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The Pine Vista Country Club first appeared in the episode "Still", when Daryl and Beth Greene come across it after exploring the woods. 


Not much is known about the country club before the outbreak, except that it was a lavish and beautiful place where citizens of Georgia could apply for a membership, play golf, darts and pool, and enjoy drinks and meals in the bar. The facility's architecture and interior finishes speak to that of the 1970's style indicating that club had been around for decades.


Early in the apocalypse, the country club became a refuge for some of its members and staff. At an unspecified time after the outbreak, the staff of the club turned on the richer club members hanging some of them, mutilated others and painted some of their bodies with phrases such as "Rich Bitch". Whatever staff remained seemed to have fled after this event.

Season 4


Daryl and Beth come across the country club while exploring through the woods, and find the inside to be mostly ransacked. In the lobby, they find three walkers hanging from the ceiling along with the dead bodies of others from gunshots, implying they were attacked by the club staff following the outbreak (this is also implied by a room of deceased bodies with "Welcome to the dogtrot" (a type of cheaper house) etched on a nearby wall and "Rich Bitch" signs on a corpse. Beth manages to find a bottle of wine as she had previously wanted alcohol earlier, but loses it when she is forced to use the bottle as a makeshift weapon against a walker. They soon leave after finding the country club's bar as Daryl says that he can get her alcohol from somewhere much better.


  • Many unnamed club employees and guests


  • Numerous counts of unnamed people


TV Series

Season 4



  • According to Denise Huth, the photos of the country club's presidents are staff that the show had.
    • The country club presidents include: Stewart Garner, Jimmy Max, Michael White, Grover Truman, Jonathan Day, and Will Fitzgerald.