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"Rashid knew the area better than anybody. He'd know where to find the parts we need."
Pete on Rashid (Determinant)[src]

Rashid is a friend of Pete, as well as the husband of Vanessa and is mentioned in Telltale Games' The Walking Dead: Michonne.


Location Unknown

Not much is known about Rashid's life prior to or as the outbreak began, except that he married a woman called Vanessa and had two daughters with her. He also may have been some kind of fisherman given how he would trade supplies with Pete on the coast every time they crossed paths following the outbreak. Whether he and Pete knew one another before the apocalypse is unclear.


Little is known about Rashid's life during the outbreak, other than he, his wife, and two daughters had survived for around at least a year and a half within the Chesapeake Bay area. At some point, Rashid started a friendly trading relationship with Pete, with the pair usually communicating over radio first to arrange their meetings. In unknown circumstances, Rashid and his family likely became involved with the survivors set up inside the Mobjack, a passenger ferry turned camp that docked in Chesapeake sometime between Pete's last visit to the bay and the events of "In Too Deep". It is unknown how exactly he and his family became present on the ferry, though it is possible they may have joined up with the survivors there, as a photograph of Rashid's two daughters can be found on board, if Michonne enters the ferry via the ladder route.

As confirmed by Kent Mudle, the director of "In Too Deep", the bodies of Rashid's family were originally going to be found on board amongst the bodies of the Mobjack massacre victims. Though their corpses are not visible in the actual game, Mudle did admit that at least Rashid and Vanessa died there, but their bodies are still nowhere to be seen. The circumstances and nature of Rashid's death were never elaborated on, although it is heavily implied he was one of the casualties of Monroe's raid on the Mobjack survivors. The fates of him and his family are left ambiguous in the final version, but a photograph of Rashid's daughters remains there, suggesting that they were all killed.


"In Too Deep"

Rashid was due to trade supplies with Pete and his crew on The Companion in Chesapeake Bay. Upon picking up a faint radio signal of a woman's voice, which Pete assumes to be Rashid's wife Vanessa, he asks Michonne to try and find a clearer frequency whilst he helps with an issue on deck. Assuming Michonne is successful in her task, and asks for the speaker's name, she will discover it is not Vanessa, but another woman called "Sam" before the signal cuts out. Pete becomes increasingly anxious about Rashid, believing the whole situation to be very strange. After The Companion is damaged on an underwater shipwreck, Pete and Michonne head to a nearby ferry spotted in the distance to look for replacement parts, and also to hopefully find some clues as to Rashid's whereabouts. Before leaving, Oak and Berto express their scepticism of Rashid and his family still being alive to Michonne.

Assuming that the pair enters The Mobjack through the ladder route, Pete will find a photo of Vanessa and Rashid's two daughters, which suggests that Vanessa and Rashid were on the ferry at one point. Pete admits that he doesn't think they would leave something like that behind, seeming even more worried. Within the games, is unknown what became of them after that, but Kent Mudle later confirmed that Rashid had been among the casualties on board. The fates of his two daughters are left unknown, though the discarded photograph was left in to imply they were all among the massacre victims. However, it is still unclear why none of their corpses could be found there.

Michonne can later question Norma about Rashid and Vanessa's whereabouts during the interrogation at Monroe, but Norma does not seem to know who she is talking about. Although it is reasonable to assume that Norma did not know the pair by name, she was likely the one behind ordering the attack on the Mobjack in the first place, and therefore responsible for their deaths.


Killed By
  • Unknown Causes

It is confirmed that he died at the Mobjack ferry. It is possible that he may have been tied up and executed by Randall or another Monroe Colonist along with the rest of his family during their attack on the ferry.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Rashid has killed:

  • Possibly numerous counts of zombies


  • Originally Rashid and Vanessa were supposed to appear in the game but it was cut. In-game files contain Rashid's model and based on the location files it is suggested that they took refuge in the Fairbanks' house. [1]
  • Based on his name, Rashid might be of Middle-Eastern descent.
  • Kent Mudle confirms Rashid and Vanessa’s status on Tumblr, also stating that Rashid had a used hallucination. “Rashid and Vanessa were at one point the people Michonne had spooky visions of, instead of her daughters. I remember working on a shot of Rashid spookily appearing just beyond the herd on the beach at the start of episode 2. They were also going to be found dead, but now it’s just implied they died in the ferry, as you see a picture of their kids there.


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