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The Radiation Zone Border is a location in Season 5 of AMC's Fear the Walking Dead. It is located in Texas and acts as a border to the area contaminated by radiation from a power plant meltdown. It appears to be the primary border used by Grace for traveling to and from the radiation zone and the power plant in particular when necessary.


Nothing is known of this location's history prior to the outbreak.


After the power plant meltdown, Grace set up this border on one of the edges of the radiation zone thirteen miles south of the plant, forming a roadblock made out of cars with Danger Keep Out spray painted across them and radiation warning signs on each of the cars. In addition, Grace sets up a trap in the adjacent woods using a bird cage filled with captured birds in the hopes of drawing some of the zombified workers in and put up fences along both sides of the road.

Season 5

"The Hurt That Will Happen"

Looking for the missing Al, Morgan Jones and Alicia Clark come across the roadblock and become concerned, having also seen radiation signs at the Plane Crash Site. After talking with Luciana on the radio and briefly arguing with each other, the two notice Grace's truck parked on the roadside with its engine still warm.

Hearing birds nearby, Morgan and Alicia pass through a break in the fence next to the truck and head into the woods, splitting up. Morgan locates Grace's bird cage trap which has two walkers, one of whom is a zombified power plant worker. Morgan puts down the other walker, but after getting hit with Grace's bola, struggles with the other one, impaling it with his staff. As they struggle, Grace shoots the walker and forces a confused Morgan at gunpoint to begin to decontaminate himself. Alicia tackles and confronts Grace who explains about the power plant meltdown and the radioactive walkers. Deciding to trust Grace, Morgan lets her go.

Grace gives Morgan a decontamination shower at her truck while preparing Michael's tarp wrapped body for disposal. Grace offers her help with finding Al once Michael's body has been dealt with and explains her bucket of dosimeters to Alicia. Grace reassures Alicia that as long as they stay on this side of the border, they will be fine from the deadly radiation. Remembering the plane crash the day before, Grace becomes concerned and decides to have Alicia and Morgan take her to the crash site, which is located at another one of Grace's borders, to check for more radioactive walkers.

"The Little Prince"

As Morgan attempts to call Grace about his group's plan to escape, Grace, wearing her radiation suit, is sitting in her truck outside of the radiation zone. After a moment, Grace decides to ignore the radio call, dons her mask and crosses the border into the radiation zone. Later, having returned to her truck, Grace contacts Morgan and asks him to get the Big Barn Truck Stop's generator ready for transport as there will be a second meltdown if he doesn't listen to her.

After preparing the generator, Morgan arrives at the border with Grace who tows the generator in a trailer behind her truck. Grace asks for Morgan's help in moving the cars out of the way and states that they will have to suit up and go in. Once Grace is ready and the cars are moved, she claims that there is a second suit in the truck bed for Morgan who instead finds his plastic wrapped staff. Morgan attempts to convince Grace without success that it's not over for her. Getting into her truck, Grace reveals that she had lied about there being another suit and is unwilling to take Morgan with her and have another person die because of her mistakes. Refusing to be talked out of her suicidal plan, Grace thanks Morgan for helping her with the roadblock and drives off towards the power plant.

Shortly thereafter, Victor Strand and Charlie arrive in Jim Brauer's hot air balloon with the propellers needed to fix the plane. However, the balloon crashes in the radiation zone and Morgan decides to go in after them, warning the two over the radio not to kill any walkers due to the danger of them becoming contaminated by their blood. After pausing for a moment at the roadblock, Morgan crosses over it and into the radiation zone.

"Still Standing"

After crossing the border, Morgan contacts Grace and asks to borrow her truck to rescue his friends, explaining what happened. Unable to help him, Grace directs him to some nearby houses where Morgan finds a vehicle and another radiation suit to help out Strand and Charlie with. After rescuing his friends, Morgan sends them back over the border with instructions on how to decontaminate themselves at the truck stop while he continues on to the power plant in order to help Grace out.

"Is Anybody Out There?"

With a herd chasing them and too close for comfort to the makeshift runway for the plane, Grace uses her truck to draw the walkers towards the border, finally stopping her truck just beyond the roadblock. As the three take cover inside the truck, Grace expresses a hope that the walkers will now follow the siren all the way to the power plant. Alicia realizes that the siren has stopped just as they hear an explosion. Off in the distance, a dark cloud begins rising into the sky and Grace realizes that the containment structure has failed and the second meltdown has occurred. With a walker menacing them from outside the truck and the rest turning back towards them, Grace quickly reverses away, but hits one of the cars at the roadblock and gets stuck. Unable to get free, the three abandon the truck and began running for the plane.

Season 6

"In Dreams"

After arriving at her dream version of the Paperno Equine Veterinary Clinic, Grace discovers a dream version of the zombified Michael Sherman standing beneath her bird cage trap from the radiation zone border.



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