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Richmond, Virginia (a significant portion now renamed under the banner of New Richmond by a large commuity of survivors maintaining control within the city following the apocalypse) is the former capital of Virginia. Before the apocalypse, it was the fourth-largest city in Virginia and housed over 200,000 people, with a metropolitan area of over 1,000,000.


Richmond was the capital of Virginia. It was founded in 1737.


At some point early on during the apocalypse, a large group of survivors, presumably Richmond's former residents for the most part, created a large survivor community within a sectioned-off portion of the city's streets, referring to themselves as just simply "Richmond".

Around three years after the outbreak, a large military-style group known as The New Frontier peacefully took over the aforementioned community of survivors, providing armed protection in exchange for living together within the safety of their walls and being allowed to establish a headquarters there. The New Frontier's leading members renamed the community, and by association, a large section of the city itself as "New Richmond", likely to mark the two groups uniting. The New Frontier now continue to take charge of managing the formerly named community of "Richmond" and its people.

Magna and her group from the Comics had been in through the community of "Richmond" at one point prior to finding Alexandria, though it is assumed they left some time before The New Frontier arrived.


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  • Conrad - Shot in the head by Javier in the train tunnels, devoured by walkers outside of the New Frontier's Warehouse, or accidentally ran over by Kate within New Richmond. (Determinant)
  • Lonnie - Shot in the head by David in the church within New Richmond. (Off-Screen, Determinant)
  • Paul Lingard - Euthanised and stabbed in the head by either Javier or Clementine in the hospital within New Richmond. (Determinant)
  • Joan - Shot in the head by Javier on the gallows within New Richmond. (Determinant)
  • Clinton Barnes - Shot in the head by David on the gallows within New Richmond. (Determinant)
  • Ida - Devoured by walkers possibly within New Richmond. (Off-Screen, Confirmed Fate)
  • Rufus - Axed and blood loss and/or shot in the head by David in Eleanor’s apartment within New Richmond. (Before Reanimation, Determinant), (Zombified, Determinant)
  • Ava - Shot in the head by a member of the New Frontier on the gallows within New Richmond or fell off a bridge.
  • Tripp - Shot in the neck by a member of the New Frontier on the gallows within New Richmond or fell off a bridge and broke his neck.
  • David García - Bitten by walkers and shot in the head or smashed in the head by Gabriel outside of New Richmond. (Determinant)
  • Kate García - Bitten by walkers within New Richmond (Caused, Alive) Shot in the head by Javier within New Richmond. (Zombified, Determinant)
  • Gabriel García - Bitten by zombified David García (Caused), Shot in the head by himself or Javier. (Alive, Out Of Mercy, To Prevent Reanimation, Determinant), (Suicide, To Prevent Reanimation, Determinant)
  • Numerous counts of unnamed people


  • According to Abel, it is possible that New Richmond took part in a war against many other communities, including his own.
  • Clementine mentions in Season 4 that she can't go back to Richmond because the path between McCarroll Ranch and Richmond is overrun with zombies and unsafe, plus possibly because most of the state is a war zone.