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Revolución is a location that appears in Season 3 of AMC's Fear the Walking Dead.


Before the apocalypse, Revolución was a plaza that contained many stores. The second floor seemed to be where the store vendors lived. It's possible that Efraín Morales may have lived here before the apocalypse.


Season 3


Efraín takes Daniel to a dry water fountain. Daniel is skeptical that the water will come, but at exactly 5 PM, water begins to flow. Daniel laps up the water. Efraín fills a jug and explains that water flows from the fountain at 5 PM every Tuesday.

Efraín and Daniel eat dinner at Efraín's hideout, which is located within the plaza. Daniel wants to repay Efraín for saving his life. The only thing he can offer Efraín is a proper haircut.

Daniel cuts Efraín's hair and admits that he's killed many people in his life. He describes escaping the fire at Abigail's estate and confides that he is looking for his daughter, Ofelia. He worries that he may have killed her in the fire. He begs Efraín to be forgiven.

Efraín tells Daniel there's good and bad news. The good news it there's nobody left in the world to judge Daniel for his sins. Efraín falls asleep before he can tell Daniel the bad news.

Dismayed, Daniel leaves Efraín's home in the middle of the night.

Daniel and J.C. patrol the streets in search of the water thief. As they near Efraín's fountain, Daniel realizes it is almost 5 PM. If they see the water flow from the fountain they will know that it was Lola's doing. Daniel distracts J.C. from the fountain by directing him to Efraín's hideout.

Daniel tells Lola that he led J.C. to Efraín's hideout because J.C. was about to discover the fountain. He insists that he was protecting her. Lola nevertheless lashes out at him for betraying Efraín.




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