"Today was my birthday, the big five-o. The kids, they uh, they fixed me some cards. There's glitter and Elmer's glue all over the damn rug. Guess who had to clean that up."
—Mike Palmer explaining to Andrew what had happened on his 50th birthday before the outbreak began.[src]

The Palmers' son is one of the two sons of Mike and Maggie Palmer who live together in Andrew's neighborhood.


King County, Georgia

Nothing much is known about the Palmers' son prior to the outbreak, except that he lived in King County, Georgia and likely attended the King County Elementary School. The family was having a surprise party for their father when the apocalypse began.


Torn Apart

"Neighborly Advice"

Walkers suddenly attacked the party, presumably killing the guests and the children were bitten and infected. Mike was forced to flee, where he locked them outside or locked himself in the cellar to prevent them from biting anyone or himself. During the struggle, Mike was injured in the leg.

Later, in the basement, Palmer revealed his wound to Andrew and ordered him to put him out of his misery. Before being shot in the head, Palmer also requested that Andrew "kill" the children after killing him since he was unable to bring himself to do it.

"Everything Dies"

A while later, Andrew, Hannah, Jamie, and Billy attempted to escape with Palmer's truck. Not knowing how to hot-wire a truck, Andrew went into the basement of the Palmer house, searching for the keys. Andrew is surprised and devoured alive by the children whom he apparently forgot or neglected to dispose of as requested by their father.

The Palmer children are most likely still undead, roaming around the town.


Killed By

Mike Palmer's children were possibly bitten sometime during Hannah's car crash and later reanimated. Mike never put them down, so they remain roaming the town.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Palmers' son have killed:



Torn Apart

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