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Rick Grimes is the main and playable character in the mobile app, The Walking Dead: Assault.


Cynthiana, Kentucky

Due to the game being canon to the Comic Series, it is known that Rick was a police officer before the outbreak, and that he had a wife called Lori and son named Carl. He was shot in the line of duty and placed in a comatose state when the outbreak occurred around him.


Episode 1: Days Gone Bye

Rick is available as a playable character from Episode 1.

Rick wakes up in a hospital. Trying to find his son and wife, he takes off for Atlanta. In Atlanta it is possible for Rick to find another survivor, named Clara. Rick can either let her die and reanimate, or save her. She will then leave him afterwards.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Rick has killed:

As Playable Character

Rick is unlocked in Episode 1, Chapter 1. From there on out he can go on every mission.


Python Firearm: Revolver
Ax Melee Weapon: Axe


Special Move: Police Training PoliceTraining Rick steadies his aim to score guaranteed head-shots.
Team Bonus: Leadership Leadership All team members are more accurate when attacking.


Health Health RickHealth
Run Run RickRun

Non-Canon Deaths

In every chapter Rick is taken along, it is possible for him to die and reanimate. To complete the chapter the other survivors have to kill the reanimated Rick. This is considered non-canon.


  • Rick is the first character available in the Assault Game.
  • The story is believed to be seen from Rick's point of view, even though you can choose to bring other characters along.
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