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This article is about the Comic Series group. You may be looking for the TV Series group.

"There was a group... they were very bad people... but they protected us from the dead... and in return they wanted... expected us to do things. Colette, she... she refused, so they... it was horrible, mom. It was... (...) I didn't refuse. How could I? (...) No, mom. I killed them. I killed them all. It's what I did that haunts me the most."
Elodie to Michonne about the group.[src]

This rapist group is a group of survivors mentioned in Image Comics' The Walking Dead.


Location Unknown

Nothing is known about the lives of these men before or as the outbreak began. It is possible they lived in or near Kentucky.



These men survived the outbreak and presumably resorted to robbing and killing other survivors for their supplies. At some point, they came across Elodie and Colette and allowed them to join their group. In return for their protection, however, they expected the girls to perform sexual favors. While Elodie accepted, Colette refused and was killed by the group for it. Soon after this event, Elodie killed the whole group in revenge.



  • Several unnamed members


Killed Victims

This list shows the victims this group has killed:


  • Several unnamed members


Comic Series

Volume 30: New World Order