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"Once the walkers are clear, we evacuate to Rendezvous Point B."
Gabriel Stokes.[src]

Rendezvous Point B is a location in AMC's The Walking Dead. It's a rendezvous point in the woods close to the Tower utilized by the Coalition in case of an evacuation of the abandoned hospital.


Nothing is known of the location's history before the outbreak.


Season 10

"A Certain Doom"

With the Whisperers and their horde surrounding the Tower, Gabriel tells the gathered survivors that once the horde had been led away by Luke's plan, the rest of the Coalition will evacuate to Rendezvous Point B. As the Whisperers breach the hospital, Gabriel begins preparing the evacuation and warns Daryl over the radio that they need to start soon as the Whisperers will soon be upstairs. Daryl promises that they are already on with Luke connecting his makeshift sound system to the wagon. The residents of the Tower evacuate through an elevator shaft, but Gabriel stays behind to ensure that the Whisperers don't cut the rope.

The next morning, the survivors regroup at Rendevoux Point B and treat their injuries, joined by Maggie Rhee and Elijah who had rescued Gabriel from the Whisperers. Carol and Lydia arrive with the news that the horde has been successfully destroyed and everyone celebrates their victory and the end of the Whisperers and their threat.

"Home Sweet Home"

The Coalition packs up and returns to their remaining communities. While patrolling the area around Rendezvous Point B with Judith, Maggie encounters and puts down a zombified Whisperer. As the wagons leave, Maggie spots Negan and learns that he has been released from his prison much to her shock.


The following survivors were shown re-grouping at the rendezvous:



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Season 10