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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is a location seen in Season 2 of World Beyond and mentioned in The Walking Dead.


Philadelphia is a city in Pennsylvania, and had a population of 1.526 million at the time of the outbreak. It was the largest city in the state.


During the early stages of the apocalypse, Dave, Tony and possibly others fled Philadelphia and attempted to reach Washington, D.C. due to hearing of a supposed refugee camp located there.

In "Quatervois", it's revealed that within the first year of the outbreak, the city (later revealed to be Philadelphia) had been partially reclaimed and transformed into the post-apocalyptic safe haven known as the Civic Republic. Several years into the outbreak, Magna's group briefly took refuge in a mansion outside Philadelphia before it was overrun. It's here that Luke would find a stradivarius and take it for his collection. In "The Last Light", Philadephia was revealed to be an active and thriving post-apocalyptic city, under the control of the Civic Republic Military, which serves as the home city for the residents of the Civic Republic and its seat of government.

According to Elizabeth Kublek, the Civic Republic restored running water, energy, and transportation for the city. They have an abundance of medicine, a ruling council, an extensive court system, schools, culture, substantial amounts of agricultural and manufacturing production, and an economy with tangible currency. The city also has its own active newspaper press, the Civic Republic Tribune, which details the ongoings of the city. They also have active radio shows that discuss current topics and issues going on within the CR (such as consignments), as seen in Elizabeth's apartment. According to Jadis, the city of Philadelphia (under the Civic Republic) is currently split into at least 8 wards, with Ward 8 having recently obtained a distillery with access to Brazilian sugarcane. The Civic Republic has also installed a substantial amount of wind turbines throughout the city.


  • In a teaser trailer for the Film Series, a skyline of Philadelphia is seen, hinting at the possible setting of the movies.
  • With Magna's group staying at a mansion outside of Philadelphia around the same time the Civic Republic was in control of the city, it is possible the group could have encountered members of the organization.