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"May I remind you, Jimmy, that there are two distinct versions of Christ, and the one of whom you speak now, in your insolent and narrow perspective, is the one we call the ‘historic’ Jesus, who lived and breathed and walked the earth a couple of millennia ago, but also the one who is merely the vessel for the second version, the one that matters, the one who is the absolute true son of—"
—Patrick to James before coming across Jeremiah's group.[src]

Patrick Liam Murphy, also known as "Padre", is a character first encountered in The Walking Dead: Invasion. He is described as a "slender, silver-haired priest" who still wears "his collar underneath a worn Notre Dame sweatshirt, his hangdog face deeply lined and whiskered with a ruddy beard. His pouchy eyes radiate a certain kindness, along with the swollen lividness of a lifelong drunk." He has "diarrhea of the mouth" and is known to chew ears off of people for ages. He is an ordained Catholic priest and former head of Jacksonville’s Most Holy Redeemer Parish.


Jacksonville, Florida

Nothing is known about Patrick's life prior to or as the outbreak began except that he is an ordained Catholic priest and the former head of the Most Holy Redeemer Parish in Jacksonville, Florida.


Dixie County, Florida

Shortly after the outbreak, Patrick lead his congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer Parish out of Jacksonville as a large caravan of roughly thirty-one other survivors, sticking close to the coast of Florida in hopes of finding a ship, or any possible way they might get off the mainland. However due to a hurricane that hit at the beginning of the outbreak, it's unlikely they'll find anything. Somehow early on he contacted Reverend Helms of the Calvary Baptist Church in Jasper and informed him of their convoy. Eventually Miles Littleton found the Travelers and was welcomed into the group. For around a year before the events of Invasion, Murphy has a reoccurring nightmare about being buried alive.

A few "bad apples" pass through the group over the course of a few months and threaten it's existence, making Patrick slightly weary of bringing new survivors into the Parish.


"The Behavior of the Sheep"

Jeremiah Garlitz, Reese Hawthorne, Stephen Pembry and Norma Sutters venture out of Jasper towards Dixie County to find the Most Holy Redeemer Parish after Norma's friend Miles went looking for the convoy near the beginning of the outbreak. They travel all night and are about to give up when they spot the convoy in the distance in the predawn light. Jeremiah comes up with an idea and creates a roadblock in front of the caravan to get their attention.

Patrick sits behind the wheel of his Winnebago chewing the ear off of James Frazer at the front of the convoy. They run into the obstruction in the middle of the road and find Jeremiah standing atop a Cadillac SUV, smiling. Jimmy goes for his gun but Patrick tells him to go easy. Surprised to see a group of the living, Patrick believes there's no reason to think they're not friendly. He tells Jimmy that he'll aproach them and tells him to make sure Leland stays cool and the rest of the group remains in their vehicles. It takes Patrick thirty seconds to climb out of the RV and meet Jeremiah in the road and he immediately dislikes the man. He forces a smile and the two men start talking. When Jeremiah explains that he too is a Minister, Patrick feels a twinge of anger and realizes what's coming but tries to avoid it. He offers the group some gas or bottled water but Jeremiah requests they be allowed to join the Travellers for refuge and medical attention. Patrick gives in and asks the other three survivors in the SUV to show their hands which they do. He asks how many weapons the group are carrying which isn't much. Then suddenly Miles Littleton estatically arrives on the scene amazed that he's finally reunited with Norma. As Jeremiah instinctively reaches for his knife, Patrick assures him that Miles is harmless. Patrick welcomes the group into the family and the transition is seamless.

Nearly a week goes by without an incident until one evening at a deserted KOA camp a couple miles east of Panama City. Jeremiah hears three nearby roamers and forms a plan to get rid of Patrick. He lures them past the vehicle perimeter of the camp, careful not to get seen or grab the attention of any survivors with the smell of the dead and guides them to the rear of Patrick's RV. He tries to open the door but realizes it's locked and figures Father Murphy is probably in there masturbating to child porn. He pries the door open with his knife as the walkers close in and opens it just in time to grab their attention. The dead climb the steps into the RV and Jeremiah closes the door behind them before leaving and waiting for the screaming to start.

Patrick wakes up from a reoccurring nightmare about being buried alive and finds himself surrounded by three shadows. He rolls off his portable cot just in time to avoid being grabbed by a roamer and smashes into an aluminium cupboard. His gun is on the other side of the room and he accidentally left a lantern burning on his bedside table. The impact of the falling cupboard causes the lamp to fall on one of the creatures and set it's pantleg on fire. He rolls and avoids being grabbed by the second roamer before picking up a metal barbecue fork off the floor. One of them grabs his leg but he manages to stab it in the eye before it can bite him. The other roamers freeze as they hear footsteps approaching the back door. Jeremiah calls out to Patrick that he's coming to help and kicks in the back door. He shoots the last two dead and asks where he is. Patrick lets out a chuckly and states that the encounter was "interesting", but he's not bitten and must have got lucky. More people are drawn to the commotion so Jeremiah acts quickly and tells Patrick he'll be alright and outlive them all before putting his gun to the side of Murphy's head and killing him. The bullet passes through Murphy's brain and into the ceiling, blowing a wet splatter into Jeremiah's face.

Someone calls out to Patrick so Jeremiah thinks fast and drags the female roamer onto Padre's ankle, faking a bite. James enters and Jeremiah bursts into artificial tears. He lies about the bite and states that Patrick wanted to be put down, and that they prayed together and he recited Patrick's last rites as best he could remember them. James breaks down into tears and Jeremiah comforts him. The next morning nobody feels like driving. They set up guards on each corner of the perimeter and Jeremiah urges the survivors to vent, express themselves and pray for their leader and moral compass. They bury him in the southeast corner of the KOA camp, near a grove of pecan trees. James says a few words, and then a few others have their say, each eventually breaking down and unable to continue. The death of Father Murphy hits everyone hard and Jeremiah uses the situation and his charisma to manipulate the survivors into voting him into leadership of the convoy.


Killed By

Jeremiah lures three walkers inside Father Murphy's RV. Patrick survives without getting bitten, so Jeremiah shoots him in the head and fakes the bite himself. He lies to the other survivors that Patrick was bitten and begged Jeremiah to put him down before turning.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Patrick has killed:


Jeremiah Garlitz

"The Catholic bastard is probably in there masturbating to kiddie porn."
—Jeremiah's thoughts on Patrick.[src]

Upon first meeting Jeremiah, Patrick immediately dislikes him and forces a smile. When Jeremiah tells him he's a man of God, like himself, Patrick feels a twinge of anger and tries to avoid letting the survivors join, however he quickly gives in. Over the course of the next week it's unknown how the two ministers get along. It can be assumed Patrick still isn't too fond of Jeremiah, but has gotten comfortable around him. Whereas Jeremiah is only ever fake in order to find the perfect opportunity to kill Murphy and take over leadership of the Parish convoy.

James Frazier

James was Patrick's right hand man. James sat with Patrick in the passenger seat of his RV and was prepared to approach Jeremiah's group himself before Patrick volunteered. James broke down into tears on the floor after finding the scene of Father Murphy's death.


Novel Series


The Behavior of the Sheep