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Okafor was right. He was right. You just have to hope Beale was wrong.
―Pearl's last words to Rick and Michonne.[src]

Pearl Thorne is a survivor of the outbreak and later an antagonist in AMC's The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live. She is a member of the Civic Republic Military and served as the primary antagonist of the episode "The Last Time" and the final antagonist of The Ones Who Live.


Thorne initially shares many traits with Rick Grimes, being a strong and determined survivor. Both of them were shown to oppose the CRM, with Rick trying to escape on multiple occasions and Thorne almost killing Okafor. These traits lead to both of them being chosen by Okafor to help him change the CRM for the better. However, unlike Rick, who had tried to escape many times to get back to his family, Thorne has accepted the fact she will never get home to her family and is fully committed to the CRM.

After Okafor's death, Thorne continues to climb up the ranks, becoming more and more loyal to the CRM. Even after receiving the Echelon Briefing and learning that the CRM will wipe out every survivor in the continent not in the Civic Republic, Thorne continues to believe that the CRM is right because she had learned of the impending extinction of the human race as predicted by the CRM's scientists. This loyalty towards the CRM causes her to go from ally to adversary for Rick. In her final fight with Michonne, the differences between the two are shown in their argument, with Thorne believing that love is dead, which is in contrast to Michonne who was driven by her love for Rick. However, in her final moments, Thorne chooses to help her former friend, willingly handing him her gas mask so that Rick can escape. With her final words, Thorne admits that Okafor was right after all, but she warns Rick that they just have to hope that Beale was wrong too.


Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa[]

Prior to the apocalypse, Pearl lived in the Cape Flats in Cape Town. She was a sailor for the South African Navy and served on submarines, where she would often play poker.


Las Vegas, Nevada[]

Pearl traveled to Las Vegas to play in a poker tournament. Before she was able to play a single hand, the outbreak occurred and the lights went out, leaving her stranded in America.

After the apocalypse, Pearl tried aimlessly to return to the people she loves in South Africa. On her fourth attempt, she tried to cross the Atlantic Ocean on a boat, but was found by Donald Okafor, in which she was on the brink of death. Pearl tried to kill him so that she could die on the boat, leaving him with a scar above his right eyebrow. Okafor brought Pearl back to the Civic Republic of Philadelphia to work as a consignee with the intention of recruiting her.

Season 1[]


Five years after the events at the bridge, Rick, Pearl Thorne, and a number of other consignees are taken by the CRM to a burning forest to deal with a Level 3 hazardous event and are ordered to eliminate the advance of ignited delts with the reassurance that they are protecting the crops and food stores for over 200,000 people and are speeding up their path to citizenship.

As Rick walks through the CRM compound, a drunk Thorne throws a glass at him and thanks Rick for showing her that she can't get away. In his apartment, Rick breaks down and flips over a table in anger.

Okafor leads Rick and Thorne down a tunnel in a stadium to a collapsed area near the end so that they can talk in private. Okafor tells Rick and Thorne that they've been training for a year and they're both soldiers now, before revealing it was not about them becoming leaders, but becoming leaders and Okafor intends to help Rick and Thorne become part of Force Command within the CRM. A surprised Thorne reminds Okafor that she had tried to kill him, much to Rick's surprise.

Okafor reveals that he wants Rick and Thorne to help him change things from the inside, explaining that he thinks that the two of them possess something that the CRM needs to become what it needs to be. Thorne and Rick question Okafor, with Thorne being skeptical since the city runs itself while the CRM runs the world outside. Okafor tells Rick and Thorne about A's and B's and how he believes that if either one of them had the chance to save the world, they would, and they'd have to. Okafor has Rick and Thorne open one of the books and they start discussing the Cold War.

Leaving the meeting, Thorne warns Rick that she knows that he's obviously looking at this differently than she is and threatens to end Rick if he tries to include her in his plans. Rick asks if she was the one who gave Okafor his scar, and Thorne admits that she shot at him. Thorne explains that she was in the South African Navy and served on submarines where she was great at playing poker. Thorne had decided to try her luck by attending a poker tournament in Las Vegas, but she didn't play a single hand before the lights went out, suggesting that Thorne's luck is terrible. Okafor found her half-dead in the Atlantic Ocean on Thorne's fourth attempt to get back home since the end of the world and Thorne had tried to kill him so that she could stay there. Thorne knows that Rick is trying to escape to get back to someone he loves. Thorne has accepted that she's not going to see her someone again because she knows that that person doesn't want her to die. She suggests that she had only grazed Okafor's face because somewhere deep down Thorne knew that she wasn't making it back to Capetown alive. Thorne warns that if she shoots at Rick, she won't miss or graze him either. Thorne insists that life that she had before is all gone. Thorne insists that this is all that Rick has left too, but Rick angrily tells her that the people that he left behind aren't gone. Thorne invites Rick to have a drink with her.

In a flashback to their meeting, Okafor warns Rick and Thorne that the CRM's latest modeling shows a tipping point and there's a reckoning coming soon. Okafor talks about how one person can change everything and they'll make the right choice when the time comes. Time passes and Rick goes over maps of an abandoned chemical plant, plays poker with Thorne and puts down another zombified soldier, collecting its body.

Later, Rick and Thorne kill walkers. Thorne kicks Rick his helmet as a man announces over the radio that the mission is complete. Rick and Thorne find a little girl who screams after Rick killed her zombified mother. Thorne reassures the girl that Rick is a good man and that they're from a good place that they are all going to go back to. Rick asks Thorne for help, but she tells Rick that she is helping him by stopping Rick because Okafor knows things about him.

Later, Thorne bursts into Rick's apartment and turns on the news where a news anchor is reporting that Omaha had missed a scheduled rendezvous with Portland and the Civic Republic, causing Beale to send a CRM reconnaissance mission to ascertain the status of Omaha, discovering that Omaha has fallen. An emotional Thorne tells Rick that the people of Omaha should've seen it coming because they let people know where they were, suggesting that people did it. While Thorne doesn't know who did it, she implies that it was likely the CRM. Thorne is more sure than ever that secrets work, and this is the answer. The Civic Republic is the place that will create the future, and Portland needs to follow their lead.

Thorne tells Rick about the little she had saved at the chemical plant and about how everyone died but the girl due to being covered in walker guts and walked with the herd she ran into Rick and Thorne. Rick, Thorne, and the girl all want to be somewhere else with someone else, but they all got stuck in the right place. Thorne thinks Rick will see that he belongs there and she saved his life by stopping him from escaping.


Rick knocks on an upset Thorne's door who had heard what had happened to Okafor. Rick tells Thorne that there's a woman who saved him who is currently in designation intake and she is an A. He asks for Thorne's help to make sure she stays, which Thorne is unsure about. Thorne questions why she should help and Rick tells her that it's for Okafor and they can still continue his work. Rick reassures Thorne that he understands and is where he belongs.

The next morning, a concerned Rick notices Thorne talking to one of the soldiers who had been overseeing the consignees, including Michonne.

That afternoon, Thorne attends Okafor's funeral, led by Major General Beale. After the funeral, Thorne fondly recalls to Rick when Okafor had found her on a ship and how he decided she was an "A". Okafor had her given the choice to either go save the world with him or be killed by him. Thorne told Okafor not to bother as she'd be dead in a few days if he left her on the cruise ship, but Okafor didn't agree with that assessment. After Thorne tried to kill him, Okafor had his gun in her face, his own blood dripping off of the barrel, and he still didn't kill her. Thorne wondered who the stupid man with the helicopter was and who he was not to pull the trigger. Rick points out that that was Throne back then, not who she is now, but Thorne is no longer sure of herself since the man who had changed everything for her is dead. Thorne suggests that maybe she was right the first time. Beale then approaches Rick and Thorne, telling them that they had both meant a lot to Okafor who saw a lot of potential in them. After a brief chat, Beale departs with Thorne in order to speak with her privately.

Thorne knocks on Rick's door and reveals that Beale has promoted her to Command Sergeant Major and gave her the Echelon Briefing. Thorne needs Rick to take over logistics at Cascadia Forward Operating Base as the CRM are accelerating the schedule and there's a lot that needs to be done before the CRM's top commanders arrive for the opening summit. According to Beale, every CRM commander, senior officer, decision maker and the entire Frontliner force. Beale also asked Thorne about Michonne, showing that Michonne is on Beale's radar, and she reflects on Thorne now. Rick reminds Thorne that she had told the CRM that it was for Okafor, which she confirms, but Thorne did it for Rick too. Rick promises to make sure that Michonne won't pull her down, which Thorne thanks him for. The two exchange a salute and before she leaves, a haunted looking Thorne tells Rick that "you didn't hear what I heard. You didn't see what I saw. You will."

Rick joins Thorne at the culling facility where she tells Rick that he's in trouble. She notices that Michonne is taking down walkers at a fast rate and she doesn't look like someone who relies on others for safety.

Later, Thorne pulls Michonne aside and introduces herself, asking how Michonne had enjoyed orientation and her first trip into the city. Michonne pointedly states that she saw some interesting artwork, and Thorne notes her lack of enthusiasm, asking if that life isn't for her, but Michonne just asks if she has another choice. Thorne has Michonne leave with herself and Rick.

Thorne takes Rick and Michonne to Okafor's secret meeting spot. Thorne tells Michonne that she doesn't know much about her, but Michonne emerged from the woods and saved the life of someone very important. Thorne questions who is Michonne, who calls herself Dana and she is just a survivor. Thorne sees through her lies since she doesn't believe she would just go and save Rick, nor would he need saving. However, Michonne continues to insist that she doesn't know Rick.

Thorne calls Michonne an A for her leadership qualities and draws a knife behind her back. Seeing this, Rick draws his gun, and Thorne asks Michonne if she would take that chance to find the answers she is looking for. Michonne confirms that her answer would be yes and Thorne puts her knife away. Thorne tells Rick that Michonne will be joining them for clearing operations at Cascadia Base, but she will only be allowed to use a kill stick as her weapon.

Thorne sends Michonne away, and Rick compliments her work on recruiting Michonne to their cause. However, Thorne is conflicted, telling Rick that Michonne is strong and Thorne's not Okafor. Thorne points out that Rick drew his sidearm, but Rick just claims that it was to back her up after Rick saw Thorne draw her knife and he's sure that Michonne isn't trying to escape.

Flying to the Cascadia Forward Operating Base, Thorne explains to Michonne that it used to be a university before the CRM turned it into a center of power with the only infantry who have seen it aside from the Frontliners being Rick and Thorne. Thorne jokes that if Michonne does well, she'll have salmon for dinner. Michonne questions what the base is protecting, and Thorne states that it's protecting the security of the Civic Republic, expanded resources and intel operations along the West Coast and the future.

At the base, Thorne holds a briefing for Rick, Michonne and four Frontliners, revealing that they have a significant sink breach on the perimeter bars with scatters already incurring. Thorne calls this the obstacle while the objective is 200 plus incoming walkers moving towards the breach. One soldier has to take the R-DIM beyond the herd, which Thorne intends to do herself.

At the breach, Thorne struggles with the R-DIM and rejects Michonne's attempts to help her. Unable to free the R-DIM, Thorne joins Rick and the Frontliners in combating the herd, Ignoring Thorne's orders, Michonne frees the R-DIM and charges through the herd with it, eventually joined by Rick. The two of them manage to succeed and most of the herd is destroyed. Rick and Michonne return to where Thorne and the Frontliners are dispatching the remaining walkers. Thorne takes aim at Michonne, preparing to kill her, but Rick notices this and jumps in between the two with a walker. A frustrated Thorne stands down and joins the Frontliners in finishing off the last of the herd.

At night, Thorne angrily confronts Rick over Michonne breaking protocol and his decision to follow her. Rick defends Michonne's actions and how Thorne needed help, but Thorne reminds Rick that they follow a chain of command or order fails. Thorne is worried about how many other people will follow her example and regrets trusting Michonne. She orders Rick to take Michonne back and never wants to see her again.

"The Last Time"[]

Inside Cascadia Base, Rick approaches Thorne who is amazed to see him still alive and asks him what happened. Rick gives a fake story about what happened to the helicopter and how Michonne died saving him. Thorne explains how she thought giving up meant weakness, but it actually shows strength and commitment to something bigger than oneself, and how it made her understand the CRM. Thorne wants Rick to understand what the CRM is doing too, which he assures that he will. She now believes the CRM's future is up to them, but not Okafor's way. Rick plays along, much to Thorne's pleasure.

Thorne leads Rick into the woods to a section of the perimeter fence where Beale is, and says that he is finally going ot get the Echelon Briefing. Later, Thorne sees that Beale isn't near the perimeter fence as Rick had claimed and enters Beale's office looking for him and finds it empty aside from Rick's prosthetic hand. Thorne instantly realizes that something is very wrong. Thorne recalls Rick enlisting her help to get Michonne into the consignment program. Thorne finally puts the pieces together and realizes that "Dana Bethune" is actually Rick's wife.

Thorne finds Rick and Michonne as they run out of a tent and holds them at gunpoint. She orders them to turn around, go back inside and undo whatever they did. Just as they walk back, a zombified Beale emerges and Rick and Michonne's set up explosion goes off. However, Thorne survives the explosion and is now wearing a gas mask. She searches for Rick and Michonne and Rick decides to rush Thorne for the mask while Michonne gets the other mask. Rick attacks Thorne who accuses him of destroying their chance and the whole world. Walkers converge on Rick, giving Thorne the chance to run away and retrieve her gun as Rick tries to fight them off.

As Thorne tries to get a bead on Rick, Michonne -- now wearing a gas mask -- attacks her with Beale's sword. Recognizing Michonne as the woman who Rick was trying to get to, Thorne demands to know how she found Rick, and Michonne tells her that she never gave up and never gave herself up like Thorne did. Michonne demands to know where Rick is, and Thorne tells her to turn around as a zombified Frontliner approaches, and Rick is cornered against a container by the walkers. Thorne shoots at the walker who Michonne uses as a shield before shoving it headfirst into the other woman's bayonet. Thorne insists that Michonne doesn't understand because in a dead world love is dead, but Michonne angrily states that love doesn't die. Kicking Beale's sword off of the ground and into her hand, Michonne gets under Thorne's guard and stabs her in the chest and reiterates that love doesn't die. Michonne drops the sword and Rick and Michonne hug. Dying from her wound, Thorne hands Rick her gas mask, and admits that Okafor was right, but Rick has to hope that Beale was wrong as well.


Killed By

During a fight between the two women, Michonne fatally stabs Thorne with Beale's Sword. Dying, Thorne gives her gas mask to Rick and is left by the couple to succumb to her wounds and reanimate.

At some point, the CRM puts down all the reanimated Frontliners, including Thorne.

Killed Victims[]

This list shows the victims Pearl has killed:

  • Possibly numerous enemy combatants (Pre-Apocalypse)
  • Many unnamed members of the little girl's group (Possibly, Zombified)
  • 1 unnamed Frontliner (Zombified, alongside Michonne)
  • Numerous counts of zombies and unnamed people





The following is a list of some of Thorne's most memorable quotes.

Season 1[]

"I'm letting you in on a secret. You are here because of me. People like you, they're not let in. You're a leader, what we call an "A". If you are allowed to live in the city, you won't work, farm, shop, read. No. You'll look for answers. You'll ask what happened here and why and to whom, and you'll seek justice based on a feeling in your gut, a feeling you can't name."
- Thorne to Michonne, "Bye"


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  • Originally, Pearl was written to be French.[1]
  • In the Episode Insider for "The Last Time", Andrew Lincoln stated that Pearl would've filled the power vacuum left by Beale's death had Rick and Michonne not stopped her and the CRM's plans.
  • Pearl is the last character to die in The Ones Who Live.
    • She is also the last character to be killed by Michonne Grimes.