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This Pirate Layout is a location in Season 2 of AMC's Fear the Walking Dead. It is located in California, and serves as the home and base of operations of the Pirates.


Nothing is known about this location aside from the fact that both Connor and Reed worked here as dry dock workers.


When the apocalypse began, brothers Connor and Reed decided to hide out here until things got better. Seeing that it wouldn't, they started scavenging for supplies by utilizing its radar found on the docked ships to identify other ships that they could plunder and possibly take for their own use. The Pirates preferred to target mid-sized ships that were long range and could hold a lot of supplies that they could use. The Pirates recruited by rescuing people from dangerous situations and offering them the chance to join and take up a job that would benefit the group. One such role was locating and contacting the ships once Connor gave the ok, a role taken up by Jack Kipling. He would gain the trust of someone on the boat using what he called versions of his own story and reel them in so that they could be taken without a fight. Though Connor preferred to put ashore the people who he didn't invite join them, his brother Reed would execute the survivors once Connor was satisfied with the vessel and gone. Through these methods, the Pirates were able to gain five fishing boats and grew to be at least a dozen people.

Season 2


On Connor's ship, Alicia is put to work helping to locate and reel in more targets while Travis is put in a cell where he is greeted by Alex, the young woman who Victor Strand cut loose in a life raft with Jake Powell. Alex explains that after she was forced to mercy kill Jake, she was rescued by the Pirates and offered up The Abigail to them, asking in exchange for Travis who she blames for what happened to her and Jake. As The Abigail approaches, Alicia becomes suspicious due to it being too early, forcing Jack to admit that Reed typically executes the surviving crews against Connor's wishes. With Alicia frantic to find her family, Jack agrees to help her escape to look while Connor is performing reconnaissance upon a new target that they find for him.

When The Abigail arrives at the pirate base, Connor makes contact with Madison who demands that he trade her family for Reed. Connor ultimately agrees, but Reed is killed moments later by Chris who claims that Reed was dying and going to turn. However, as Chris failed to destroy Reed's brain, he reanimates and Daniel decides that they can use him. Covering the undead Reed's head with a bag to hide his state, Madison performs the trade for Travis with Connor promising Alicia once he knows his brother is alright. When Connor removes the bag, the undead Reed attacks, ripping a chunk out of Connor's arm and causing him to bleed to death while Reed attacks and kills one of the escorting pirates. Though the other tried to keep Madison and Travis from getting away, they were able to subdue him. At the same time, Alicia escaped, locking Vida in a cell on the boat and refusing Jack's offer to leave with him. Jumping from the boat, Alicia met up with her mother and Travis and returned to The Abigail.




  • Connor
  • At least 1 unnamed pirate


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