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Phil's Outpost is a location that appears in Season 3 of AMC's Fear the Walking Dead.


Nothing is known about this building aside from the fact that Phil McCarthy may have owned it before the apocalypses.


Season 3

"Burning in Water, Drowning in Flame"

Troy's group arrives at the outpost to find a pile of charred bodies. They discover Phil, partially scalped and babbling nonsensically as a crow pecks at his exposed brain. Horrified, Madison stabs Phil in the head, and insists they leave. Before the militiamen can move, a Native American man named Walker confronts them with his men.

Walker declares that they attacked the outpost to take back the land that rightfully belongs to his people. Walker orders Troy's soldiers to put down their weapons and remove their boots. Troy's group complies after realizing they are surrounded by snipers. Walker warns them that if they don't abandon Broke Jaw Ranch they will all die.

"Brother's Keeper"

Newly exiled Troy survives in the wasteland. He kills a rattlesnake and cooks it over a campfire. Then writes in his journal.

Troy walks to the outpost formerly manned by Phil, who was scalped by Walker. Flies buzz around Phil's body in the chair where Walker left him dead.

Troy finds canned food in the outpost barn. He goes to the main building and retrieves a grenade launcher from a secret compartment.

He buries Phil, alone.

The next morning, Troy considers killing himself with the single bullet Walker left him. Something in the distance catches his attention. He smiles and shoots his gun into the air. The sounds of infected begin to grow.





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