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Ranger Station 26 is a location in Season 4 of AMC's Fear the Walking Dead. It is located somewhere in Texas on what a massive hurricane has effectively turned into an island.


Nothing is known of the ranger station's history before the outbreak.


Season 4

After getting caught in a massive hurricane and a flash flood, John Dorie and Victor Strand's car is brought to a stop on the flooded road near the ranger station. The two manage to make it to the station, but are left stranded on what has effectively become an island by the flooding.


Victor Strand wakes up, eats and puts down his copy of Moby Dick before heading outside and looking across the flood waters with a pair of binoculars while John Dorie chops wood nearby and works on building a raft. An annoyed John puts down a walker that has presumably been drawn in by a grackle on the island and is joined by Strand who has no interest in the raft following his earlier harrowing experience with a boat as well as getting caught in a flash flood. Strand points out that the waters around the island are unfriendly and is doubtful that John will get as far as their mostly-submerged car. John tries to convince Strand to come along, pointing out that the waters are taking a long time to drain and that they could take weeks to drain and that they might never if the hurricane broke levees, but Strand remains uninterested, furious at their situation and being drawn out of his mansion on what he sees as a fool's errand. John promises to come back for Strand "in something a little less handmade" as soon as he finds June and Charlie but Strand remains doubtful and heads back into the ranger station.

As John prepares to depart, Strand returns to watch him. The raft immediately sinks due to the wood being too dense, much to Strand's amusement, before he notices an alligator heading for John and quickly warns him. John manages to scare the alligator away with a gunshot and returns to shore, annoyed that the walkers have apparently taken all of the fear out of the alligators.

Later, John works on building another raft and watches as a walker enters the water and is eaten by the alligator who doesn't seem to be leaving the area. John continues to argue with an unmoved Strand as he works on building his new raft. While collecting some more wood, John spots a truck crashed on a nearby slope with a walker in the driver's seat. John proposes using the truck's camper shell to get across the water while making enough noise to draw walkers to the other shore and distract the alligator. Unable to get it himself due to his still-healing injury, John sends Strand up, but Strand also spots a bottle of alcohol in the truck and tries to retrieve it, causing the walker to grab him and crash the truck down the slope. The walker gets impaled through the head by a tree branch while Strand is pleased to get the alcohol intact, much to John's dismay and anger.

John succeeds in building a raft out of the camper shell and other supplies and devises a plan to use the truck's horn and battery to create a distraction and finally succeeds in convincing Strand to join him. With the horn set up on the opposite shore, the two men begin paddling across the flood waters while the horn draws walkers into the water at the opposite shore where the alligator eats them, distracting it. However, the battery runs out of power and the grackle's calls draw the walkers away again. The alligator attacks the raft, causing it to start to flood with water. John's attempts to shoot the creature draw the walkers back and he wants to use them as a distraction to make it to the other shore, but Strand knows that they will never make it across in time and convinces a reluctant John to draw the walkers in so that they can have enough time to make it back to the island.

Having failed to get off of the island, Strand returns to the ranger station with his alcohol while a dejected John sits on the shore eating the candy that he had intended to give to June when they eventually reunite.

"MM 54"

As Alicia Clark and Charlie argue, Charlie hears water and they follow the sound to the edge of a flooded roadway. Charlie is excited to have finally gotten to see a beach and she recovers John Dorie's hat from the water. Charlie draws Alicia's attention to something across the water and the two girls stare at it in awe.

"I Lose People..."

As Victor Strand reclines on the beach near the ranger station and John Dorie stands nearby using his jacket as a sunshade, Alicia and Charlie call out to them from across the water. The two men are stunned that Alicia and Charlie were able to find them and Strand suggests that John may have been right and they may have just needed to believe. At that moment, June makes contact and Alicia is able to give her the good news and promises that they will find a way to get John and Strand.

Alicia and Charlie leave in search of a way to get to John and Strand. While they are gone, a severed arm surfaces and Strand notes that the alligator is hungry today. John expresses doubt that the girls will return for them while Strand is now far more optimistic.

Shortly thereafter, John notices a sound coming from across the water and Alicia and Charlie return driving Al's recovered SWAT van. Alicia is able to drive the huge vehicle straight through the flood waters and onto the island, commenting that "we were looking for a boat. We found this instead." The two men board the vehicle and leave the island and the ranger station.


  • 1 grackle
  • 1 alligator



  • None


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