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Pig Farm is the nineteenth main story mission in The Walking Dead: Road to Survival.


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Stage Required Energy Waves Enemies & Challenges Enemy Type Ally
1 11 6 Alert Enemy Survivors (alert) (Free Emma)

Walkers (Leave her)

2 11 6 Strong Enemy Survivors / Walkers depending on the choices of Stage 1 Garrett
3 11 6 Tough Enemy Survivors Garrett
4 12 6 Alert Enemy Survivors / Walkers [2] Brock / Garrett
5 12 6 Strong Enemy Survivors Garrett
6 12 6 Tough Enemy Survivors Garrett
7 12 6 Strong & Tough Walkers Brock
8 12 6 Strong, Tough & Alert Walkers Emma



  • Pig Farm Survivors


To Be Added

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