to help Ava. Madison stops looking for a heartbeat, realizing that Ava was only faking her pregnancy and that Ava was tricking them. Madison demands to know why and Ava reveals that Madison had kidnapped her 6-year-old daughter for PADRE a year before. Her daughter's name was Odessa and she cried when Madison pulled her from Ava on the beach. Ava insists that Madison needs to take her to her daughter, but Madison tells Ava that her plan never would've worked: PADRE would've checked for a heartbeat before they got on the boat. Morgan worries about not getting his daughter back as the plan was to trade Ava's unborn baby for Mo, but Madison claims there was no guarantee PADRE would go through with a trade either way.

After learning the fate of her children, Madison admits she knows that PADRE played her from the start and purposefully made her do things that she didn't want to so that when she could finally get her kids back, she would be unable to face them again. Morgan wonders why Madison kept kidnapping kids for PADRE if she didn't want to see Nick and Alicia anymore and Madison admits that she knew that PADRE would find and harm them if she tried to walk away.

Compromising with the armed posse outside, Ava and Morgan finally let them in. Removing his mask, Wilt asks if Madison remembers him, stating that Madison took his son away from him last winter. Covering Madison's head with a bag, Wilt orders his men to start digging as high tide is in less than two hours. Outside, Ava reassures Morgan that he made the right call and Morgan asks Wilt what he did to Madison when Wilt returns from the beach. Wilt states that they left Madison to watch the tide come in and that it's worse when you can see it coming. While Madison didn't tell them much, the posse found Madison's PADRE journal in her pack, and they know when PADRE is coming to pick her up. Wilt orders Morgan to put a bag on, explaining that they're going to surprise Madison's friends at the beach and bury them all if they have to until someone talks and tells them where to find their kids. However, Morgan knows that this isn't going to get their kids back and will only get everyone killed. Ava stops Wilt and orders him to let Morgan go, reminding Wilt that PADRE is the enemy, not each other. Wilt finally relents, but he warns Morgan against getting in their way. As the posse leaves, Morgan tries to convince Ava not to go with them, but Ava is determined to get to her daughter. Ava shows Morgan a toy that Odessa had lost the day before Madison took her, one that Ava had promised her daughter that she'd find and get back to her. Ava refuses to break that promise which Morgan acknowledges and she leaves with the posse.

Later on the beach, Morgan rescues a buried Madison and discovers the posse as walkers, killed by PADRE. Madison agrees to help Morgan get to his daughter and show PADRE that their belief system is wrong. Madison goes on to state that she wasn't lying about the fact that Morgan can only get to PADRE by giving them another child. Looking at Grace's tape player, Morgan suddenly has an idea for another solution. Escorted by a PADRE guard, Madison leads Morgan back to the Birdhouse where she introduces him to Oriole as another collector who has something to offer. Morgan reveals that he has information on rafts with people on them out there with Madison adding that they're people that PADRE might want. Morgan tells Oriole that amongst the survivors are children and a pregnant woman and that he can tell them more, but they have to let him go with them. Oriole agrees and has Morgan and Madison get on his boat.

As the boat heads out, Morgan asks Madison where they're going and where PADRE actually is. "Been meaning to tell you. I don't know," Madison admits. The PADRE guards blindfolds both Morgan and Madison as the boat heads for a large ship that's anchored in open water.

Seven Years Later[]




A New Conflict[]

Following the defeat of Shrike and Ben, Madison Clark takes over PADRE, deciding to turn it into what it was always supposed to be. As part of this, Madison broadcasts an open message, inviting anyone who had their kids taken by PADRE to come to the island.

However, while some of the parents respond to Madison's message, it is also picked up by a vengeful Troy Otto who seeks to take PADRE for himself and his group. Troy's initial attempt to force Madison to give up the island's location fails and Madison vows to defend PADRE from Troy and his people, inviting Victor Strand and his group to the island as well since they are in danger with Troy knowing their location. In the midst of this conflict, Ben returns and attempts to reclaim PADRE, but he quickly falls victim to walkers.

The island is later besieged by a herd of thousands of walkers led by Russell. In order to save her friends, Madison lures the herd into the fort and blows it up, apparently killing herself, but destroying the herd and buying everyone else time to escape. Following Madison's apparent death, her group renames the organization "MADRE" in Madison's honor and splits up, taking MADRE's supplies to build new communities and to honor Madison's ideals of trying to build something better. MADRE's supplies are also apparently shared with other groups so as to help him.

Tracy Otto subsequently returns to the island and finds Madison still alive, but trapped amongst the rubble. Tracy rescues Madison and she is reunited with her daughter Alicia who had heard the story of PADRE's fall and Madison's role in it.

Government & Society[]





  • Russell
  • At least 13 unnamed guards
  • Possibly many unnamed people


Fear the Walking Dead[]

Season 8[]



  • "Padre" is a Spanish word, meaning "father". But given the way that it is seen in written form, PADRE appears to actually be an acronym. It's currently unknown what it stands for.
  • Fort James Jackson in Savannah, Georgia was used as the filming location for PADRE.
  • PADRE gives its residents bird names in place of their actual names.
    • Examples are "Lark", "Wren", "Dove", "Oriole", "Shrike", "Nightingale", "Heron", "Finch", "Red Kite" and "Blue Jay".
  • The coordinates given by Madison, 31° 51' N, 81° 10' W, place the location of PADRE as Ossabaw Island in Savannah, Georgia.
    • However, she may have been sending them a meeting location instead of the island's coordinates as Troy Otto didn't know how to find it despite receiving Madison's coordinates.
    • Ossabaw Island is briefly visible on a map that Madison shows to Tracy Otto in "Keeping Her Alive", although Lowcountry Landing is further inland than PADRE.
  • The signature weapons of Morgan's Group appear to have been taken from them and placed into deep storage following the events of "Gone", explaining their absences in Season 8.