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Ranger Stations is a term used to describe a specific base of operation used by United States Forest Service.


The ranger stations were used in order to administer and maintain the national forests and grasslands of The United States of America.


At least seven Ranger Stations appear in Fear the Walking Dead, either directly or indirectly.

  • The Ranger Station on Catrina Island and operated by George Geary.
  • The Ranger Station at Shuteye Peak, mentioned in Fear The Walking Dead: Radio Waves by the Ranger stationed there.
  • The Ranger Station in Montana. (Mentioned by George Geary).
  • The Ranger Station in Joshua Tree. (Mentioned by George Geary)
  • The Ranger Station in Zion National Park. (Mentioned by George Geary).
  • The Ranger Station in the Rocky Mountains. (Mentioned by George Geary).
  • Ranger Station 26 located somewhere in Texas.

Each serves a different function in the Fear universe. The Ranger Station on Catrina Island serves as a respite center for Madison Clark and her group, as well as a refuge for George Geary and his family.

The Ranger Station in Montana, Joshua Tree, Zion, and the Rocky Mountains, as mentioned by George Geary, do not appear but serves as an indicator of how fast the infection is progressing, since they have stopped broadcasting due to been overrun.

The Ranger Station at Shuteye Peak is mentioned in a broadcast by the Ranger stationed there. Its existence is threatened by the rampant forest fires that were caused by Operation Cobalt, and it serves as as an indicator of how hastily planned out some aspects of Operation Cobalt were and the catastrophic ecological outcome of this plan.

The current state of the Ranger Stations is unknown. At last sighting, the Ranger Station on Catrina Island was still housing the surviving members of the Geary family, but a large herd of walkers was only a few miles away.

Following a massive hurricane, Victor Strand and John Dorie's car got washed into a flooded roadway near Ranger Station 26 which was somewhat stocked with food but was otherwise abandoned. With the flood waters having effectively turned the area around the Ranger Station into an island and with an alligator prowling the waters, Strand and John were stranded for an extended period of time before Alicia Clark and Charlie found them and rescued the two using Al's SWAT van.