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This article is about the Rick Grimes 2000 character. You may be looking for his Comic Series or TV Universe counterpart. For other pages with the same name, see: Rick

Like I say every day, Andrea... ...today, tomorrow, a year or a decade from now... When the aliens return... We'll be ready
―Rick to Andrea about the aliens[src]

Richie Grimes, better known as Rick, is the protagonist in Rick Grimes 2000. After being shot into a coma and waking up in the zombie apocalypse, Rick reunites with his family and leads a group of survivors, until he mysteriously disappears and wakes up to find that aliens have taken over the world.

Pre- and Post-Apocalypse[]

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In the year 2004, Rick Grimes confronted Peter Anderson about his abuse on his wife, Jessie, which ended in a bloody brawl. Douglas Monroe tried to intervene, but had a gun pulled on him by Rick. Though, before anything could come of it, Rick was knocked down by Michonne Hawthorne.

"Issue 75 - Bonus Ending"[]

As Douglas retrieves Rick's gun, Rick asks Michonne why she hit him, she tells him to look at himself. Then, for unexplained reasons, spontaneously combusts.

Three weeks later, Rick wakes up in a scientific infirmary. Rick notices his missing hand has been replaced with a robotic one. Putting on armor he finds, he falls out of a sky ship. He sees Glenn and Douglas being eaten alive by zombies and then finds himself before Tyreese, Axel, and Martínez. Michonne appears and explains how three weeks ago, Rick had suddenly disappeared and aliens came to invade. She explains how they planned everything; reanimating the dead and destroying civilization. Soon, Michonne is killed by The Governor (who is a cyborg). Lori can be seen crying, holding onto The Governor's leg and he explains to Rick how he is either to join him or die.

"Chapter 1"[]

Rick is shocked to see Lori alive, but they're interrupted by the Governor, who tells him to join the aliens. Rick declines by reaching for Michonne's laser sword and engaging the Governor in combat. During the fight, Rick cuts the Governor's mechanical claw off, but before he can kill him, Lori holds Rick at cannon point and tells him to surrender.

"Chapter 2"[]

Lori explains to Rick that the aliens can bring the dead back to life as zombies or super soldiers, so they can live forever. Rick asks Lori if living forever is worth it if it means being their slaves or working with the Governor. The Governor tells Rick he may want to reconsider, but as Rick asks why, the alien who was accompanying Lori and the Governor interrupts. Rick asks him what's got everybody so scared, Rick's question is answered when the alien morphs into a giant monster. Rick fights the alien, but nothing he does hurts the alien, then Lori interferes to help Rick, however this results in the alien tearing her apart and eating her alive in front of Rick. Rick, now enraged, tries to attack the alien, but the alien cuts Rick in half from the waist. Rick begs the Governor for help, but the Governor just tells him to go fuck himself. Zombies begin to approach and the alien fights them off, but is shot to pieces from behind. The shooter is revealed to be Andrea who tells Rick "we don't die".

"Chapter 3"[]

Before Andrea blasts the Governor dead, she heals Rick's wounds with nanites. Andrea then explains to Rick that anyone can be brought back to life as long as there are still neurons firing in the brain. She then takes Rick to The Sanctuary, the secret base of the Freedom Fighters. Rick reunites with his son Carl and Eugene.

As time goes by, Rick meets a man called Jesus, a woman named Princess, and forms a relationship with Andrea. As Rick begins to talk with Andrea about feeling hope, he is interrupted when a man named Negan bursts in and begins attacking the Freedom Fighter. Negan then combines his bats "Lu" and "Cille" to form "Lucille".

"Chapter 4"[]

After Negan kills Abraham, Rick engages him in battle. During the fight, zombies begin to pour into the Sanctuary, killing numerous Freedom Fighters. As Negan gets the upper hand over Rick, Michonne, now revived as a cyborg, comes in to fight Negan. Eugene then figures out that Lucille is able to control the zombies, but before they can figure out a plan to get it from Negan, two people called "Alpha" and "Beta" attack Rick. They tell Rick that the aliens no longer want the Freedom Fighters to join them and now only want to kill them. Alpha and Beta then kiss and combine with zombies in the Sanctuary to form the Goliath.

"Chapter 5"[]

After Michonne saves herself, Andrea, and Carl from the Goliath, Rick surfs up to the top of it, but gets knocked down. Luckily, he grabs onto it with his laser sword and begins to cut his way through until he finds Alpha and Beta inside, and proceeds to simultaneously stab them through the head, causing the Goliath to fall apart. Rick's destruction of the Goliath is enough of a distraction for Maggie to punch Negan dead. With Lucille now in Eugene's hands, they now control the zombies. Rick then leads the Freedom Fighters to one last battle with the aliens. Due to Rick's leadership, despite some set backs, the humans race is able to defeat the aliens once and for all. Together, they begin to rebuild the world.

Years later, Rick forms a group called "Strike Squad", who train everyday for the future war with the aliens. He meets with Andrea, as they board their space ships. He tells Andrea, no matter how long from now, when the aliens return, they'll be ready.

Killed Victims[]

This list shows the victims Rick has killed:


Comic Series[]

Rick Grimes 2000[]


  • Rick's costume is a homage to Invincible, another comic series created by Robert Kirkman.
  • Rick is one of five characters who became a super soldier to not have died.
  • Rick, along with Andrea, are the only characters who appear in all six parts of Rick Grimes 2000.