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Paul R. Williams High School is a secondary school in the El Sereno community of Los Angeles, California, that appears in AMC's Fear the Walking Dead. It was likely destroyed along with the rest of the city as a result of Operation Cobalt.


Los Angeles, California

The high school is a typical school where adolescents go for the purpose of gaining an education. Its extracurricular activities include sports such as soccer, and its team name appears to be the "Broncos".


Season 1



"So Close, Yet So Far"

At night, Art Costa patrols the school, talking another staff member over a walkie talkie. At some point, Art is bitten by a walker, dies and reanimates into a walker that roams the school's hallways.

In an effort to help her son to safely detox, Madison Clark returns to the abandoned school in a search for the confiscated stash of drugs. As Madison retrieves the drugs, she is surprised by Tobias who asks for his knife back. Madison leads Tobias to her office and returns his knife before accompanying him to the cafeteria where Tobias gathers food to last him for awhile with all of the chaos that's going on.

Discussing the situation, Madison returns the keys that she took to Art's office before she and Tobias hear the noise of a walker over the PA system in Art's backroom followed by the sound of an alarm going off. Madison and Tobias race through the school, but encounter the zombified Art in a hallway at the top of a staircase. Not recognizing the danger, Madison tries to reason with her friend as Tobias attempts to warn her. Tobias attacks Art with his knife ineffectually and the two roll down the staircase together, still struggling. As Art tries to bite Tobias, Madison grabs a nearby fire extinguisher, knocks Art off of Tobias and bashes his head in, putting him down. Madison and Tobias then leave the school together.


This list shows the people who worked at the school:


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Fear the Walking Dead

Season 1


  • In the pilot, the school scenes were filmed inside an actual L.A. high school, Woodrow Wilson High, but for the rest of the season, production shifted to Vancouver, in Killarney Secondary School.[1]
  • The name of the school in series is named by an actual architect Paul Revere Williams who designed Woodrow Wilson High school in real life.
  • The school mascot is the broncos.