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Rachel is a survivor of the outbreak in AMC's Fear The Walking Dead. She was a member of the Pioneers until both she and her husband fled the group after realizing their unborn daughter deserved a better future outside of Virginia's strict authority. She was a member of Morgan's group until her death at which time her daughter was adopted by Morgan Jones and Grace Mukherjee.



Nothing is known about Rachel's life prior to or as the outbreak began, other than that she was married to Isaac.


Season 6

"The End Is the Beginning"

Rachel is a pregnant woman who fled the Pioneers with her husband, Isaac. They found refuge at the dried up reservoir of a dam in Texas, which hosts the remains of a village before the dam was built. The area remains hidden as it appears as a body of water on maps, successfully tricking Virginia into thinking there is nothing there. By the time Isaac and Morgan arrive at the dam with supplies, Rachel is just starting to go into labor. After the deaths of Emile LaRoux and her husband, she gives birth to a healthy baby girl named Morgan. She and her newborn daughter remain at the dam as Morgan promises to help them and bring them supplies.


Rachel is taking care of her baby when Morgan Jones arrives with supplies and food, much to Rachel's delight. However, she grows concerned when she realizes the provisions were stolen from the Pioneers, but Morgan reassures her that she and her baby will be okay.

"Things Left to Do"

Rachel is present when Morgan brings Virginia into Valley Town. While Virginia is excited to see Rachel and her newborn baby, Rachel is angry and declares that Virginia should not be there. Morgan tells her that Virginia won't be staying, calming her down.

"Handle With Care"

Rachel is among the townsfolk to participate in daily life in the settlement, helping out with chores and projects around town. She is seen dropping off supplies in the equipment shed. Later that day, she is among the shocked townspeople to witness the unveiling of the weapons at Daniel's shack.

"The Holding"

Rachel is present at the meeting in Valley Town where Morgan reviews the maps stolen by Althea, Luciana, and Wes from the Holding, detailing the cult’s future attack plans on settlements. When Dwight asks if they have any gasoline left, Rachel chimes in that they do not, but the horses are all fed and rested up, ready to be used if needed. After the meeting concludes, Rachel and the other residents return to their homes.

"USS Pennsylvania"

Rachel is among the residents to evacuate Valley Town and drive down to Galveston, Texas in an attempt to stop the impending missile launch. Riding in a pick-up truck with Grace and Rollie, along with her baby and Rufus, she is among the group of survivors to arrive on a hillside overseeing the beached submarine. While a smaller group heads down to the submarine to stop Teddy and the cult, Rachel stays behind with the others and helps search for a nearby naval base that has the potential to serve as an emergency shelter for their group.

"The Beginning"

A few miles from the coast, Rachel attempts to change a flat tire, only to hear Morgan's message about the nuclear missile. As Rachel continues to frantically attempt to change the tire, the wheel drops on her leg, badly breaking it. Desperate to get Morgan to safety, Rachel improvises a splint, but is unable to walk very far. Knowing that she will never make it in time, Rachel says goodbye to her daughter and ties herself to Rufus, begging the dog to find other people for her daughter. Gagging herself in order to protect Morgan and Rufus, Rachel disembowels herself with her knife, killing herself.

Later, Rufus leads a reanimated Rachel back to the USS Pennsylvania where Morgan and Grace hear the baby's cries. Morgan is devastated by his friend's state and he puts Rachel down with his staff, gently lowering Rachel's body to the ground and taking his namesake from her backpack.


Killed By
  • Herself (Suicide)

After failing to change a tire leads to Rachel accidentally crushing her leg, she is left unable to walk. In order to get her baby to safety, she chooses to commit suicide and allows Rufus to lead her walker to other people.

After Rufus leads the reanimated Rachel to him, Morgan sadly puts her down with his staff.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Rachel has killed:

  • Isaac (Before Reanimation)
  • Herself (Suicide, Alive)
  • Possibly numerous counts of zombies


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  • Rachel is the fourth pregnant survivor encountered in Fear The Walking Dead.
  • She and her newborn daughter are the first inhabitants of Valley Town.
  • In the 'In Memoriam' segment of Talking Dead, she is credited as "Baby on Björn Walker"
  • Rachel's introduction episode and death episode share very similar titles, being "The End Is the Beginning" and "The Beginning" respectively.
  • The way in which Rachel dies, and then while zombified carries her child with her while her mouth is restrained and she is guided by an ulterior force may be a reference to the 2017 movie Cargo, in which the main character Andy does the same thing once he succumbs to his infection.

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