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"Look buddy. Better on this side of the fence than that one, no? (...) Work is work. It's this, get eaten, or get shot. So? What's it going to be?"
—Pablito to Daniel. (Translated from Spanish)[src]

Pablito is a survivor of the outbreak in AMC's Fear The Walking Dead. He is one of the janitors at the Gonzalez Dam.


Location Unknown, Mexico

Nothing is known about Pablito's life prior to or as the outbreak began other than he lived somewhere in Mexico.


Season 3


Pablito is first seen with Everardo cleaning a drainage pipe when they find Daniel Salazar among the debris. Worried about being caught with Daniel as they think Dante's men will believe they are scheming to steal water, they alert Lola. Later, Pablito is in the cafeteria with Everardo, Daniel, and the others eating lunch. The next day, Pablito is taken into custody and framed as a thief stealing water, despite being innocent. He begs for his life and pleads his innocence to Dante Esquivel. Just as he believes his life will be spared, he is thrown over the dam's edge to his death.


Killed By

In order to send a message to those who "steal" water from the dam, Dante throws Pablito off the dam to his death.


Fear The Walking Dead

Season 3