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"A man's no criminal for disagreeing with another unless there's violence! That sounds more like The Governor right now than me!"
—Harlan about The Governor as he is being escorted into Woodbury by Sky and the hero.[src]

Philip Blake, also known by his nickname "The Governor", is a character mentioned in the The Walking Dead Social Game. He is the leader of Woodbury.


Location Unknown

Not much is known about Philip Blake's life prior to the outbreak. He had a daughter named Penny and his wife died in a car accident prior to the outbreak leaving him and Penny to look out for each other.


Nothing is known about him other than how he survived the outbreak and lost his daughter Penny sometime during it. He ultimately kept her as a zombie, bound in his home, as he was unable to put down his own daughter.

Outside Woodbury

Sometime, as the outbreak took it's toll, "The Governor" became the leader of Woodbury and began setting up a gate around Woodbury as to keep society untouched from the new world that now surrounds them. Harlan began becoming suspicious of his activities and committed crimes inside Woodbury before leaving the town.

Waiting outside the walls of Woodbury, the hero is informed by a stranger that The Governor had authorized bounties for walkers with the reward being ammo. He is also held in extremely high regards by the community's recruiter and one of their arena fighters.


Spencer Andrea

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