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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is a city used by Eugene and his small crew as temporary shelter on their way to Ohio. It is assumed it was overrun, similar to Atlanta, Georgia. It is also where they meet Juanita Sanchez, who goes by the nickname “Princess.”


Nothing much is known about Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania before or as the outbreak began.


Pittsburgh was probably overrun by a Herd soon after the outbreak but later was cleared almost completely of the undead. Whether naturally or by survivors is unknown.

On their way to Ohio, in search of Stephanie, Eugene and his companions, Michonne, Magna, Yumiko and Siddiq decide to enter the city and take a rest on a rooftop.

The next day they stumble across Juanita Sanchez, a lone survivor and later attend her to her shelter.



  • Possibly numerous counts of unnamed people


Comic Series

Volume 29: Lines We Cross

Volume 30: New World Order


  • Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is the third major city that appeared in the comic, the first being Atlanta, Georgia and the second being Washington, D.C.
  • The Comic Series showcases several real-world locations in Pittsburgh, such as The Highmark Corporate Headquarters Building and PPG Industries Inc Building.
  • The Comic Series was originally going to take place in Pittsburgh from the beginning before changed to Cynthiana, Kentucky.