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"Whoa, whoa, calm down! Th- the name's R-Randall."
—Randall to the Hero Player[src]

Randall Culver is a character from The Walking Dead Social Game.


Rural Georgia

Nothing is known about Randall's life before or as the outbreak began.


Social Game

"Fight or Flight"

Randall first appears during Mission 2: Voices in The Woods. After Kara claims to hear voices in the woods near the airplane hangar, Max and the Hero Player go to investigate. They go through the woods and kill some walkers, and eventually find a young man standing on the dock near a pond, several dead walkers around him. They approach him, and he acts casual, causing Max to act aggressively towards him. He tells them his name and that he is with a group on the other side of the woods. He proposes that the two groups can help each other out, which Max and the Hero Player agree to. Randall then proposes that they meet on neutral ground to make arrangements, and suggests the pond as a meeting place. Max and the Hero Player also agree to this.

Randall next appears in Mission 5: Check for Survivors. Nathan and the Hero Player meet with him at the pond, and he tells them that a herd of walkers has trapped a group of people in their cars on the highway. He promises to make it worth their while if they check it out. They do, but find no one alive, and barely escape. When they return to camp, Kara informs them that she met Randall while they were out, and he gave her a hand-drawn map to a place he claims has a portable generator. The next mission focuses on Ed and the Hero Player retrieving the generator from the place indicated, proving that he was honest.

Randall is mentioned in Mission 8: Find Food for Dave and Tony. Nathan and the Hero Player go to meet with him again, and instead of Randall, they find Dave and Tony, who mention Randall told them they would be here.

Randall is later mentioned in Mission 10: Get Medication for Sean. Max and the Hero Player go to meet with him, and instead of Dave, Tony or Randall, they find Sean, who they have never met before. When they ask for Randall's whereabouts, he tells them Randall, and everyone else in their camp, is sick because the food they gave them was spoiled, and demands they get medication from the pharmacy to help his group. They oblige.

Randall's final appearance is in Mission 12: Tony's Accident. Kimmie tells the group someone at the pond is asking for them, claiming it is an emergency. She and the Hero Player go to meet with him, and see him standing at the bottom of a hill leading up to the road. He tells them Tony crashed a car and is stuck in it, and is now attacked by walkers. The two find Sean, who tells them Tony is not that badly injured, kill the walkers and save Tony. Afterward, Randall and Sean presumably help Tony back to their camp.

Over the course of their interactions with the group, they have become wary of Randall and the others, as they seem to be taking more and giving less, as well as eyeing the women somewhat creepily.

Randall is last mentioned in Mission 15: Where's Randall? Nathan and the Hero Player meet Harlan at the pond, and he tells them that there was a shootout with another group in the town, in which Dave, Tony and Sean were killed, and Randall was left behind. When Nathan and the Hero Player investigate, they find pieces of Randall's pants on a fence, as well as the bodies of Dave and Tony, and inform Harlan. Afterward, Kara and Bill express that they are glad Randall and the others are gone, but also worried that Harlan is now the only person from the other group that they are familiar with.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Randall has killed:

  • Presumably numerous counts of zombies (at least a few)



Randall and Dave were never shown together, but it appears that they at least trusted each other. Randall was the one who told Dave and Tony where to meet the Hero Player's group. It is possible they were willing to kill and die for each other, as Dave and Randall also both were involved in a shootout in the town, in which Dave was killed and Randall was left behind.


Similar to Dave, it appears Randall and Tony trusted each other. Randall was the one who told Dave and Tony where to meet the Hero Player's group. Randall also appears to have cared about him to some extent. When Tony got into a car accident, Randall, along with Sean and members of another group, came to help him. Later, Randall and Tony were both involved in a shootout in the town. Tony was killed, while Randall was left behind.


Sean appears to have cared about Randall to some extent. After Randall and others became sick as a result of spoiled food, Sean was the one who went to get medication for them from another group. It also appears that they were able to work together without a problem. Randall and Sean both went to help Tony after he got into a car accident, and presumably brought him back to their camp. Later they were both involved in a shootout in the town, in which Sean was killed and Randall was left behind.


Nothing is known about their relationship. However, Harlan wanted to know what happened to Randall after he was left behind during a shootout, suggesting he may have cared about him. Nathan, on the other hand, said he wouldn't have been surprised if Harlan had killed Randall himself. However, this was most likely his distrust of Harlan rather than Harlan's true personality.

Hero Player:

Randall trusted the Hero Player, after they and Max found him by the pond, and trusted them to keep meetings and do errands for him. In exchange, he was willing to give the Hero Player certain materials that could keep their group going.


It appears Randall and Max did not get along. Randall attempted to greet Max in a friendly manner, but Max was instead aggressive, which upset Randall. Max also expressed distrust of Randall and his group, though not in Randall's presence.


Randall trusted Nathan to look for survivors on the highway, though this may have been only because he was with the Hero Player or because he thought Nathan would want the reward Randall promised. Nathan, like other members of his group, did not trust Randall.


Randall was willing to give Kara the map to the generator. Kara, on the other hand, did not trust Randall or his group. After the shootout in the bar, Kara didn't express sorrow over the fact that she wouldn't see Randall again, but did show some fear, as Harlan was now the only member of the group that they knew, suggesting she at least thought they could predict Randall's actions to some degree.


Randall and Kimmie apparently never met before Mission 12: Tony's Accident. However, during this mission, when Randall saw Kimmie at the pond, he told her to get her group, claiming it was an emergency. After she returned with the Hero Player, he trusted her to help save Tony. Kimmie didn't appear to have a problem with Randall personally, but after being told about Harlan, a member of his group, she became uncomfortable and begged to go home.


Social Game


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