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Paul's Group is a group encountered in Here's Negan.


Aside from Negan, nothing is known about any of the members of this group. It's unknown if the other members of the group knew each other before the apocalypse or not.


Here's Negan

Time passes and a bearded Negan is seen stealing gas from a group of men. After clumsily threatening to beat them down, Negan offers to join them and use a car that he found with the keys still in it but with no gas. Negan notices a baseball bat that belongs to one of the men and remarks that it is nice. Afterwards, Negan and the men walk away from the car, having discovered that lack of gas wasn't the car's only problem, and Negan defends himself, saying that he knows "fuck all" about cars, and he committed an honest mistake. Time passes and Negan is seen getting along with the group he found, bragging about walker kills and discovering places with beds for them to sleep. However, Negan lies about his past, and says that he didn't lose anyone. At a fireplace, Negan is crudely talking about how he doesn't need overcompensation, believing his penis to be the mightiest. He is completely clueless about the herd of walkers closing in on him and his group.

Negan notices the herd and begins to fight the walkers. After taking one down with a rifle and dropping another into the fire, he turns around to the group to scold them for not warning him about the herd only to find them all being eaten by the dead. Calmly acknowledging the death of his newfound friends, he picks up Paul's bat and kills the rest of the walkers nearby. He turns around and begins to walk away. However, he comes back for the bloodied bat, strapping it to his backpack before leaving.



Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Paul's group have killed:



Comic Series

Here's Negan

  • "Part 8"
  • "Part 9"