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"I would have followed you wherever that may have been. So will they. (...) Ah, your friends. Your people. That's what your dream was trying to tell you. They're the ones you're meant to lead. (...) You just need to believe in what you're capable of. I doubted someone I cared about. I won't make that same mistake again with you. Go, Alicia."
—Paul to Alicia, shortly before sacrificing himself so that she could escape.[src]

Paul is a survivor of the outbreak in AMC's Fear the Walking Dead. He is the husband of Rowan.


Paul is a compassionate person who has a love of music. His wife, Rowan, had died from the nukes launched by Teddy. Afterwards, Paul became very lonely and only had music to turn too. The nukes also caused him to go deaf, meaning he can only feel the music he play.

Paul had saved Alicia's life by bringing her to his house after she fell unconscious. The two form a close friendship with each other. He later saves her life again from Arno, who almost feeds her to walkers. He later concocts a plan to bring Arno to his house while also luring walkers with loud music to kill him and his men. He was initially going to join Alicia's group, however Arno shoots him, making him unable to go on. He stays behind to by Alicia time to escape while playing his dead wife's bagpipes.


Location Unknown

Nothing is known about Paul's life prior to or as the outbreak began, except the fact that he was married to a fellow musician named Rowan.


Season 7

"Follow Me"

Paul will appear in this episode.


Killed By

After being shot, Paul chooses to buy Alicia some time by distracting Arno with his loud music. As Alicia escapes, Arno finds Paul and shoots him in the head.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Paul has killed:


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Season 7


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