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Plaskett Family Home is a location that appeared in AMC's The Walking Dead: World Beyond.


Season 1

"The Tyger and the Lamb"

In a flashback, Gary is briefly seen in a fight with his son for unknown reasons, resulting in Silas beating and choking him.

"The Wrong End of a Telescope"

In a flashback, Gary is briefly seen in a fight with his son and later carried out by a paramedic on a gurney, covered in bloody sheet. In the present, Silas confirms that his father has died, and asks Iris if she believes that he killed him.

"The Sky Is a Graveyard"

In a flashback, Gary sits at the dinner table with Silas and his wife, stating that the guys at the power plant intend to relax power rationing for the holidays. Gary pours some alcohol into his drink and suggests to his son that tomorrow he can take Silas to the bazar to pick out a gift for his mother. Listening to music, Silas ignores his father who yanks the headphones off.

In another flashback, Silas sits amongst the debris of a fight with he hears Gary coughing. Silas rushes to Gary's side whose face is badly beaten and who has a bleeding wound in his side. As he kneels in front of Gary, Silas remembers his father shouting at him, accusing him of being a pig and throwing a dish at his son. Gary violently slams his son against a wall and strangles him, yelling that he is going to teach Silas a lesson. Silas grabs a family picture and smashes his father in the face with it, beating him a few times across the face and jabbing him in the stomach, causing that to bleed as well. Fed up with the abuse, Silas snaps and violently beats Gary on the floor.

A knock at the door snaps Silas out of his memories. When Silas returns, Gary is gone. Looking at the broken picture frame, Silas remembers happier times with his father. Silas finds a bloody handprint on the bathroom door and the medicine cabinet a mess. Hearing noises from upstairs, Silas follows them and finds his father, back turned to him. Silas tearfully states that he didn't intend to hurt Gary and had just wanted him to stop. Gary turns around and is revealed to have died of his injuries and reanimated. Horrified, Silas grabs a lamp and shoves Gary away several times before retreating to his bedroom and locking himself in.

As Gary is outside of his door, Silas puts on loud music and remembers his father placing a boombox playing loud music on the floor during happier times and the two laying down together as Gary shows his son what a real concert sounded like in better times. Crying, Silas watches Gary pounding on the door and remembers their fight as he continues to listen to the music, plugging in his headphones and turning up the volume all of the way and not noticing Gary moving away.

After the music ends, Silas notices a lack of noise from outside of his room and his mother screaming, under attack by Gary. Silas yanks Gary off of his mother, yelling at her to get out of the house. Desperately struggling with his father, Silas manages to knock Gary to the ground and slams his head into the floor six times, putting him down for good.





World Beyond

Season 1