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Portland, Oregon, more commonly known as simply Portland after its partial reclamation, is a survivor community with around 87,000 survivors total in AMC's The Walking Dead: World Beyond. The city was also mentioned in Fear The Walking Dead: Radio Waves. They are part of the Alliance of the Three, along with the Civic Republic and Omaha.


Nothing is known about Portland prior to the outbreak began, except that it was the most populous city in Oregon with population around 585,000 at the time of the outbreak.


Fear The Walking Dead: Radio Waves

During the initial stages of the outbreak, a survivor living in Portland broadcasts a message over the radio stating that he has a boat. He goes on to state that he is evacuating Portland and that he is sailing for Japan.

Fear The Walking Dead

According to George Geary, Portland was napalmed.

World Beyond

At least one large community was active in Portland after the outbreak. At some point, this community became part of the Alliance of the Three, along with Omaha and the Civic Republic. Dr. Samuel Abbott, a scientist living in Portland, traveled to the Civic republic to assist in their research, but was killed for unknown reasons and allowed to reanimate, so that the Civic Republic could study him along with other reanimated test subjects. It is later discovered by the Endlings that the CRM intends to destroy Portland by using chlorine gas from the Civic Republic Research Facility and disguising it as an attack by a massive herd, the same as Omaha and the Campus Colony.




  • Numerous counts of unnamed people


World Beyond

Season 2


  • Portland is the third largest community in the whole TV Universe, with a population of about 87,000 people, followed by Omaha being the second largest with approximately 97,407 people and the Civic Republic being the largest with more than 200,000 people.
  • It is possible that Portland was not completely napalmed by the military, as is shown in "The Last Light", much of the buildings within downtown Portland have remained intact.