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For as long as I can remember, it was just me and my uncle, you know, finding our way, and making our own luck, trying to uh make a -- trying to make a shitty world a little less shitty. But could be nice if it was the two of us doing that. Once this is all over.
―Percy to Iris about his idea for the future.[src]

Percy is a main character and a survivor of the outbreak in AMC's The Walking Dead: World Beyond. He is the nephew of Tony Delmado, working together with his uncle as a traveling performer and scam artist. He is a member of the Endlings.




Las Vegas, Nevada[]

Percy was raised by his uncle Tony after his mother walked out on him. According to Tony, Percy was a natural scam artist since a very young age.


Wyoming and Florida[]

After the onset of the outbreak Percy and his uncle, Tony, traveled around the United States and started conning people out of their supplies.


At some point during Percy's travels he and his uncle were traveling through Illinois where they encounter a CRM supply depot and commandeered a CRM truck.

Season 1[]

"Madman Across the Water"[]

At night, the Endlings hear a branch breaking outside of their camp and believe it to be a walker. As they go to confront the presumed walker, Percy steps out of the woods holding a stick.

"Shadow Puppets"[]

Aiming his stick at the Endlings, Percy demands that they stay back as Hope tries to get answers from him. The argument turns into a standoff before Felix come up from behind and holds Percy at gunpoint. Felix forces Percy to disarm himself and sends Elton and Silas to check the perimeter just in case there is anyone else with Percy. Iris pats him down for weapons and Percy insists that he was alone and taking a leak in the bushes when he heard voices. Hope asks if his intention was to rob them while Hope determines that Percy is unarmed. Iris asks where his food is, but Percy tells them that he doesn't have anything. Silas and Elton confirm that there are no signs of anyone else and the boy introduces himself as Percy.

Iris invites Percy to have something to eat and he tells them a story about two guys that he had met, Mike and Tony, who had robbed Percy a couple of days before. They had gone to a settlement that they'd heard was friendly to newcomers, but they had heard wrong. Hope sarcastically suggests that the people there might've just not liked Percy, but Percy ignores her and explains that they had found a place to camp out and when he woke up, Mike, Tony and his stuff were all gone. Percy thinks that they are in Andersonville down the road and he intends to go there and get his stuff back. Felix suggests that Percy just be grateful that they left him with his life and move on, but Percy responds that "this isn't a vigilante type deal and it ain't about the principle of it all either. Some things just can't be replaced" which Elton understands.

Aside from Felix and Silas, the Endlings sit around the campfire and Percy tells them a story about a time in Wyoming during a snow storm when he got caught by a herd on an overpass and, unable to run away climbed on top of a car and closed his eyes, waiting for the end. However, the herd turned out to be of 200 bison rather than walkers which was the most beautiful thing that Percy had ever seen. The Endlings, Iris in particular, are enamored by Percy and his stories and Percy mentions another time when he saw a Ferris Wheel in the spring in Orlando that had been turned into a pelican nest.

Hope becomes suspicious of Percy's story, wondering how he had gotten from Wyoming to Florida in just a couple of months. Percy quickly tries to claim that he misspoke, but as Felix and Silas rejoin them, Hope accuses Percy of lying about someone stealing his supplies and, as Iris and Felix try to calm her down, she accuses Percy of having his car stolen which instead which is what he really wants back. After a moment of silence, Percy finally explains that a year before, he had found a truck that had skidded onto the ice. The accident must've just happened since the engine was still warm and the driver was becoming a walker. Silas asks why Percy had lied and he explains that it's not just a working truck, it's one that's carrying barrels of refined fuel which is worth a lot in the current world.

Iris offers Percy a deal: the Endlings help him to get his truck back and Percy drives them where they need to go. Felix believes that it's too risky, but Iris points out that with the truck, they will get there in half the time and they can avoid walkers and running out of supplies. Hope suggests that they wait for Huck to return as backup, but Iris points out that Mike and Tony could be gone by then. Iris believes that the six of them together can overpower the two men and although Felix is worried that they might have guns, Percy states that he had never seen any guns with them. Silas worries that they will have to hurt Mike and Tony or get hurt in return, but Elton states that they have the element of surprise on their side which will give them an advantage. Percy questions how he knows that they won't just steal his truck and leave him in the dust, but Iris promises that they won't which Silas reinforces. However, Percy is skeptical as that doesn't mean much out here. Iris pleads with Percy, telling him that they need to get where they're going fast and it could be the difference between their dad living and dying. Felix points out that if they had wanted to steal Percy's truck, they would just do it with or without his help, reminding Percy that he's already told them where to look. Felix proposes that at dawn, they go and find the truck.

The next day, as the Endlings and Percy make their way towards Andersonville, Iris, Percy and Silas walk together with the others close behind and Iris expresses surprise that Percy has read Hamlet. Percy offers to fix Silas' boot for him and Iris asks if Percy knows any other good tricks, telling him that they've only been out of the Campus Colony for a month. Percy asks why that is given the cushy situation with modern amenities and Silas tells him that it wasn't as good as it sounds. Iris explains that the university is like a bubble and Percy warns her that if they aren't careful, they are going to get themselves killed out here. Iris states that they had made it through an inferno of walkers and crossed the Mississippi River while reminding Percy that, in comparison, he had gotten robbed and started a fight with a twig. Iris finally reveals that the real reason that they are out there is because of her dad who was sent to work on a project, but he is currently in trouble. After Iris tells him that they are out here to find and save Leo, Percy calls them lucky for still having someone to save which is even rarer than a working car. As Iris and Percy talk, Silas drops back to walk with Felix who recognizes that Silas really doesn't like Percy which he confirms, stating that he doesn't know why anyone else does. Felix simply tells Silas that we can't always control who we like.

The group reaches Andersonville where, hiding beside a building, Felix spots a curtain blowing in a nearby window before Percy's truck comes down a nearby street and passes in front of them. Percy confirms that it's his truck and the Endlings follow after it. Observing where the truck has been parked, the group discusses possible options and, while Felix wants to get eyes on both men before they move in, Percy just wants to smash and grab it back, stating that even without the keys, he can still hotwire the truck. Silas objects to doing this at all and Hope states that they need to make a decision either way. Felix decides to have the rest of the group stay in their hiding spot while he covers Percy.

Percy and Felix make their way to the truck and, as Percy opens the door, Felix keeps a lookout. Percy suddenly swears and reveals the body of Tony in the front seat. Percy and Felix pull Tony's body from the truck and place him nearby with Percy suggesting that the bickering between Tony and Mike had gotten much worse. Percy discovers that a plate has been bolted over the ignition wires and he begins searching for the keys in the truck and on Tony's body as the rest of the group joins them. Percy is unable to find the keys, but he retrieves a knife from Tony's body and insists on getting the keys back from Mike, stating that he's going to get the keys back with or without their help. While Hope and Felix want to go back to the campsite, Iris decides to go and help Percy. After Iris refuses to relent, Felix gives Iris his bag and decides to go in her place. Elton suggests keeping a lookout at the front of the building in case Mike isn't there and he decides to come back. Hope changes her mind and decides to come with Elton and Felix as backup while they leave Iris and Silas behind to look after their gear.

Finding a clothing store to be the only one not boarded up, Felix orders the other two to stay outside while he enters and joins Percy who tells Felix that he thought that he had heard something moving in the back. Felix orders a flanking maneuver with Percy going left while Felix goes right. If Mike gets the jump on one of them, the other one comes in from the side.

Quickly getting impatient, Iris puts her bag down and decides to go after Percy and Felix. Silas reminds Iris that she had promised Felix that she wouldn't and he still doesn't trust Percy, but Iris states that they can't keep being so afraid. "How are we supposed to save my dad if we are always waiting for other people to save us?" Silas thinks that Iris is talking about his hesitation in putting down walkers, but she states that it's about herself. Silas agrees not to stop her, but warns Iris that Hope probably will. Silas suggests that there might be a back way in instead of going in through the front like the others. Iris walks around the back of the building while Silas remains by the truck.

Iris locates an open backdoor to the building where she nearly attacks Percy after hearing him make noise. Iris tells Percy that she thought that he could use some help and asks where Felix is. Percy tells her that Felix is checking the other side while he was about to check upstairs. Their conversation is interrupted by a walker reaching through a nearby elevator grate and Percy and Iris head upstairs together. In a room on the second floor, the two find a cigarette burning in an ashtray while someone splashes around in the bathtub in the next room. Percy retrieves his truck keys from the clothes on the bed, but as they leave, he finds his stuff in another room nearby. Giving Iris the keys, Percy orders her to find Felix and get the truck started while he retrieves his stuff and takes Mike and Tony's as well.

As Iris heads back downstairs, she suddenly hears the sound of Percy arguing with someone followed by a gunshot. After a moment's hesitation, Iris heads back upstairs to check on Percy, only to find the bags that he was going after empty and that "Mike" in the bathroom is actually a walker chained up in the tub. Hearing a noise, Iris discovers Percy escaping outside with a bag and she calls after him. After hesitating for a moment, Percy flees, chased by Iris who falls into a dumpster in the process. Hope chases after the truck, but she fails to catch up to it as Percy jumps in the back and escapes. As Iris struggles with two walkers in the dumpster and a herd approaches, Felix opens the dumpster and puts down one of the walkers before Iris is unexpectedly saved from the one that she's fighting by Percy. Tony returns in the truck, running over several walkers and yelling at the Endlings to get in. The group quickly jumps in the back of the truck and Tony drives off as the herd closes in, running over the head of a fallen walker in the process.

After reaching safety, the Endlings confront Percy and Tony about their con. Percy admits that they did in fact con them, but he states that they came back to help them when they saw the herd coming. Hope argues for just taking the truck and leaving Percy and Tony to the walkers, but Tony angrily reminds them that they had just saved their lives, explaining that when they saw the herd coming, Percy, who is his nephew, had him turn around. Felix asks if they should just be grateful that the two grifters had changed their minds, but Tony states that "out here, that's pretty much as good as it gets."

Later, the Endlings sit around their campfire where Tony displays a magic trick to them, much to the amazement of Elton, Silas and Felix while Iris is despondent over the events. Hope asks if Tony is just a professional scammer and Tony introduces himself in a grandiose fashion as Tony Delmado, the resident illusionist at the Paradise Lounge in Las Vegas for fifteen years. Tony is impressed with Elton's knowledge of magic and tells everyone that he had dabbled in a lot of things including illusions, card tricks and ventriloquism, the latter of which comes in handy with the state of the world as it is. As far as Tony is concerned, he's still in show business: for a small fee at friendly settlements Percy and Tony will perform which is why his makeup job to look dead is flawless. Hope asks if Percy is Tony's protegee and he explains that Tony had raised him after Percy's mom took off. Tony calls Percy a quick study who was grifting kids in the sandbox and Percy tells everyone that it's how they get what they need without hurting anyone. Upset, Iris sarcastically tells them that they deserve medals or something and leaves.

As Iris sits next to the boat, Percy approaches her and asks if she intends to stay mad at him forever. Iris orders Percy to stop pretending to care and she accuses him of taking her for everything that she's worth. Iris is upset that her instincts were wrong, but Percy reassures her that Iris does have good instincts: she came back up the stairs to help him. While Percy has run this con a dozen times before, people always take the keys and run while Iris was the only one to go back for him when she heard the gunshot. Iris seeing him as someone worth saving was what had inspired Percy to go back as he wants to be the person that Iris saw him as. Before he leaves Iris alone, Percy tells her that it's on him now to prove that he can be more like her.

That night, Iris leans against Hope as Percy and Tony set up a shadow puppet show, but she is still obviously upset when she sees Percy. Watching Percy, Silas comments to Felix that some people make it look easy starting over. Iris admits to Hope that she wishes that she knew which part of Percy is the lie and which is real, but Hope calls Percy the same as them, everyone having parts that they want people to see and other parts that they want to hide, but it's all real. Percy and Tony put on a show depicting the end of the world which the Endlings enjoy, although they grow somewhat more somber and Hope starts silently crying as the story gets sadder and sadder.

"Truth or Dare"[]

Iris and Percy unload crates of books from the back of the truck and Iris is impressed by Percy's taste in books, suggesting that if he needs someone to read them to, she is there for him. Percy walks off followed by Iris while Silas watches Percy closely.

That night, Tony dramatically presents a CRM map to the Endlings which has no landmarks designated or points of interest labeled. While the map, to all appearances, looks to be useless, looks can be deceiving. Percy brings his uncle a wooden box with a few plastic squares and Tony holds one up, explaining that when Percy first discovered them in the truck, they had reminded Tony of the colored lenses that he used in his Prism of Light illusion. As a result, Tony has discovered that you set the squares up at proper distances, shine a beam of light through them and symbols appear on the map, in this case, oil drops, which Tony identifies as hidden CRM fuel caches and all of the gas that they need. Percy adds that the ones that he and Tony have hit so far have mostly just been shacks with landing pads and they were all unmanned and unguarded where helicopters touch down, refuel and take off again. Huck is excited, stating that she can't believe it, while Iris becomes intrigued.

Later, the Endlings gather around the table where Iris shows them the CRM map that Kublek had given to her and Hope before they left the Campus Colony. While some of the markings on the decoder overlays didn't form symbols on Tony's map, when she tries them on this map, they do. Iris points to a symbol on the map that Elton recognizes as a DNA strand. Felix realizes that Iris thinks that it's the research facility and she asks him what else it could be. Hope is excited that they now know where to find their father and while Silas smiles at first, he gets upset and jealous when he sees Iris and Percy smiling at each other.

Upstairs, Percy offers Elton, Silas, Hope and Iris a drink which everyone but Silas accepts. Hope calls it not as good as her own, but agrees that they should party. Taking seats in a circle, Percy gives Iris some gloves for her cold hands and suggests that they play truth or dare. When Iris chooses truth, Percy asks what she would do right now if she could and Iris responds that she would hit the Louve and see some good art, but Percy fakes falling asleep out of boredom as Iris starts to go into more detail. Laughing, Iris insists that the Louve has the best art in the world, and, although she knows that it probably isn't even standing anymore and that even if it were, she doubts that she'd ever get to see it, Iris still dreams of going there which Percy calls fair enough. The Endlings, aside from Silas, share a toast to dreaming and never saying never while Silas only just watches Iris and Percy.

As the game continues, Hope chooses truth and Percy interjects to ask her what the worst thing that Hope has ever done is. Defensively, Hope asks what kind of a question it is and points out that it isn't even Percy's turn. Percy presses her and, taking a drink, Iris tells him that back at the university, she locked the faculty bathroom and spiked the teachers' coffeemaker with laxatives. Everyone but Percy laughs with Iris confirming that Hope really did do that. However, Percy isn't satisfied and he asks Hope for the truth and while she insists that it is the truth, Percy doesn't buy it, asking if Hope thinks that she can con a conman. Percy continues to press Hope and Silas angrily orders him to stop. Having had enough, Hope tells Percy that the worst thing that she's ever done is agree to play the game and she storms off, followed by Elton. Percy insists that he was just playing around and Iris tells him that Hope knows.

The next day, the Endlings drive to the CRM fuel depot where Hope, Iris, Felix, Huck, Percy and Tony stand outside of the entrance while Silas and Elton wait by the truck. Tony tells the others that there is a stash of refined CRM fuel just ripe for the taking somewhere inside and Huck notes that it's a big place, deciding that they will split up, start at the bottom and work their way up. Felix asks if these places are clear of walkers which Percy confirms as far as they can tell since the CRM keeps their things locked up pretty tight. However, this isn't a problem for them as Percy, Tony and Felix are good at lockpicking. Iris tells the others that they should still stay alert nevertheless and they head out with Hope taking a moment to look back at Silas and Elton.

After hearing a gunshot, Iris, Felix, Percy and Tony rush in and ask what happened, but Hope simply tells them that Huck saved her. Huck tells the others that Walter had radios and supplies while Felix reveals that they found the fuel. Flipping through some notebooks, Tony states that they found something else too locked in a cabinet. Percy asks what they are and Tony calls them something to potentially work with.

After the Endlings stop at a recreation center for the night, Iris stops Silas in the hallway, telling him that Tony has something that he wants to say to the group. Tony announces that after talking it over with Felix, he and Percy have decided to extend the terms of their agreement with the others. Percy states that instead of just dropping them off, he and Tony want to stick around and do what they can to help them find Leo. Felix orders everyone to get some sleep as they leave first thing in the morning and Tony heads off to charge up the radios and top off the tank while Hope and Iris hold each other's hands for a moment. Percy asks Iris to see her by the truck in an hour, telling her that it's just gonna be him there and that he needs to get his gloves back. Iris tries to give Percy back his gloves immediately, but he claims that his hands aren't cold now but that they will be in about an hour. Iris agrees and she walks off while Silas watches jealously and eyes Percy's liquor.

An hour later, Iris approaches the truck and finds it set up with candles, pictures of artwork and the art books that the pictures have been cut out of. Smiling and laughing Iris picks up one of the books and ends up falling asleep with it. Awhile later, she awakens to the sound of shattering glass and somebody running away. Getting up, Iris goes inside looking for Percy and finds Tony with his head bashed in in one of the bathrooms. Calling for help, Iris notices Silas' Wrench lying bloody next to Tony's dead body and a trail of blood leading to a broken window that she realizes must've come from Percy. Felix runs in and stares at Tony's body in shock while Hope, Elton and Huck run in and join them. Drawing his gun and having Huck cover him, Felix makes his way to where somebody is visible in a stall. Opening the door, Felix is shocked to find Silas passed out with a bottle of liquor next to him and covered in blood. Silas wakes up and looks silently at Felix.

"The Sky Is a Graveyard"[]

Felix states that they had looked for Percy for hours, following his blood trail to the river. Felix believes that even if Percy had survived his injuries, he never could've survived the current and he would've drowned. The Endlings are divide over Silas' possible guilt in Tony's murder and Percy's possible death with Silas having no memory of the attack. Elton later tries to follow Percy's trail himself in the hopes of finding Percy or evidence to exonerate Silas without any success. After finding Iris' drawings in Silas' belongings, Hope suggests that Silas had attacked Tony and Percy out of jealousy over Percy's growing relationship with Iris.

After burying Tony, Hope tells Iris that she and Huck had left grave markers for both him and Percy. Silas later confesses to Iris that he had actually killed his father and he claims to have killed Tony and Percy as well. As such, Silas chooses to exile himself from the Endlings for the safety of the others.

"The Deepest Cut"[]

While following a blood trail, Elton comes across a walker who is put down from behind by an injured Percy. Percy recognizes Elton and asks how Elton found him before collapsing. Elton rushes to the unconscious Percy's aid, but hears the sound of more walkers growling in the distance.

Elton drags the unconscious Percy across a field near a river, struggling on his own with how heavy his friend is on top of the belongings that Elton is also carrying. Elton finally stops and Percy gets up and asks Elton why he's doing this as Percy is going to die. Elton admits that he needs to try and save Percy because he takes the wind leading Elton to Percy as a sign that he's supposed to save him. Percy says that he can't fight that and that it took Elton's dad and his mom who had freaked out and started shooting people. Elton angrily orders Percy to shut up, insisting that he is nothing like his mother and Percy asks if Elton is like Hope. Elton shakily defends Hope, stating that Hope was little while Amelia has no excuse for what she did. Percy suggests that if Elton really is hell-bent on saving him, Elton needs to find where Percy is leaking and patch him up before Percy bleeds out.

Elton realizes that he's hallucinating Percy talking to him out of stress and tries to shut him up, but Percy suggests that Elton's scared to find out what Silas did to Percy with his wrench. After a moment, Elton declares that he's not scared and checks out Percy's shoulder wound. "Surprise, Rocket Man. I got shot," states Percy.

Elton treats Percy's wound, begging Percy to wake up and tell him who shot him. Sitting up, Elton's hallucination of Percy asks if it even matters who did this and what he's putting on the wound. Elton explains that it's a poultice to draw out the infection, assuming that Percy didn't get something serious like staph or MRSA. As Elton wraps up his shoulder, Percy insists that Elton is wasting his time and that Percy is dying. Elton refuses to give up, but Percy draws his attention to a small herd of four walkers making their way across the field towards Elton and Percy.

Elton desperately tries to drag Percy away without much luck while his hallucination of Percy insists that it's useless as Percy is just going to die anyways. Percy reassures Elton that it's okay for Elton to walk away and save himself, but Elton refuses, insisting that he's not his mother. Percy tells Elton to look around and that it's over for him, but not for Elton. With a little bit of time before the herd reaches them, Elton sits next to Percy who calls it a crazy world "full of good people who sometimes disappoint us, but stand beautiful." Elton is no longer just the guy behind the camera, he's a part of the world now. Elton tells Percy that that wasn't what this was supposed to be and Percy comments that it never is.

Percy calls Elton not wanting him to die a noble thing, but states that trying to save a guy who's probably already dead is not worth it. Percy encourages Elton to live and save other people down the line who can live to change the world. Elton believes that they only have 15 years before they go extinct, but Percy challenges his belief in this. Elton insists that his mom believed it to be true, but Percy suggests that Amelia had more faith in people than he thinks because if Elton is right, why would she have had children in that case. Percy thinks that despite what she wrote in her manuscript, deep down Amelia believed that people still stood a fighting chance. Percy encourages Elton to experience the world and to fight for it and be brave like Amelia knew that he could be. As Elton starts crying, his hallucination of Percy vanishes. Rather than abandoning Percy to die, however, Elton takes down the herd and protects his friend.

The next morning, Elton continues to sit in the field with an unconscious Percy as a storm starts up. Adjusting Percy's jacket to make it warmer for him, Elton finds a radio in the pocket and attempts to raise his friends. Elton manages to raise Huck and tells her that he's with Percy who's hurt. Huck asks Elton to tell her where they are, but as he starts, Percy wakes up and stops Elton, revealing to Elton's shock that Huck was the one who shot him.

"In This Life"[]

Dragging a wagon carrying Percy and their belongings, Elton makes his way to an old factory, having been drawn by the smoke from the fire outside. Silas emerges and tells Elton that he shouldn't have come and Elton hugs Silas, stating that he'd followed the smoke hoping that it was Silas. Elton excitedly tells Silas that he brought Silas' bag and his headphones and cassette player which Elton had retrieved for him. Elton draws Silas' attention to the wagon and the injured Percy who sarcastically tells Silas that he's doing great.

Sitting inside the factory, Percy explains to Silas and Elton that Huck shot Tony and Percy just ran, thinking that he was next and that he couldn't yell for help because of the rest of the Endlings were all in on it. Huck is the one who has blood on her hands after what she did to Tony and Percy. Silas is confused as to why Huck had murdered Tony and framed him, but neither Elton nor Percy know. Elton tells Silas that all they know is that it wasn't Silas who starts silently crying with relief at the knowledge that he isn't a monster and he never was. After a moment, Silas becomes concerned, realizing that Hope and Iris are still with Huck and he tells Elton and Percy that they have to save them.

Studying a map, Elton tells Silas and Percy that the others have to be a ways ahead of them by now and Percy states that they are a hundred miles ahead and gaining which is more than a ways. Silas promises that they will figure it out and Elton begins packing away the map. Noticing Percy in pain from his shoulder wound, Silas offers his condolences about Tony's death and tells Percy that he's glad that Percy is okay and apologizes for his earlier behavior. Percy just wants to focus on catching up to the others and finding Huck, promising that Huck will pay for what she did and it's going to be him that does it.

Hearing a truck engine, Silas, Elton and Percy go to the window and spot a CRM truck pulling up and CRM soldiers get out. Percy suggests that since they are close to the fuel depot that the Endlings had raided, the CRM must've been there and seen the smoke from the fire just like Elton had. With the soldiers heading for the factory, the three quickly flee.

Sneaking outside at night, the three find the factory surrounded on both sides by CRM soldiers. Elton reminds the others that they have the CRM's truck, their maps, stole their gas and Elton radioed Huck on an open channel. As a result, the CRM might've overhead the radio conversation and put two and two together that the people at the factory are the ones responsible for everything. Silas tells the others that he might know a way out and to follow him. Silas leads Elton and Percy to a gate with Percy's wound reopening and bleeding badly along the way. Percy orders the other two to leave him behind because his wound is slowing them down and the blood will just lead the CRM right to them. Elton refuses to give up on his friend and gets them through the gate.

Looking back, Silas has a flashback to Iris telling Silas that he'd saved them twice now, Felix promising him a fresh start, Elton reassuring Silas that he isn't a monster, putting down a walker at the high school, holding up the rack of tires at the Blaze of Gory and playing in the treehouse ending with Iris telling him that Silas saving them is what matters. After Elton and Percy get through the gate, Silas tosses his belongings through after them and closes it. Elton asks what Silas is doing and, cutting his hand, he explains that he's saving them so that they can save the others. Silas tells them not to worry about him, promising that he will be okay no matter what happens. Both Elton and Percy protest that Silas doesn't have to do this, but Silas explains that the CRM doesn't know that Elton and Percy are here and getting Silas will slow them down. Silas orders Percy to protect Iris and keep her safe, but to not be the monster no matter what Huck did to him. Silas thanks Elton for believing in him when he didn't and calls Elton his best friend. With the CRM trucks approaching, Silas orders the two to go before they are seen and walks away. Percy tells Elton that there's nothing that he can do and they have to go. Reluctantly, Elton picks up Silas' belongings and follows Percy away.

The next day, Elton and Percy walk through a field and Percy wonders where the CRM took Silas and how they're going to find the others, and what they're going to do, but Elton doesn't know the answer to any of his questions. Elton knows that they're going to figure it out and that while what lies ahead won't be easy, they're a part of it now. While Elton used to think that they were the last of the species, so much has changed and he's seen the impossible happen which is how Elton knows that they're going to find the others and save them. Elton is confident that they can do the impossible and that they are going to make their lives count, not because they're the last generation, but because they're the beginning.

Season 2[]

"Exit Wounds"[]

Riding a horse with Percy, Elton looks at a map and tells his friend that they can still find their friends and that losing Silas' belongings wasn't an omen. Percy wonders who said that it was an omen and Elton tells him that they had no choice but to ditch the bag or get eaten by walkers. However, Elton thinks that it worked out because they found Teresa, as Elton has named their horse, out of the blue shortly thereafter. Elton optimistically states that they are gaining ground now and can catch up to the others, but Percy is much more pessimistic about their chances, especially after what Huck did. Noticing a plume of smoke, Elton and Percy dismount and find Asha and Dev eating beside a fire. Hungry, Elton and Percy make their way towards the two.

Getting close, Percy comments on the homemade nature of Asha and Dev's weapons and the signs that they're alone and camped there overnight meaning that they're pretty far from home. Elton wonders how Percy knows that Asha and Dev have a home and Percy points that their turnips are all the same shape and size and are harvested. Percy thinks that conning them out of their food should be a piece of cake and the two argue about stealing the food rather than just asking for some of it. Although Elton believes that Asha and Dev seem like good people, Percy points that Huck did too and it "turned out she was only good at shooting people." Citing the fact that he's been out there a long time, Percy tells Elton that "the world does shit to people. Even the good ones." However, Elton refuses to stoop to that level and tells Percy to wait while he goes to Asha and Dev alone.

Elton approaches Asha and Dev, telling them that he comes in peace. As Dev holds Elton at knifepoint, Asha pats him down. Dev asks if Elton is alone and he admits that he has a traveling companion named Percy who's a good guy and hung back. With Elton coming up clean, Dev goes to look for Percy while Asha asks what Elton is doing out there and Elton explains that he was looking for his friends who were heading east looking for their father but instead might've run into trouble. Asha wonders if Elton and Percy intend to save their friends by themselves and Elton agrees that they will if they find them. They've been traveling for awhile now and came across Asha and Dev's camp and while avoiding people is the smart move, Elton and Percy haven't eaten in days. Elton starts to ramble a bit about having decided to ask for help out of hunger before Asha stops him. Dev rejoins them, having failed to find Percy and Asha tells her brother that Elton claims to just be looking for food.

Asha gives Elton a canteen and some food before introducing herself and Dev. As Elton starts to introduce himself, he gets distracted noticing Percy rummaging through Asha and Dev's wagon and stealing food from it. Noticing Percy too, Asha grabs her axe and Elton tries to defuse the situation as Asha realizes that they are a couple of conmen. Elton admits that technically, Percy was a conman and Percy runs off with Elton, chased by Asha and Dev, Asha flinging her axe at them and hitting a tree instead.

Elton and Percy flee through the woods and hide as a herd emerges. Percy tells Elton that they will wait for the herd to pass and then circle back to the horse. Watching as Asha and Dev fight the empties with their axe and spear respectively, Percy decides not to wait and runs off with Elton. As they run, Elton trips and falls. Looking around, Elton and Percy realize that the clearing is filled with empties buried in leaves and flowers with Elton laying on top of one. Elton backs away from one towards a tree stump while another one trips Percy. Elton inadvertently backs into an empty that is by the stump and while he and Percy struggle with the empties, Asha takes out one of the ones menacing Elton with her axe while Percy manages to stab the one that he's fighting in the head before it's pulled off of him by Dev. Asha kicks another empty to the ground and curb stomps it while Elton, after a struggle, manages to reach Asha's axe and put down the other empty menacing him. As Asha begins to help Elton up, a previously unseen empty emerges from the ground next to him and bites at Elton's left arm before Asha smashes its head in with a log.

Asha pins Elton down to have Dev amputate his arm, but Elton shows them that he is not bitten as his suit protected him. Taking an interest in the suit, Asha steals it for herself and she and Dev tie up Elton and Percy. Asha removes an empty's eyes and replaces them with flowers before she and Dev pray over the bodies.

With Asha riding Teresa, she and Dev transport Elton and Percy in the back of their wagon, ignoring Percy's questions about their destination. Percy wonders what Asha and Dev had been doing and Elton tells him off for trying to steal from the siblings. "The world's a shitshow. I told you, you either accept it or you die. That's just how it is," states Percy. As they start to pass toxic warning signs, Dev stops the wagon and covers Elton and Percy's heads with hoods as he and Asha don gas masks.

After reaching their home, the Perimeter, Asha cuts Elton and Percy loose, addressing them both by name, leaving Elton confused as he had never told Asha his name. Dev leads a confused Iris over and she hugs Elton and Percy, shocked and relieved to see the latter, having feared that Percy was dead. Iris explains that she and Felix had found Will and Felix and Will are currently out on patrol. Retrieving Silas' Wrench from the wagon, Dev explains that he and Asha had found it while looking for their missing horse - Teresa the same horse that Elton and Percy had found. Elton realizes that Asha and Dev had known who they were the entire time and Asha explains that their mom runs the Perimeter and Iris had told her how the Endlings got separated. Asha and Dev were originally just going to bring Elton and Percy to the Perimeter, but when Percy had tried to steal from them, the siblings had decided to have some fun. Annoyed, Percy tells Asha that she has a really screwed up way of having fun. Elton asks Iris about Hope, causing her to become somber. Iris informs Elton and Percy about the destruction of Omaha and the Campus Colony, the CRM's attempted murder of Will and her belief that the CRM is responsible for the destruction of their home.

That night, Iris treats Percy's gunshot wound, reassuring him that she knows what she's doing and that it's just until the Perimeter's medic can look it over in the morning. Percy notes that Iris seems different, and Iris has him remove his shirt so that she can clean the exit wound. Iris thanks Percy for surprising her with the art in the truck on the night that he got shot and Percy wishes that he could've been there. Iris tells him that he's here now which is all that matters. After what Huck did to his uncle, Percy wants revenge which Iris gets. The CRM keeps taking: her dad, Hope and Silas if he's even still alive. But Elton and Percy found them and it's a second chance and they just have to make it count.

Hearing a noise outside, Iris exits the house to find two Perimeter guards escorting Hope and Huck into the center of town. Seeing Huck outside, Percy grips his knife tight in anger.

"Family Is a Four Letter Word"[]

From inside of the house, Percy watches the reunion of Hope, Iris, Felix and Huck. Seeing the Perimeter guards lock the weapons in the armory, Percy walks away from the window.

In a flashback, Silas purposefully injures himself so that Elton and Percy can get away from the CRM.

In the present, Felix notices Percy leaving the armory and heading into the woods with Huck's rifle. Discovering the discarded medical supplies in Will's house, Felix realizes that Percy is still alive and is going after Huck.

In the woods, the vengeful Percy takes aim at Huck as she stops to admire one of the Perimeter's sculptures. Will spots Percy preparing to shoot Huck and, unable to bring himself to shoot Percy with his bow, Will instead runs between Huck and Percy, revealing his survival to her and alarming Felix who witnesses this and runs over as well. Huck is shocked to see Will and he explains that they had to make the CRM think that he was dead in order to throw them off of his trail. Will reveals to Huck that the CRM were trying to kill him and that they'd killed Romano and want him dead. With Felix and Will blocking his shot, Percy leaves.

Will later tells Felix that he read Percy the riot act for his actions.

The next morning, Percy knocks on Iris' door and offers to come back later if he has to. Iris invites him in, and Percy sits on the bed with her. Iris asks how Percy is holding up and Percy tells her that killing empties is easy and Percy has lost track of how many he's put down, but killing a person is different. Percy never wanted anything more in his life and Iris acknowledges that Percy had wanted justice for Huck killing his uncle and trying to kill him. Iris admits that they are both willing to go a little further than most people to get justice. Iris had thought that Hope was like that too. Percy takes her hand and Iris asks if Percy is mad that Will had stopped him. Percy states that while Huck shouldn't be able to walk around like what she did doesn't matter, but he should've been thinking about everyone else: Will, Felix and Iris. Iris kisses Percy, but he ends it after a moment and leaves.


Iris, Percy, Felix, Will and Elton make their way through the woods towards the culling facility where Silas works, putting down several empties as they go. Elton, now armed with an axe, asks if Iris really thinks that their plan is going to work and she says that she does, but Elton doesn't respond when Iris asks about his thoughts on the success of their plan. Elton asks how Hope is and Iris says that she's good and that Elton can ask her himself this time tomorrow.

The group spots a large herd moving in the same direction that they are, and Will confirms that the facility should be just over the upcoming ridge. Loud music begins drawing the herd towards the facility and Felix warns the others that it won't be long before the music fills the whole area with empties. Seeing that the area is filled with empties, Will comments that they are going to need an exit strategy. Spotting a creek bed filled with the undead, Felix decides to lure as many as he can into it and keep things clear while everyone else keeps moving. Will argues with Felix about Felix remaining behind alone and Iris tells them both to stay while she, Felix and Elton go on ahead. Percy adds that they'll go in, make contact and get out. If the things get dicey, they'll split, and Elton promises that they'll be "smart and safe. Just like you taught us." With Will agreeing with them, Felix gives in and provides final instructions to stay low and watch for spotters which Iris finishes for him. Left alone, Felix and Will begin luring empties in and knocking them into the creek bed.

Closing in on the facility, Iris, Percy and Elton stop as they see Grady and Tiga emerge through a break in the fence, followed by Silas. Grady and Tiga give Silas instructions on how to fix the fence and leave to cover the north end until Silas is back. Once they're gone, Iris moves to greet her friend despite Percy trying to get her to wait. As they approach, Silas puts down an empty with his kill stick and is surprised to see his friends there. Telling Silas that he's glad that he's okay, Elton hugs Silas while Percy pats him on the back, telling Silas that it's good to see him before moving towards the break in the fence and Iris just smiles at him.

Inside Dennis' workshop, Iris, Percy and Elton catch Silas up on the destruction of Omaha and the Campus Colony. Silas is shocked and upset to hear that everyone, including his uncle, is dead and Elton apologizes, knowing that it's a lot, but the Endlings had never thought that it would all be gone. Silas asks if the CRM took Hope and Percy reveals that Huck is one of them and had been playing the group the whole time for the CRM. Percy wonders if they're safe there and Silas reassures his friends that Dennis left for the research facility and the others don't come into the workshop much. Silas optimistically suggests that since he's treated okay at the culling facility, Hope and Leo are treated okay too. Iris reminds Silas that an entire city is gone as well as the university and if they are right about this, then the CRM has committed genocide. Iris admits that they don't have proof, but they know that the CRM did it.

Elton explains that they have a way in, and Will knows a way out and shows Silas a map. Pointing out a location on the map, Iris explains that it's the Detritus Service Terminal where all of the biohazard waste gets taken out. According to Will, Dennis has access to it, a keycard. Percy tells Silas that the next day he needs to take the card and one of the facility's trucks, make his way to the terminal and open the door at exactly 2 p.m. Iris adds that they will time it so that they're ready on the other side at that time. They'll take off and head right for Portland. They can tell Portland what happened, and they can keep them hidden. However, Silas will only have a 20-minute window at best. As soon as he's a mile out, long-range security will spot him and call it in to the gate guards. If Silas hasn't checked in with official business by then, they'll come looking.

Silas asks what if he can't, pointing out that he's just starting to be trusted at the culling facility. However, Iris tells Silas that he's the only chance that they have. Silas suggests asking Dennis for help, thinking that Dennis can be trusted, but Percy tells Silas that Dennis is part of the CRM, the enemy, and he just wants Silas to think that he can be trusted. Silas insists that Dennis is not like Huck, believing that Dennis couldn't know that the CRM committed genocide and be alright with it. However, Percy believes that Dennis will betray them and get them killed, stating that the CRM are liars and the reason that the only family that they have is dead. Iris knows that it's a lot, but time isn't on their side, and they can't do this without Silas' help. Iris asks if Silas is in, but Silas, overwhelmed, just walks away without a word.

Iris and Percy impatiently wait for Silas to make a decision and Elton reassures them that Silas will come around. Iris reminds Elton that they exiled him, but Elton points out that Silas had exiled himself. Unable to take it any longer, Iris goes to talk to Silas, leaving Elton and Percy behind. Iris tells Silas that she felt sick when she heard that Silas had turned himself in and both admit that they weren't sure if they were going to leave him alive and Iris only let him away because she thought it was what he wanted. Silas tells her that's not why he's hesitant to help, it's just a lot to take in which Iris acknowledges. Iris confirms that she's sure that it was the CRM that destroyed their home, and they have to get Hope and her dad out and Silas too. Iris pleads for Silas to help them, and he finally agrees. Elton and Percy join them, having been eavesdropping and Silas promises to be at the Detritus Terminal at 2 p.m. the next day. Iris tearfully hugs Silas and thanks him, ordering to leave if something happens and they don't make it there in time. If Silas waits for them, he'll get caught. Iris wants Silas to take care of himself and not worry about them if something happens. Silas agrees and Elton and Percy leave after saying their goodbyes. Before she leaves, Iris hands Silas a drawing that she had made of the Endlings and he smiles at the picture.

At the Perimeter, Indira is surprised to learn that their plan is to turn themselves in. Iris clarifies that it's just her and Felix and Dev asks about Elton and Percy. Elton explains that they're not the CRM's priority and it's better if they stay on the outside, although Percy is less than happy about it. Felix states that they are going to approach from the south so that it doesn't look like they crossed through the Perimeter's territory. Indira worries that a willing surrender may draw suspicion, but Asha suggests instead that they turn Iris and Felix in and make it look like the Perimeter caught them. Indira agrees that it would look less suspicious, and it would show the CRM that the Perimeter is honoring their agreement.

Iris is surprised that Indira would be willing to do that, but Indira is more worried about her friends: escaping will be dangerous and from what she saw, Hope wasn't too eager to leave. However, Will tells her that that was before Hope knew the truth and Iris adds that Hope is her sister and she'll leave. Will adds that once they're out, they'll pick up him, Elton and Percy a mile west of the Perimeter. The Endlings will lay low - possibly at the underground mall near Cornell that Dev had mentioned to them - and then once things blow over, they'll head west. Indira warns them that things don't just blow over with the CRM and they'll be all alone if they need help on the inside. Percy reveals that he and Will have found a way to get a message out if the plan changes through a dead drop. The Perimeter's supplies come in late in the day on the first Wednesday of every month which is the next day.

Walking outside together, Elton suggests to Asha that if this plan works, the Perimeter will finally have the Endlings out of their hair. However, Asha tells him that it hasn't been so bad having them in their hair and he'll get to see Hope. Indira checks with Will that he's sure that this is what he wants to do knowing what he could lose, but Felix tells her that it's the CRM's turn to lose and Felix intends to make damn sure that they do.

That night, as Iris, Felix, Indira and Dev prepare for departure in a wagon, Percy approaches Iris, asking if she's sure that he can't come with her and help her escape from the inside as he's good at getting out of places. Percy suggests that he can pretend to be someone else, but Iris tells him that they can't risk it. Promising to see Percy on the other side, Iris kisses him goodbye and Indira approaches to announce that it's time to go.

Sitting by a fire, Elton stares at his Triceratops horn before he's joined by Percy. Having noticed the romantic interactions between Iris and Percy, Elton tells him that it's cool and Percy asks Elton about his own relationship with Asha. Elton immediately and unconvincingly denies that there's anything between him and Asha and tells Percy that they're leaving the next day and Asha's got a lot going on before trailing off and admitting that "shit's messy." Percy is upset that they don't seem to be making their lives count, but Elton thought that that's what they were doing. Staring intently at Elton suddenly, Percy tells him that he'd thought so too. Elton is confused by his friend's behavior and why people keep looking at him like that.

Shortly thereafter, Percy, now wearing Elton's jacket in order to disguise himself as his friend, rides a horse after the others. Iris and Felix are shocked by Percy's appearance and Indira warns him that they aren't far from the checkpoint, a patrol could arrive at any minute and Percy should go. Percy argues that with his skills as a grifter, he could be of great help to Iris and Felix on the inside. Felix warns Percy that if the CRM sees him, it could be over while Iris wonders if this about helping them or killing Huck. Percy admits that he wants Huck dead, but not like before, not by putting anyone else at risk. Felix is incredulous about Percy's plan to help by posing as Elton, but Percy tells Iris if she says yes, "I'll do whatever I gotta do. I'll kill a hundred of those assholes, I don't care. Whatever I gotta do to get you out safe." Iris wonders what happens to Percy then and he states that he'll finish what he set out to do, try to make it out and find Iris again. Felix apologizes to Percy, telling him that they can't risk this, but it's too late: the CRM are coming. Dev and Indira quickly move to bind and blindfold the group as CRM vehicles approach.

Elizabeth enters the holding area and greets Iris, Felix and Percy with Percy giving her a sarcastic salute when Elizabeth misidentifies him as Elton Ortiz. Iris asks if Elizabeth is the one keeping them there and she claims that she thought that it wouldn't be polite not to stop by. Elizabeth notes that they've made quite the journey of over a thousand miles of perilous miles only to have the people of the Perimeter apprehend them. Elizabeth suggests that that must've been quite concerning and Felix claims that the Perimeter residents had blades at their necks, and they thought that they were screwed until they showed their captives the map that Elizabeth gave to Hope and Iris. They told their captors that they were looking for the CRM research facility and now here they are. Iris and Percy tell Elizabeth that's it's been over ten hours and ask for something to eat. Elizabeth asks about Felix's injured ankle, noting that it must be quite odd for Felix to be on the other end of the intake questioning. Felix shows Elizabeth his ankle which she points out is freshly bandaged and asks if Indira's people helped him with it. However, Felix claims not to know who Indira is and that right before they found "Elton," they stopped at a retirement home miles back that was fully stocked, and they got lucky. Elizabeth begins to leave, and Iris asks if they are good as she really wants to see her father. However, Elizabeth tells her that while she's sure that Iris would, it's a process.

Shortly thereafter, Leo and Hope arrive, and Leo shares a tearful reunion with Iris and Felix. Hope is surprised by Iris' presence there and even more by Percy being dressed up as Elton. Hugging her sister, Iris promises to explain everything to her.

In Leo's apartment, having been informed the escape plan, Leo is surprised that they want to leave now while Hope asks why 2 p.m. that day. Felix explains that the guard shift happens at 2 and Will has got this all mapped out and it's the only way to get out of the research facility without anyone noticing. Percy adds that if they do, he's going to hang back and give them some cover while Iris states that it's also when Silas is meeting them at the Detritus Service Terminal. Hope is surprised that the others were with Silas and Iris confirms that Silas is coming with them. Leo worries that it's a long, dangerous walk to Portland, but Iris tells her father that they got to the research facility, and they'll get to Portland too. Portland needs to know what their Alliance partner did. Leo is afraid that if the CRM catches them, they could kill everyone, but Felix suggests that, if they get caught, they leverage the fact that the CRM want Leo and Hope working towards the future for their safety. With about 40 minutes left until the deadline, Iris states that this is their best and only chance to be a family again on their terms. Leo checks with Hope who reminds Leo that he said that it was about making their own choices and, right now, this is the only choice that they've got. After a moment, Leo decides that he needs to say goodbye to Lyla, suggesting that maybe she can come with them. Leo calls Lyla the only person outside of this room that they can trust, and he needs to talk to her.

As the time approaches, Hope, Iris, Felix and Percy sit anxiously in Leo's apartment with their bags packed.

"Who Are You?"[]

At 1:57 p.m., Leo tells Hope, Iris, Felix and Percy that, from what he can tell, the transmissions describe field tests conducted in the aftermath of some sort of large-scale chemical event. Leo guesses that the V symbol on the papers refers to a specific project at the research facility. Hope and Iris realize that the CRM used some kind of chemical weapon to kill everyone in Omaha and the Campus Colony and then used the empties to cover it up. Felix warns everyone that they now have exactly two minutes to meet Silas at the back terminal while Percy wonders if the documents are legitimate and not some kind of new con that Huck is planning. However, Leo insists that whatever this is, the specificity involved is real. Hope suggests that the scientists in on it didn't know or working against their will, but Iris' more cynical opinion is that they might've known exactly what they were doing and just didn't care.

Felix warns the others that they must make an immediate decision on whether to stay or go and Hope votes to stay, stating that these are people's lives they're talking about. Portland needs to know and they have to figure out what's going on and what all of this means. Felix agrees and tells the others that they need to leave word for Will and Elton and asks what they're going to do about Silas. Iris explains that she told Silas to leave if they didn't show up and to go back to the culling facility until they figure things out and that's hopefully what he did. Percy's surprised that they're scrapping the escape plan, but Iris admits that Hope's right and they need answers. Percy wonders what then and Iris firmly tells the others that they make sure that the CRM doesn't get away with it. Leo agrees and says that they're going to get some answers.

In Leo's lab, Iris asks Huck why the CRM would wipe out two whole communities, if it was for the research or if the research was just part of it. Huck states that that's what she's trying to find out, but Felix points out that Huck was a mole in both places and if anyone would know, it's her. However, Huck reminds Felix that she'd told the Endlings that she was just a part of a standard observe and report mission, at least until it became about Hope. Elizabeth Kublek was the one who oversaw the Civic Republic's dealings with Omaha and the Campus Colony while Huck was nobody. Percy is doubtful, asking Huck if shooting him and killing his uncle was her call while killing everybody else was her mother's. Huck admits that while only Major General Beale could've authorized something this big, her mother would've seen the order.

Leo asks if Huck has any idea why the CRM would do such a thing and she tells the others that, even before the CR formed the Alliance of the Three, they kept their location hidden in order to make sure that everything within its borders was kept at a statistical balance such as resources, food and population and something like an influx of people or a potential for conflict would jeopardize what they've built. Huck guesses that "someway, somehow, Beale must've thought that Omaha and the Campus Colony was a threat to that balance." Iris presses Huck to tell them where the Hidden City is as proof of her honesty, but she refuses, stating that she came to Leo for answers, not the other way around. Huck tries to take the coded transmissions and leave, but Leo snatches them back, telling Huck that he needs more time and that if she wants answers, they stay with him. Huck agrees and starts to leave, but turns back, telling the Endlings that having Indira turn them in was smart. However, she warns them that whatever great escape they think they've figured out, they haven't, and she leaves. Once Huck is gone, Felix tells the others that they need to get their note to Will and Elton and their window is closing soon to deliver it. Iris goes to write it and Felix tells her to keep it short and tell them that they are delayed and safe.

Sneaking into the transport area of the facility, Percy asks if Iris actually wrote what Felix told her to. Iris claims that she did more or less, but Percy guesses that she put in more based on how long it took Iris to write it. Percy states that he's not a narc, he's just observing. Ducking to hide from a patrolling soldier in the garage, Iris is confused by what a narc is, surprising Percy. As Percy picks the lock on the loading door, Iris asks if he's really good with the change of plans and Percy reassures Iris that he had made a promise to both her and himself. Percy is still planning on keeping both even if it's the last thing that he does, although Percy is hoping that it's not. Getting the door open, Percy states that the vehicle they're looking for has a hole in the back bumper and shouldn't be hard to spot. With Percy stating that he'll take it from there, Iris hands Percy the message hidden in a bolt and asks him if he's really not going to ask what the message says. Percy trusts Iris and he's sure that the message says what it needs to. Iris watches as Percy sneaks into the garage and hides their message.

When Elton decodes Iris' message, it reveals that they not only have been delayed, but that they intend to burn the research facility to the ground. Indira realizes that Iris and the others intend to start a war with the CRM.

After composing himself in the bathroom of his apartment, Leo tells the others that he needs to know just how much Lyla knows. Leo explains that Lyla being there for dinner means that she won't be in her lab. Leo tells Felix that he needs Felix to do something for him, but not just Felix.

"Blood and Lies"[]

As Percy gets dressed, Iris tells him that Leo has always tried to see the good in people, to see the world through other people's eyes and this is what he gets for it. Percy tells Iris that his uncle was the same way, although Tony was usually doing that to con people out of all their shit. Percy winces in pain as he puts on his shirt, admitting that his gunshot wound still hurts, but it's better when Iris is here with him. Iris and Percy share a kiss before Iris notices a commotion outside as Lieutenant Frank Newton leads Leo away for interrogation against Felix's protests. Outside, after being restrained, Felix warns Iris that the CRM has her dad and orders her to tell Hope as he's led away. Percy asks what he can do to help, and Iris suggests that Huck might know what's going on. Percy orders Iris to find Hope while he finds Huck, but Iris is reluctant to let Percy go to Huck, knowing that he still wants revenge against her. However, Percy tells Iris that this isn't about him, not yet, and leaves.

Returning to her apartment, Huck removes her jacket and gun belt and turns on the light to find Percy sitting in a chair, waiting for her. Holding a knife with Huck's gun belt fallen at his feet, Percy tells Huck that he was looking for her earlier as Iris thought that Huck could help Leo. However, Percy overheard some soldiers talking outside of the security wing and, while they didn't mention names, it was obvious that they were talking about Leo and Felix and that Huck was the lead interrogator. Percy grabs Huck's gun and aims at her as Huck sits on her couch. Huck tells Percy that if he's going to kill her, then to do it. Looking at her gun, Huck notes that it's the gun that she shot Percy and Tony with before she used Silas' Wrench on Tony. Huck admits that they both know that she deserves Percy's revenge, but maybe he doesn't do it because Percy would just be doing Huck a favor by killing her. Huck points out that if Percy kills her, he likely won't leave this building alive. Huck reveals to Percy that there's something he should know and that there's nothing that Huck, or Percy, or anybody can do to stop it. Percy asks her what she means, and Huck reveals to him what Jadis had told her about the CRM's plans.

Answering a knock on the door, Iris is relieved to find Percy and becomes concerned at what he did after seeing how distressed Percy is. Percy explains to the Endlings that there's not gonna be an Alliance of the Three anymore and Felix asks what he means. Percy suggests that maybe the CRM never intended to have allies and maybe they had just wanted to find out who their competition was. Iris asks what he's telling them, and Percy reveals that it's just going to be the Civic Republic, the CRM is going to wipe out Portland using the chlorine gas and the empties to cover it up just like they did in Omaha and the Campus Colony. The CRM intends to kill 87,000 people and they have no way to warn them as a wire would get intercepted and it would take months to reach Portland on foot. Portland won't see it coming and they won't know what hit them. Percy tells the others that it will be soon, and Hope asks how soon, but Percy doesn't know as Jadis had only said that it would be soon. Felix points out that they know where the gas is and Iris realizes that he wants to destroy the gas. Hope decides that they must destroy the research facility as well. This isn't just about saving Portland and escaping, they can't let the CRM keep the research facility. Hope wants to get the scientists and their research out and keep it going. Iris wonders how they're going to do that.

Lying in bed with Percy, Iris worries that if they let the scientists in on this, one of them could talk and even if they can pull this off, the scientists aren't fighters. Percy promises Iris that no matter how this plays out, he's seeing it through with her, even if it's not what they were thinking. Iris knows that Percy was going to kill Huck today and he admits that he wanted to, but he didn't. Iris asks why he didn't, and Percy reveals that it was because he wanted to see Iris again and that wouldn't have happened if Percy had killed Huck. Iris tells Percy that she doesn't want to leave tonight and Percy tells her not to then and they begin making out.

"Returning Point"[]

Iris tells Hope that Percy is taking down the rest of the go-bags.

As an evacuation is announced, Leo leads the other scientists, their security details to the biocontainment unit where Iris, Felix and Percy are waiting for him. Felix informs Leo that the others are already inside, but Iris admits that Hope isn't, but she promises that Hope will be there. Felix and Percy join the others in entering the biocontainment unit as Leo and Iris anxiously wait outside for Hope. As the facility enters full lockdown, Hope arrives at the biocontainment unit with Mason Beale just in time before the door seals. Looking around at the gathered people in alarm and confusion, Mason asks Hope what's going on. Hope apologizes, wishing that there was another way, but the Endlings' plan doesn't work without Mason. Felix and Percy grab Mason and drag him away, calling out for Hope and Percy welcomes Mason to the biocontainment unit.

Hope and Iris go over a blueprint with Felix and Leo, mapping out the direction that they will be traveling in. Leo warns the others that they only have 12 minutes until the CRM gets in and Leo heads off to get everybody ready while Felix goes to set the C4. Nearby, Percy unties Mason who angrily refuses to go anywhere until they tell him where they're taking him. Hope tries to intervene as Percy roughly drags Mason away, but Iris stops her. Hope protests that Mason didn't do anything, but Iris tells her that neither did and they and that there is too much at stake and they need to get it done.

When the CRM soldiers enter the biocontainment unit, four of them are killed by C4 that Felix had set. They discover that everyone has escaped into the old mining tunnels beneath the facility, having counted on the CRM initiating lockdown protocols. The Endlings had known that sealing the containment door would buy them time to escape into the old mining tunnels and used the explosives to stop the CRM from following them in. They also stole all of the research to take it with them and wiped it from the facility's central server. Jadis realizes that their actions are not just an escape plan, but a rebellion. Jadis orders Corporal Diane Pierce to shoot to kill if she sees the Bennetts or any of the scientists.

"Death and the Dead"[]

Having escaped into Lyla Belshaw's secret lab, Leo passes around controllers for the viral recorders strapped to the backs of several of the CRM test subjects which the Endlings have released into the mining tunnels with C4 strapped to their backs. Leo declares to the others that the CRM is sending them a signal so they're sending one back, reassuring the group that the CRM has brought them to this. While the others watch, Leo, Iris, Terry Ellis, Amanda Siegel and Dr. Ebersol detonate the C4, killing the fireteams searching for them in the tunnels who have just encountered and put down all of the empties. "No going back now," notes Felix. After exchanging a look with Mason, Hope detonates hers last.

Leo calls in over the radio, asking to speak to Jadis. Answering his call, Jadis admonishes Leo for killing her men, telling him that their lives might mean nothing to Leo, but they had dedicated their lives to fighting for a future, a future that the Endlings are putting at great risk for every living person on the planet. Leo tells her that the trap was only for show, and they're prepared to escalate even further. Jadis states that Leo has crossed a very serious line, but Leo tells her that the CRM destroyed their home and an entire surviving city full of living people and then tried to hide that from everyone.

Leo announces that they're done with the CRM and that they're all leaving today. Jadis doesn't think that Leo is any position to bargain with her, but Leo reveals that they have Mason Beale, giving Jadis pause. After a moment, Jadis accuses Leo of lying as Mason had left on an evacuation transport with the other students. Leo holds up the radio to Mason who hesitates to respond before Hope pleads with him to. After a moment, Mason speaks to Jadis and asks her to get him out of there. Increasingly angry but unable to do anything but bargain, Jadis asks what Leo wants and he asks for the two biggest transport trucks that she has with full tanks of gas and no tricks.

Jadis asks where they plan on going and if Leo plans on abandoning his role in finding a cure and in someday saving their entire species. However, Leo reiterates that the CRM are murderers and liars, and the scientists are no longer willing to continue working for them. Leo promises that if the CRM lets them go, the scientists will find another way to save everyone eventually, even the CRM. Jadis questions if everyone with him feels the same way and if they are all so quick to abandon the safety and security that the CRM has given them. Jadis insists that they won't find that outside of the CRM's walls and that "there is no progress out there. Only death and the dead." Jadis tells Leo to ask Hope as she's seen it. Iris, Felix and Leo give Hope surprised looks, but Leo simply tells Jadis that she has 30 minutes to get the trucks backed up to the service entrance near Guard Gate 1 and while they don't want to hurt Mason, they're prepared to escalate, causing Mason to give a worried look to Hope. Jadis agrees to give the Endlings the trucks and, as Felix heads off to meet them, furiously congratulates on Leo on roping a lot of smart people into a breathlessly stupid suicide mission.

Looking at the empty test subjects, Mason asks Iris and Percy what goes on in the lab. Percy suggests that Mason ask his father, sarcastically calling Major General Beale a real standup guy. Iris is then called away by Leo to where Hope is packing C4 into a bag and the others are preparing to leave. Felix tells Leo that the trucks are ready and Leo states he and the others are heading out and they should keep radio communications to a minimum. Iris promises to let her father know when they've made it out and reassures him that he's got this. Leo tells Hope, Iris and Felix that as long as the CRM thinks that they're all leaving and that they've got Mason, they shouldn't try anything. Hope tells her father to be safe and he jokes that he should be saying that to her and Iris. Iris promises Leo that, if this works, they'll be right behind him. The three agree to no goodbyes and Leo asks Felix to take care of his daughters which Felix agrees to and asks Leo to take care of the other scientists, reminding Leo that all eyes are going to be on Leo for this part. Stating that that's the plan, Leo and the scientists leave while Felix prepares to depart with Hope, telling Iris to watch Mason and that they'll be back in 10 minutes.

Mason interrupts their departure, calling to Hope that there's nowhere that she can go that's better. As Percy orders him to shut up, Mason asks what if the Endlings never find this kind of safety again and what if this is their last chance at a future and they blow it. Seeing Hope wavering, Iris orders her sister to ignore Mason as he doesn't know anything about what the CRM has done, and Percy suggests that it might be time to tell him. Felix gets Hope moving, leaving Iris and Percy alone with Mason.

Iris watches Mason and Percy suggests that maybe she should've gone with Felix and Hope. However, Iris is sure that Hope will be fine and she's thinking about what comes next and Iris asks if Percy ever thinks about that. The two acknowledge that a lot has happened pretty fast and it's now ending pretty fast as well. Percy tells Iris that, for as long as he can remember, it was just Percy and his uncle, finding their own way, making their own luck and trying to make a shitty world a little less shitty. Percy suggests that, once this is over, he and Iris can do that instead. Percy admits that he's always wanted to go to the Getty Museum and see what's left of it. The two excitedly discuss the idea of building a future together once they've stopped the CRM's plans.

Returning to the lab, Hope and Felix reveal to Iris and Percy that the gas is gone. Iris insists that the gas has to be there somewhere, they just need to find it. However, Felix knows that there's no time to search for it as the CRM knows that they're still here. Iris suggests using the charges to do some damage on the way out, but Hope tells Iris that Silas is already leading a herd to the research facility to do that for them. Felix declares that Hope is right, and they stick to the exit plan. Percy asks what they do with Mason and Felix tells him that that part of the plan doesn't change: they drop Mason off somewhere a ways out and radio the CRM to pick him up. Angry, Iris asks if they're just giving up on saving Portland, but Felix reminds her that they can't save anyone until they save themselves. Once they get out, they'll radio the others about the change of plans and figure it out from there.

Turning to Mason, Iris demands to know where the gas is, but Mason doesn't know, and Hope asks how he could. Iris reminds Mason that his father is the head of this place, but Mason believes that his father wouldn't do any of the things that they're accusing him of without a reason and that he's a lot more sane than any of the Endlings. Iris continues to press Mason, but he insists that he doesn't know anything about the gas. Intervening, Percy reassures his girlfriend that they're going to figure this out and the group follows Felix's orders to leave.

Making their way up the stairs to the surface, Percy notes from the gunfire outside that Silas came through for them. Iris states that the more eyes that the CRM has on the empties, the less they'll have on the Endlings. Hope tells the others that they have to get out of here or the empties will be their problem as well. Returning from checking outside, Felix announces that the coast seems clear and asks which Humvee they are stealing. Percy provides Felix with the keys that he had stolen from one of the grounds crew using Tony's Ring Around the Rosy routine and tells him how to find it.

As Hope, Iris, Felix, Percy and Mason approach the jeeps, they are confronted by several CRM soldiers, including Jadis and Huck. Felix quickly turns his gun on Mason, forcing Jadis to order her men to hold their fire. Hope and Huck exchange a look as Jadis orders Team Alpha to stand fast over her radio as they have the Bennetts where they want them. Jadis asks the Endlings to talk, just them, and gives Felix instructions on how to adjust his radio accordingly. Stating that the Endlings want out of here while the CRM wants Mason Beale, Jadis asks how they will do this. Felix tells Jadis that they will turn Mason over to the CRM unharmed once they're out which will only happen when she lets them drive off in the jeep. However, Jadis calls this unacceptable as they haven't shown her anything to make Jadis trust them with Felix telling Jadis that they don't trust the CRM either. Jadis points out that there's the CRM, the Endlings and giant herd coming and challenges Felix to see who blinks first. Jadis states that the Endlings hadn't wanted to listen and now they are all in a no-win situation. Felix swears to God that he will kill Mason if Jadis tries anything and then Jadis is out of luck. Jadis reminds Felix that he will be too as the Endlings lose their leverage without Mason, causing Felix to threaten to kneecap Mason instead. Jadis understands that they're angry and blame the CRM for all of their troubles, but this is the outcome of their own actions, not the CRM's. Iris tells Jadis that the CRM didn't give them a choice, but Jadis thinks that they just don't understand.

Iris confronts Jadis about the CRM's lies and how they covered up their genocide of Omaha and the Campus Colony. Jadis tells Iris that this is the only world that she's ever known and is far too young to understand all that has been lost. Stepping forward, Iris furiously accuses Jadis and the CRM of murdering 100,000 people. Jadis tells the Endlings that all of those people were going to die anyway and the military had made the hard decision so that the civilians wouldn't have to. "Two years ago, the CRM's modeling revealed that the Alliance would soon become a drain on the Civic Republic's resources. Omaha, the Campus Colony, Portland... had become too reliant. They'd never be fully self-sustaining. So, it was only a matter of time before thousands faced a famine of devastating proportions. At best, those thousands would have died slowly. At worst, disease and conflict would have spread through the Civic Republic itself, and then? The light of the world... extinguished forever. Death wins. We made the choice to spare them that by ending it quickly for them so that there could be a chance for humanity to survive. What we did to your home was mercy," Jadis explains. The CRM made sure that all assets were extracted, including 10,000 children, and the greatest minds were sent to the research facility to contribute to scientific progress under the CRM's protection. Jadis insists that the people who died became an essential part of their study to stop reanimation and that their legacy will be stopping the dead from walking the world.

As Huck notices a CRM sniper moving in nearby, Hope demands to know what gives the CRM the right to choose who lives and who dies. Jadis berates the Endlings for looking at the world from their limited perspectives and criticizing the CRM when it is the CRM's work that made their very existence possible. The Endlings rant about injustices and unfairness while they compromise and possibly destroy the advances of the many that came before them. The CRM makes the hard choices so that other people don't have to. Jadis tells them to take a look around at their great plan at work and claims that all they're doing is stopping the march towards scientific progress and denying the world the path to its rightful future because the Endlings are mad at them for their actions. Jadis calls it cute if it wasn't so dangerous and pathetic.

With empties approaching from behind, Felix is forced to turn and shoot them. Headbutting Iris, Mason breaks free of Percy's hold and Jadis orders her men to make one shot kills. As Percy races after Mason, the Endlings engage the CRM with Iris killing one before Huck suddenly turns her gun on the soldiers, killing the sniper and one other before holding Jadis at gunpoint and forcing Jadis to disarm herself.

After Felix kills the last two soldiers, Iris turns to find Percy dead, having been shot in the back of the head during the skirmish. As a devastated Iris cries over her boyfriend's body, Hope retrieves her sister's dropped gun and turns it on Mason. Hope accuses Mason of being responsible, but the unrepentant Mason blames Hope and her family instead. Hope angrily tells Mason that he only had to come with them, and everyone would be okay, but Mason states that it's what Percy and Iris deserved, and orders Hope to look at what they've done. Hope realizes that Iris was right about Mason, that he is just like the rest of the CRM and that he never cared. Hope blames herself for not seeing it sooner and for Percy's death and prepares to kill Mason in revenge as Felix puts down several empties and gets into jeep. Coming up beside her sister, Iris tells her not to kill Mason as she'd only be doing something to herself all over again. Remembering how she accidentally killed Amelia Ortiz on the Night the Sky Fell, Hope finally relents and drops the gun. Felix drives up and Huck orders them to go. After a last look at Percy's body, Iris climbs into the jeep and they drive off.

After reuniting with Silas and Elton, Silas asks where Percy is and realizes from Iris' devastated reaction that Percy is dead.


Killed By

While trying to stop Mason Beale from escaping, Percy is shot in the head by a CRM soldier after Anne orders her men to kill the Endlings.

Killed Victims[]

This list shows the victims Percy has killed:

  • Samuel Abbott (Zombified, Caused, alongside Leo, Iris, Hope, Felix, Terry, Amanda, and Dr. Ebersol)
  • 1 unnamed CRM driver (Before Reanimation or Zombified, alongside Tony)
  • Several unnamed CRM test subjects (Zombified, Caused, alongside Leo, Iris, Hope, Felix, Terry, Amanda, and Dr. Ebersol)
  • 15 unnamed CRM soldiers (Caused, alongside Leo, Iris, Hope, Felix, Terry, Amanda, and Dr. Ebersol)
  • Numerous counts of zombies





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  • Percy is the only male main character in World Beyond whose last name is unknown.
    • However, it's possible that Percy's last name could be Delmado, similar to his uncle.

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