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"The daughter Pat? Her man went in. Looked real pale. And mad. Then that yelling. Then Pat ran out."
—Mrs. Heller describing what was happening at the Taylor home involving Paul. (Determinant)[src]

Paul is an original character in the The Walking Dead: Dead Reckoning. He is the boyfriend of Patricia Taylor and turns into a walker during the early stages of the outbreak.


King County, Georgia

Almost nothing is known about Paul's life prior to the outbreak. He was living with his girlfriend, Patty, and her father, Gary, at their house. He was Patty's current boyfriend but was not liked very much by her father. Gary preferred Patty dating Shane than he did with Paul, since he referred to Paul as a "scumbag".


"Domestic Disturbance"

It is unknown how Paul became infected but he spent the day in bed with a high fever. Patty attempted to assist him but he reanimated and bit her on the arm. Gary then was forced to shoot him in the head with his shotgun after Patty fled the house.

"House Calls"

Paul briefly appeared as a corpse in Taylor Residence.


Killed By
  • Infection (Alive)

It is unknown how Paul became infected, he was presumably bitten and died to the fever and reanimated.

After Paul was infected, he attacked Patty and bit her on the arm. Gary went after Paul and was forced to shoot him in the head, actually blowing it off.

Killed Victims

The list shows victims Paul has killed:


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