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"Returning Point" is the eighth episode of the second season of AMC's The Walking Dead: World Beyond. It is the eighteenth episode of the series overall. It premiered on November 21, 2021, the same night as "Reclamation", the sixth episode of the seventh season of Fear the Walking Dead. It was written by Eddie Guzelian and directed by Lily Mariye.


The group sets a new plan into motion. A relationship is leveraged. A betrayal forces others to take action.


In a flashback, Elizabeth oversees the installation of one of Indira's sculptures at the CRM facility. Indira reveals that she is dying of kidney failure. Elizabeth offers to send medical supplies and assures Indira that no one will find out.

In the present day, Will returns to the Perimeter without Dev. Indira and Asha break down in tears as they realize Dev is dead.

Dr. Bennett tells the other researchers what the CRM did to Omaha and Lyla. He says plans are in motion to evacuate them from the facility, if they are willing to join him.

Huck, Silas, and Dennis load a truck with weapons at the culling outpost. Huck senses Silas' hostility and implores him to trust her if he wants their plan to work. She drives off.

Hope and Iris pack go bags at Leo's apartment. Iris assures Hope that everything will work out.

Huck reviews the escape plan with Felix and Leo and says she will find a way to report the military's actions to the CR government. She says Dennis and Silas are heading to the Perimeter to relay their plan.

Silas and Dennis make their way to the Perimeter. They encounter a herd of empties and are forced to hide, delaying their journey.

Jadis informs Huck that water and power usage has dropped to nearly zero in the labs. She worries that Leo spoke to other researchers about what he knows.

As Perimeter citizens gather round, Indira reveals that Dev died because he was trying to ensure she would keep getting secret medical supplies for her illness. She says the CRM will come after them once they realize Dev violated their non-aggression pact. She announces immediate evacuation plans and vows to step down once they reach safety.

Huck radios Iris and Hope to warn them that Jadis is on her way to Leo's apartment to take everyone into custody.

Jadis and her team enter Leo's apartment.

Hope and Iris flee. Hope splits off to take care of a final matter, while Iris finds Felix and Leo.

Jadis and her team search Leo's apartment, but everyone is gone. She orders an evacuation drill for all civilian personnel to flush out the dissenters.

Leo and the researchers line up to evacuate with other personnel. Leo and Iris stay behind to wait for Hope, while Felix, Percy, and the researchers proceed.

Hope tracks Mason down and urgently tells him to come with her.

Lt. Newton gives Jadis a list of everyone who has checked in for evacuation and says there's no sign of the Bennetts. Jadis notes the research staff hasn't checked in either. She initiates a full lockdown.

Doors and bulkheads start slamming shut as part of the lockdown protocol. Hope and Mason join Iris and Leo at the last minute. They slip into a biocontainment unit moments before the doors shut. Felix, Percy, and the researchers are already in the room. As Felix and Percy tie Mason up, Hope tells Mason that they need him for their plan.

Huck checks in with Lt. Newton for an update. Lt. Newton says the Bennetts and the researchers have locked themselves into a biocontainment unit and that they will have to wait two hours before the system reboots, allowing the doors to open again.

Felix and Leo start hammering at the floor with mallets.

Hope tells Mason that the CRM has done terrible things. Mason realizes they kidnapped him because his father is Major General Beale. Hope assures Mason that they won't hurt him.

Huck checks in with Jadis and sees Brody outside. Jadis says Brody came to report that Elizabeth was secretly sending medical supplies to Indira and that the Perimeter has become a threat. She says a team is already en route to the Perimeter.

At the Perimeter, Robin, Elton, and Asha warn Indira that Brody split off from the group and ranted about making things right with the CRM. A CRM convoy arrives. Will hides as CRM soldiers round up everyone left in the village.

While Jadis is out of the room, Huck tells Brody that he's endangered the lives of everyone in his community. Brody threatens to out Huck unless she grants him permanent residency in the CR.

Sergeant Mills orders everyone on their knees at the Perimeter. Indira begs to speak with Elizabeth.

Brody asks Huck if they have a deal. She shoots him in the head. Jadis rushes into the room. Huck explains that Brody was a rat and was threatening to publicize the massacre at Omaha. Undeterred, Jadis radios Mills to speak with Indira.

Mills holds the walkie up to Indira. Indira begs Jadis to let her people live, but Jadis instead orders Mills to kill everyone. Will jumps out and starts shooting at CRM soldiers. Dennis and Silas show up and join the fight. Dennis grabs a CRM grenade and throws it at a building. The explosion kills the remaining soldiers. Dennis tells Silas to get everyone to the rendezvous point, then drops to the ground from a gunshot wound.

Hope, Iris, Leo, and Felix study their escape route on a map. Felix goes to set up explosives. Mason attacks Percy, but Percy subdues him. Hope points out that Mason didn't do anything.

CRM soldiers flank the doors to the biocontainment unit as the security system resets. They rush into the room after the doors open and are met with a large blast.

Jadis realizes that the Bennetts had been counting on her initiating lockdown. She and her team find a hole in the ground in the biocontainment unit, leading to mining tunnels. The rubble has buried the hole, preventing Jadis from pursuing the Bennetts.

Jadis tells Huck that all the research has been wiped from the CR server. She orders Corporal Pierce to station soldiers at every tunnel exit and kill the Bennetts and scientists upon capture.

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  • First (and last) appearance of Mills.
  • Last appearance of Brody.
  • Last appearance of Robin.
  • The title of the episode, "Returning Point", refers to Jennifer's return to the Endlings.
  • This episode was made available for streaming to subscribers of AMC Premiere on November 14, 2021.
  • This episode is played directly after the sixth episode of Season 7 of Fear the Walking Dead.
  • Jennifer suggests that Barca had been killed for trying to reveal the truth to the Civic Republic government and that he was possibly a part of a resistance against the CRM.
  • Jennifer reveals to Silas that she had sent him to work under her husband Dennis.
  • While talking to Indira, Jadis compares the Perimeter to the Scavengers and briefly talks about her past as their leader.

Episode Highlights