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"Young lady, I know I've been responsible for the deaths of innocent people. But we have an opportunity here - if we can get out of here with our skin intact, we can complete the trials. There's no guarantee the vaccine will work. But isn't it worth dying? I'm asking you to trust me. I have no right to ask this of you. But remember, I did hold up my end of the bargain with the children. I'm asking you, Lilly. Trust me. Please. "
—Nalls trying to convince Lilly to cooperate with him.[src]

Raymond Nalls, simply known as Nalls, is an antagonist first appearing in The Walking Dead: Search and Destroy. He is a slender, older man with silver hair residing in Atlanta Medical Center, and is the leader of the research team. He served as the primary antagonist of Search and Destroy.


Richmond, Virginia

Nalls used to live in his father's farm.

Norfolk, Virginia

Nalls went to Virginia medical school. He used to date a girl named Violet.


"Search and Destroy"

During his life on the outbreak, Nalls has been developing a cure for the plague after stumbling across Bryce's militia. He uses the surviving militia members to collect children to his tests, and demanding them to kill every adult on sight.

After discovering Woodbury, Bryce and his men kidnap the surviving children and take them to the Medical Center, using them for tests and researches. Lilly is able to find the place, and takes Nalls as a hostage, demanding him to let the children go and take her instead. Nalls accepts the deal, and drugs and tests Lilly for six months, until the center gets overran.

Lilly and Nalls are able to flee from the infested hospital.


Killed By

Nalls is bitten during the overrun of Atlanta Medical Center. He reveals his bite to Lilly much later on, drugs her and harvests her blood to see if he could survive the bite. His hypothesis turns out to be false, and Nalls dies soon after this. Nalls turns within minutes, and Lilly uses him as disguise to get out of her hiding place. She never puts Nalls down and he is left among the rest of the walkers, roaming the city of Atlanta.

Killed Victims