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"Quatervois" is the fifth episode of the second season of AMC's The Walking Dead: World Beyond. It is the fifteenth episode of the series overall. It premiered on October 31, 2021, the same night as "Cindy Hawkins", the third episode of the seventh season of Fear the Walking Dead. It was written by Ben Sokolowski and directed by Heather Cappiello.


Members of the group put a dangerous plan into motion, while others have serious reservations. More startling revelations come to light.


Iris, Felix, Elton, Percy, and Will kill empties in the woods. Felix estimates they're getting close to their destination.

Will leads the group towards loud music playing from the culling outpost. He warns them that empties will begin to swarm towards the music. Felix and Will stay behind killing empties while Iris, Elton, and Percy proceed to find Silas.

Iris, Elton, and Percy spot Silas with Grady and Tiga in the woods. After Grady and Tiga leave, Iris' group sneaks up and reunites with Silas.

Silas brings the group to Dennis' warehouse and processes the news about Omaha's fall. Iris accuses the CRM of genocide and solicits Silas' help getting Hope and Dr. Bennett out of the research facility. They ask Silas to use Dennis' truck and facility key card to meet them at the research facility at 2 p.m. the following day. Silas suggests they ask Dennis for help, but Iris' group refuses to trust anyone with the CR.

At a coffee shop, Huck reads a newspaper story about the military seeking to delay a shift to civilian oversight of the CR. Dennis joins her. Huck thanks him for trusting her with his truck. They discuss the civilian government's mistrust of the CRM.

Iris approaches Silas alone and begs him to help. Silas ponders the plan and finally agrees. Iris urges Silas to leave without them if they don't show up at 2 p.m.

Hope has a nightmare about CRM soldiers shooting her father. She wakes up.

Hope goes to Dr. Bennett's research lab and finds him with Lyla and two other scientists. They inform her that her yeast theory led to the discovery of several yeast strains that might accelerate decay in empties. Hope gets excited, then remembers her nightmare. She privately tells Dr. Bennett that she and Huck went to see Iris, Felix, and Will.

Iris and Felix tell Indira that they're planning to turn themselves into the CRM so they can help Hope and Dr. Bennett escape. Indira worries it will raise suspicions. Asha proposes that the Perimeter "capture" Iris and Felix and turn them in. Iris' group says that if anything goes wrong at the facility, Iris and Felix will smuggle a message to the Perimeter via their monthly CRM supply delivery.

Indira asks Felix if he really wants to go through with the plan. Felix vows to defeat the CRM.

Iris and Felix get ready to leave. Iris gives Elton the triceratops horn that he'd given her. Felix and Will kiss goodbye. Percy begs to come with Iris, but she says it's too risky. She kisses him. Iris and Felix depart in a wagon.

Percy joins Elton by a campfire. He stares at Elton and gets an idea.

Percy catches up with the wagon on horseback, wearing Elton's jacket. He insists on joining them in the guise of Elton. Before they can convince him to go back, a CRM vehicle approaches. They rush to put on blindfolds.

Iris' group sits in a holding cell at the CRM as Elizabeth watches them on a surveillance camera. Corporal Pierce says they were separately interrogated and that all the stories checked out. Elizabeth asks Corporal Pierce to summon Huck.

Huck snoops around Elizabeth's office. She unlocks a safe and finds a field log of transmissions. Her face twists into anger.

Huck leaves Elizabeth's office. Corporal Pierce finds her and says that Elizabeth wants to see her.

Elizabeth interrogates Iris' group in the cell. She notices that the bandage on Felix's injured ankle is new and asks if Indira's people bandaged him. Felix pretends not to know Indira's name. Iris asks to see her father.

Elizabeth joins Huck in the surveillance room and asks if Iris' group is a threat. Elizabeth says once they realize Hope is at the facility and they have no home to return to, they will come around. Elizabeth says that Corporal Pierce found Huck in her office and demands to know why she was there. Huck says she was merely going to ask Elizabeth to lunch.

At home, Dr. Bennett tells Hope that the research facility is a prison. Hope agrees but wonders if it's also the future. The phone rings.

Hope and Dr. Bennett are taken to the holding cell. Dr. Bennett reunites with Iris and Felix.

Silas asks Dennis if he can borrow the truck to tow some empties to the dump site. Dennis gives him the truck keys and key card and commends Silas' hard work.

Huck cooks food for Elizabeth at her apartment and apologizes for questioning Elizabeth about Omaha. Elizabeth brings up a memory from Huck's childhood, but Huck doesn't remember it. Elizabeth says Huck was so trusting as a child, and she couldn't bear the thought of anyone else destroying that.

Iris and Felix share their escape plan with Hope and Dr. Bennett. Dr. Bennett says it's too risky, but Felix suggests they use him and Hope's research skills as leverage if they're caught. Dr. Bennett agrees to the plan but insists on telling Lyla—and possibly taking her with them.

Asha admits to Elton that Indira is the one who is sick, not her. She says she's protecting Indira because some people in town would be angry if they learned she had a private agreement with the CRM. Asha says Indira will be okay as long as she gets her medical supplies. They say goodbye.

Silas leaves the culling outpost and drives toward the research facility.

Dr. Bennett looks for Lyla. Huck finds him and says they need to talk.

Silas pulls up to the research facility at 1:46. He parks outside the doors of the designated meeting spot.

Huck shows Dr. Bennett the transmission log, which proves that the CRM brought in the empties that destroyed Omaha. She points out that the codes on the log are for test subjects, leading her to believe that some of the people killed in Omaha were being used for research. She asks for his help figuring out what happened and who's behind it.

Silas waits outside.

Iris, Felix, Hope, and Percy nervously wait in the apartment.

Elton and Will wait at a rendezvous point in the woods.

Silas stands outside the doors. Out of nowhere, CRM soldiers surround him with guns and order him to put his hands up.

In a post-credits scene, Lyla gets a new test subject, Sergeant Major Barca. Jadis informs Lyla that Elizabeth has been called back to the CR and Jadis is in charge now.

Other Cast[]

Special Guest Star[]




  • None


  • First appearance of Dr. Amanda Siegel.
  • First appearance of Tucker.
  • First appearance (in World Beyond continuity) of Anne.
  • Only appearance of Marjorie.
  • Only appearance of Mr. Mallick. (Photograph)
  • Last appearance of Tiga.
  • Last appearance of Grady.
  • The title of the episode, "Quatervois", means a crossroad or a critical decision or turning point in one's life.
  • This episode was made available for streaming to subscribers of AMC Premiere on October 24, 2021.
  • This episode is played directly after the third episode of Season 7 of Fear the Walking Dead.
  • This episode marks the return of Barca, who was last seen being taken away in "The Tyger and the Lamb".
  • This is the first episode of Season 2 where all main cast members appear.


  • When Huck is first shown reading the newspaper, the headline is "Military Looks Ahead to Civilian Oversight." A few minutes later, when Dennis looks at it, the headline is instead "CRM Requests Emergency Delay of Civilian Oversight".

Episode Highlights[]

  • Iris, Percy, Felix, Will and Elton make their way to the culling facility where Iris, Percy and Elton are reunited with Silas.
  • After revealing the destruction of Omaha and the Campus Colony by the CRM, the Endlings convince Silas to help them break Hope and Leo out using Dennis' key card and one of the facility's trucks.
  • Hope's yeast theory from "Exit Wounds" bears fruit towards accelerating necrotic decomposition in the undead.
  • Hope reveals the full truth to her father.
  • Elton continues to grow closer to Asha who reveals that Indira is the one who is truly sick and that it must be kept secret as others such as Brody will use it against her to take control of the Perimeter.
  • Iris and Felix have Indira and Dev turn them over to the CRM in order to infiltrate the research facility. Wanting to protect Iris and get revenge upon Huck, Percy disguises himself as Elton in order to join them. The three successfully fool Elizabeth Kublek into letting them stay.
  • Huck continues to reconnect with Dennis while growing more suspicious of the CRM. After stealing coded transmissions from her mother's safe, Huck discovers proof that the CRM destroyed Omaha and the Campus Colony and are using some of the people as test subjects at the research facility.
  • Huck approaches Leo for help with stopping the CRM, betraying the CRM in the process.
  • The Endlings escape plan is foiled when Silas is captured by CRM soldiers led by Corporal Diane Pierce.
  • Lyla Belshaw is given Sergeant Major Barca as her new test subject by Jadis. Jadis reveals that Elizabeth Kublek has been called back to the Civic Republic indefinitely, leaving Jadis in charge of the research facility.